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Jesus Camp. (How can they do this to children?)

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posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 03:18 AM

Originally posted by Peyres

right, they are crazy for wanting to devout their lifes to Christ. How evil, they're life is now ruined! They are fixated, they walk around as zombies!

[edit on 19-9-2006 by Peyres]

That about sums it up. Thanks

posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 04:48 AM

>Im with you my brother. I enjoyed your post. You have a good head on your shoulders and I think that after seeing this movie I will most likely come to many of the same conclusions. When I start my agnostic Jihad, you are invited.

Thanks like your Avatar..en hell yeah count me in when you are ready for the last human=we the peoples crusade Agnistic Jihad woah!

..-- Children who have yet to discover the infinite possibilities of the universe are broken down and sealed off before they have a chance to venture outside.

This is exactly what the powers that be do not want to happen..a new human left alone to develop accordingly, is a dangeroius thing within structured societies, such as especially the westernworlds..namely countries such as the US..if you can make it there you make it everywhere..together with holywood and the music business created a false believe [ false according the wishes of those one could call the architects of our realities ] of freedom within the minds of many..
Infinite possibilities …many..if humanity would be left alone to develop accordingly..if we would not force education on our children..if we would let the child play and discover the world till it starts to puber..watching the child and by this discovering its talents and natural skills and soul order to know what the best education would be for this new human..but but we be creating free thinking humans..individuals..states not wished for in our controlled world resting on the 12 Tablets/Laws of Rome..staged by the laws of Moses..upheld by the union scheme of Jesus-Peter [ who strangly caused the death and trial of the same man he worshipped namely Jesus/St. James] and all names of the new testament..defining our current Economical Labour-Law structured societies..

In order to be able to give a future economical needs to be able to Train the mind of every new human living within the society, which goes by its own the different levels of allowed education, from the lowest to the highest level..every new mind is trained for the next coming 25 years, which is the time duration needed to construct and install new truths thus ways of societies, by separating the minds/truths of the new generation versus the old generation….called Generation- Gaps ..Future victims; are trained mostly at home from the the physical and mental abuse they get..Ego striken to the lack of self love; formed by the lack of love or to too much love in whatever way, received at home. Feafull obeying minds and Patriots; by the forced upon the new mind whatever religious or other doctrines., and the ever so present Caste systems educations as defined the training of the new human by the ways and levels of kindegarden-schools and university’s , creating with every new change in education more cold and unhuman beings..
Uphold by the many media outlets , each program-channel meant for the different levels within the pyramid structured TV esp meant to uphold and strengthen the edication for each caste within our societies.

posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 05:01 AM

Originally posted by FlyersFan
No one on the planet says that someone else's religion is 'correct'.
[edit on 9/18/2006 by FlyersFan]

Incorrect. Hinduism believes there are an infinite way of reaching out to God. Every religion is correct according to Hinduism. Hindus regularly pray at churches & dargahs (sufi muslim shrines, non- muslim are not allowed in mosques)

And as for the video, i think its despicable what is being done to those children. I wonder why the abrahamic side of humanity is so hung up on their religions.

Religion is not a competition like "who can convert the most" or "who can have most influence", it is about the individual and his/her attempts at reconciling with him/herself and eventually finding peace (and therein God)

Come to think of it all the 3 religions Judaism-Christianity-Islam, try and supress the individual as a measure of control. How is this any different from what the Communists practice? There is a 'Central Ideology' and the goal is to make supress individual thought and promote unquestioning loyalty to the 'Central Ideology'

posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 05:27 AM

..-- How about re-education camps for everyone

Now this would be a good thing..close all schools burn all school books..throw in all religious libels and scribbles..force all religions to proof that what they say we must believe show us these so called holy books all written by god yet nobody ever seen this person..close all TV stations..would be the first thing needed.

posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 05:30 AM
Youtube word brrrr..dangerous education

Is like watching the training of the most violent new humans..imagine these kids developing according the wishes of their religion Beast Barbarians Racism Violence Mentally disturbed fearfull hatefull what will emerge from these schools/camps..

