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Fighting Radical Muslims....

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posted on Sep, 16 2006 @ 11:42 PM
Here is how you do it folks....The Us destroyed Islamic Jihad in the phillipines in 1911. I figured since were heading for a holy war anyway, why not help our brothers in europe instill a little fear into these muslims....

here is a good way.....

Source: Islamic Review..

During the US colonial occupation of the Philippines in 1911, the colonel in charge of the small, but remote island of Palawan, was having a terrible time countering the Islamic Jihad being fought there. With only a battalion at his disposal, he was outgunned and out manned. Interested in history, the colonel realized, knowing the enemy is half the battle won. He thought the only way to beat these Islamic terrorists is to ascertain their religious weaknesses. He noticed that Muslims go to great lengths to give a wide berth to avoid dogs – even small ones. This odd phenomenon, though he had seen frequently, never struck the colonel to investigate before. This time though, he made inquiries, and was informed that Muslims are not allowed to touch dogs. (The Hadith, details the reasons for this. Prophet Mohammed did not realize where the horrible stinking smell was coming from, until three days later, he saw his dead puppy dog decomposing under his bedstead. He then cursed all dogs, and from then on, Muslims are not allowed to touch dogs, especially its saliva around the mouth). The colonel then immediately ordered for as many dogs as he could get. As soon as 37 dogs were delivered, he sent his men armed with dogs into the local Muslims’ houses (bedrooms, kitchen, and all) in a ‘house to house’ search supposedly for Islamic terrorists. This type of ‘house to house’ searches terrified the local Muslims. The Muslim leaders immediately cooperated with the Americans by voluntarily and freely catching the Islamic terrorists (dead or alive) and handing them over to the Americans.

not bad huh? get yourself a dog.....

Taking a cue from the colonel in the Palawan Island, who successfully quelled the Islamic insurrection there, General Hansen decided to also use this opportunity to set Islam against Islam. He devised a plan to put an end to this Islamic insurrection in Mindanao Island. In the wee hours of the morning, he had the 7 Islamic terrorists to dig their own graves. The eighth terrorist was handcuffed and made to watch the American execution process. The 7 Islamic terrorists were then tied to 7 posts, but without blindfolds, so that they too could see the proceedings of their own execution. Years of Islamic nurturing, taught the Muslims that, if a pig contaminated their bodies, they would go direct to the fires of hell permanently; instead of as martyrs to paradise to enjoy sex exclusively with 72 fair virgin maidens forever. The soldiers then slaughtered a live Pig in front of them. The terrorists’ clothes and body were smeared with the pig's blood and fat. The pig was cut into 7 portions and placed in each grave. On witnessing all this, the terrorists’ eyes almost popped out, and it terrified the terrorists. Some even urinated out of shear terror and all went blue/black shouting and screaming for Allah to save them but in vain. The terrorists were petrified of such a death and burial, and were left to beg, cry, bawl, plead, and scream their souls out, all day.

At sundown, the 7 terrorists were shot and their bodies were placed in each grave, together with the chunk of pork. The eighth Islamic Terrorist was ordered to fill up the 7 graves and subsequently set free. This 8th terrorist fled for his life and the news spread like wildfire, and immediately all Muslims became aware of the unique but very UN-Islamic ‘American system of execution’, and just the thought alone, terrorized all the Muslims into a fit of total terror. The Islamic Jihad vanished almost instantaneously.

Thereafter, a sudden peace prevailed in every part of the Philippines, not a bullet was fired, thousands of lives of innocent men, women and children, and property were saved, and the Islamic Jihad was never heard of, till well after the Philippine independence, more than 50 years later.

there you have it....some bonifide ways to fight Muslims using their own religion against them. hope some one finds this info useful....

[edit on 16-9-2006 by XphilesPhan]

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