Children are being groomed/trained/brainwashed as God’s Army..speaking in tongs? Wheeping for salvation..What sort of tongs are they speaking in..? Worshipping to a Picture of Bush??? Who is behind this mass hypnosis, using absolute brain death low IQ minds needless to say Females who have no live of their own who saw their dreams dy by their unfulfilled life/years passing them by would be my interest..
Regarding Abortion..a young boy screaming no more no more?? Like hello freaking hello..making children believe they have any saying about the body of a training a new male abuser who thinks he is the master of the house..
Female speaking..I want to see them put their live down for the Gsopel??
Pastor Fisher..delusional female doing exactly what her name demands of her fishing for the little hailing them in their nets by the baits they hang in front of the eyes/noses of the youngsters..give them games and parties get into the network of the youngsters, learn their language, their ways and needs..create hard invironments in order to have enough fish to hail into these Demon Camp..telling the children We are The key Generation to Bring Jesus Back??? Now how many centuries have the churches/religions being saying this to their flocks..How many wars have been fought, How many humans have died for this same sentiment they now currently are installing within the minds of the new human/children..How many centuries is Humanity waiting for the return of this jesus?
Jesus… so far away from Christ ..that the miles in between can not be counted..

Evangelizing children is not programming children..said by a male who sure as hell is a pedophile..his voice..his all one the female says..Its an absolute straight..You are with us or you are Against us..

The pictures footage should say enough..mass hysteria..mass hypnosis..mass psychosis..all caused due to external imputs..such as flocking desperate not knowing who they are lost in translations and feelings and thoughts beings..together within one, images and key words ..making these children look like the new generation Hitler Jugend..screaming Heil Jesus..parents donating to these churches Jesus more Blood shed the blood of all who are not of his ways..
What was the first boat the first blacks who were captured as slave saw? Good Schip Jesus..what did the religious beats said? Confirm to our God Worship Jesus or Die..the native not understanding a word these weirdoes said..smiled waiting what would be next..Bang Bang Slash Slash Black waking up to see their whole families in blood and locked as the name of Jesus the world was brought to its the name of Jesus hundreds of millions have been the name of Jesus children and females are being raped for the longest..In the name of Jesus they seek out the little fish in order to have enough candies at their disposal when their sexual urge calls to actions…

We do not doctrinate the youngsters is what the voice a grooming camp..what is grooming preparing the mind for a certain action and behaviour..preparing and grooming is the same as educating..programming brainwashing..end of story.

The Kingdom of God is within you..and nowhere one into whatever does not make a person righteous..far from it. religion creates suppression of many feelings and thoughts..religion forces the many to lie..and seek justification for all their wrong doings..religion is war is economy which needs to maintain war states on this planet no war means peace peace is unstable for the economy..

posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 05:33 AM

..--Come to think of it all the 3 religions Judaism-Christianity-Islam, try and supress the individual as a measure of control. How is this any different from what the Communists practice? There is a 'Central Ideology' and the goal is to make supress individual thought and promote unquestioning loyalty to the 'Central Ideology'

Exactly what the Millitary is all about..

posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 05:37 AM
t seems that there is a bit of an overreation here....shut down the summer camps for kids??? there's thousands of summer camps across this country run by various church denominations for their younger members. many kids go to these camps....and I'd venture to guess that most of these kids weren't asked if they were willing to give thier life for it, yes...but not give it. this is just one church sect, and I think (at least hope), it is out of the norm, even for the pentecostal sects. who knows, maybe it's the camps the bush's and their buddies send their kids to???

Let's not overreact to one small trailer to a least wait and watch the whole danged thing....then come back and fill us all in!! But, I don't think you will many summer camps like how this one seems to be portrayed here....

and every child in the country should be told that they are an important generation, that they will change the world....drill it into their heads....maybe they will understand enough to make better decisions with their lives...
and it is not a lie. since WW2, every generation has made such a vaste advance in developes that the world has changed a great deal, hasn't it.

posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 06:54 AM

Originally posted by 7Pan7cho7
while I am totally against any kind of brainwashing, especially in our vulnerable children,

Hate to say it, we are like computers, we get programmed one way or another...not saying I like the programming of the "Jesus Camp" is kind of freakish in my opinion, but if I was involved, from that perspective it would feel an extent.

No matter what one may believe, peace is inside.
If evangelical Christians read the Bible they might actually start to understand it.
Jesus clearly is not on par with what is going on in the evangelical Christian society today...he probably would say its anti-christ.

Like another poster said, satan is decieving people by making them fight each other.
Evangelicals have the belief that Jesus was a gentle lamb, but make no mistake, hes coming back to terminate you...I had enough.



posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 07:38 AM

Originally posted by mrwupy
That still doesnt make it right. Children should not be brainwashed regardless of what religion is involved.

How are these Children brainwashed? If you call parents/guardians passing on their beliefs to their children and preaching a message of love and peace, then yeah...they're being brainwashed.

People these days use the word "brainwash" too lose. I guess some people are brainwashed because they were raised a Christian...I guess many so called pacifest are brainwashed because they were raised to "make love not war"....right, is that brainwashing?

I guess I'm brainwashed because I love a certian type of music music....I mean, I did pick it up from my father who raised me on rock and blues. Yeah I know it fits the definition, but it's also a word that is used out of context allot, prime example quoted above.

[edit on 20/9/2006 by SportyMB]

posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 08:15 AM
Is not the supression of an individuals capacity of free thought (a child's in this case) till he/she believes unquestionably what the 'programmer' is telling him, not brainwashing??

I am sure your father never made you forcibly listen to jazz & rock. Did he go "this is the only good form of music there is. Everything else is bad for you. You will not listen to anything else!"

But that is just what is happening here. The children are told "There are 2 kinds of ppl in the world. One, who love Jesus, and Two, Who dont" All this is done in large groups. I am sure you will agree that it is easier to convince groups, than it is to convince individuals. Mob Mentality, monkey see, monkey do, whatever you might want to call it.

These kind of thoughts are put into their heads day and night, until they st op questioning it. How easy to then control and direct their action any way the programmer wants.

This is just what cults do.

Personally i think children should be kept out of religion till they are capable of understanding the pros & cons of it. Their upbringing should be based on basic human morals. Do not hurt others by any action. Help those in need etc etc

posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 09:37 AM
Religion programmes people to live furfilled lifes. Is that evil?

when the kid said he wanted to 'give his life' to god. That doesn't neccessairly mean martydom, suicide boming, fighting other people. Its very simlair to what priests and monks do! Outwright devoution. They can turn back at anytime, no-one is forcing them!

now this video has been spread across Youtube, and its damage has been done. Its anti-Christian propoganda, put together in a certain way. Fact.

posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 09:45 AM

Originally posted by quango

Originally posted by Peyres
Can anyone please reply to my long defence of the 'camp'

What is the hatred they are preaching to the kids? I wached the video several times over.

I will just add that I agree - there is no hatred being taught here.

For Christians, faith is the ultimate life and death subject. It concerns their eternal souls.
From their POV, what kind of parents would they be if they didn't teach their children how to live and love God.

For me, this film creeps into a murky area when they get heavy into the issues like abortion to kids who are unable to critcally think the whole issue through.

I kinda agree with the abortion thing. I think people still need to think about it through their lives. Even as a non-christian, I think abortion is wrong. Its about ending the life of someone, purely for self-interest. I know parenthood is nigh on impossible for single mothers etc, but there is help at hand, and kids can be raised perfectly well in hardship. I've seen it firsthand.

The bible values life as the most precious thing given to us. Even kids know this, but theres is nothing to stop them changing their minds in the future.

and btw, sorry ruckpuk. I misintepreted your post.

[edit on 20-9-2006 by Peyres]

posted on Sep, 21 2006 @ 09:19 PM
Interesting video, kind of disturbing. Lots of over reaction here though, as I read through the posts. Like people in a youtube video that said teaching Christianity to children wasnt bad being labeled here as a pedifile because of how he looked, while the women arguing against teaching kids is praised. lots of these examples here. isn't this a place where we're supposed to look at the information and seek the truth? It seems like people are just attacking whatever side they disagree with with baseless personal attacks.

Having viewed the video, I was rather disturbed. I have no problem with Christian camps, even for kids this young, but it should be like the Christian camps other people here have discribed, places to play, have fun with other kids in the summer, and learn some about Christianity. In my opinion, at that age kids aren't capable of making an informed choice to follow Christ.

About the things being taken out of context though. When the kids talk about being trained as soldiers, they are not talking about guns and fighting, and thats the difference betten Christian camps for kids and others like Hitler camps or such. Christians are (idealy) trained to fight for God in an spiritual sense, fighting sin like abortion or whatever the sect of Christianity declares sinful (though there is a general agreement about must of what is sinful between the Christian sects). The main difference is that in other camps, kids are trained to be willing to kill for their faith, while Christians are trained to die for what they believe rather than kill someone who doesnt believe (because in a Christian mindset, this would be condeming them to hell, sense they would die unsaved). Of course, at that age the kids arent really capable of intellegently making that kind of choice. This is just one extreme case that makes for more interesting news and propaganda than does the thousands of normal camps.

And all this arguing about it upsets me as well, because as I read through it it just shows how little people know about Christianity anymore, and how distorted its become here in the US. I will say at this point that I am a practicing Christian, but I grew up my whole life in Japan. I went to a Christian school, but we studied all the major world religions, not just Christianity. We were tought it so we could have a rounded view, we could judge the truth for ourselves. So we could 'Deny Ignorance'. I think a lot of people that call themselves Christians in the US are just going to church because their parents did, because its what they grew up with, and they dont ever take the time to think it through or know what they believe (which is acctually quite against what Paul from the New Testement tought, dispite what so many anti-Christian people say about us sticking our heads in the sand. see 1 Peter 3:15) I think people would have a better opinion of Christianity and Christ if they saw genuine Christians as i have seen, around the world, who have explored the truth and found it, who constantly question so that they my grow more, not the stale uncaring group i find so much around here. not that all Christians in the US are like that...

ok, that last bit was totally off topic, sorry.

posted on Sep, 21 2006 @ 10:20 PM
isn't this exactly like an al-qaeda camp?

only with jesus and nascar instead of allah and the lower-income bracket middle-eastern equivalent of nascar

this is what happens when fringe religious groups get WAY too much of a voice

posted on Sep, 21 2006 @ 10:54 PM
al-qaeda camps would be training people to go and hate others and kill others. this camp, while it seems they've gone really far overboard, no doubt there, but their not training anyone to kill or hate. they say "if your not for us, your against us" but i dont hear them saying "if your not for us, we will hate you" and defenetly nothing about killing. one is a camp to train terrorist to kill people, one is a place for kids to spend their free time in the summer (again, way overboard in the Charasmatic area, but none the less).

posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 07:05 PM

Originally posted by madnessinmysoul
isn't this exactly like an al-qaeda camp?

only with jesus and nascar instead of allah and the lower-income bracket middle-eastern equivalent of nascar

this is what happens when fringe religious groups get WAY too much of a voice


what has happened? Its a camp for Christian Children?

wow, Christians have a big voice in Politics, thats because there is a stagerring amount in the US. Isn't that what democracy is?

This video was put together but intolerant atheists, thats why some people have watched it and have felt disturbed.

[edit on 24-9-2006 by Peyres]

posted on Sep, 28 2006 @ 06:51 PM

How are these Children brainwashed? If you call parents/guardians passing on their beliefs to their children and preaching a message of love and peace, then yeah...they're being brainwashed.
[edit on 20/9/2006 by SportyMB]

No ... this is children who are REALLY being brainwashed. The methods these people are using (chanting, music, speaking in tongues, etc.) cause the children to go into an alpha state, which allows their subconscious to receive the messages being delivered.

This is serious and dangerous techniques that have been studied, practiced and refined from Hitler's regime.

If you don't believe me, do a search on this message board (or the internet) for mind control techniques. It will blow your mind.

I see this as a conspiracy by the government to make people think like the radical Muslims. It can be a very productive method for changing the American population to accept an invasion of the middle eastern countries.

Stop being naive. Do your research and LEARN what the NWO has in store for the world. Don't believe what the media is telling you!

posted on Sep, 28 2006 @ 09:08 PM
The Evangelical first batch of Illuminati Troops, I can smell the blood...

posted on Sep, 29 2006 @ 05:09 AM
There's also alot of misunderstanding regarding the pentecostal churches...speaking in tongues is a tool being used to program minds?? don't think so, visit a pentecostal church and well, form you own opinion here. but, I don't see how it could put anyone in a alpha state....the whole environment, at least at the church I went to, was too unrythemic close to chaotic....loud, and well, go and visit one of their churches, and see for yourselves.

of course, alot could of changed the last couple of decades so who knows....

I'd go, but well, if I heard another "Wives be obediant to your husbands..."sermon one more time, I'd probably open up my mouth, disrupt the sermon and wouldn't stop until I proved them wrong! so, well, you go, and come back and tell me what you find I guess...

posted on Sep, 29 2006 @ 10:37 AM
After seeing the GMA story I'm struck by a couple of things.

First, given that there are literally hundreds of Christian denominations each teaching a different version of 'The Truth', only one can be correct and that is assuming that the real Truth has survived the last 2,000 years intact. There is a very, very low probability that this particular church is espousing the true Christian teaching in which case they are misleading all these children.

Second, I heard the pastor talking about Harry Potter and witchcraft saying in the Old Testament times they would have been put to death. Oh really? Is she so poorly read that she doesn't know that Abraham (of the Old Testament) was heavily involved in magic?

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