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Making Hay.....

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posted on Sep, 16 2006 @ 04:35 AM
Make hay while the sun shines....strike while the iron is hot and don't talk about 9/11 until a respectful time has passed. Is this the prevailing attitude in society?

Well following the release of the recent 9/11-centric movies, you would have to agree that dealing with the subject in the mainstream public eye requires an incredible amount of care. Up until now, outside arenas such as ATS, the subject was not so openly discussed.

Which brings me to my point. If you can't talk openly about 9/11 and deal with the tragic events of that day, then the only other option is to listen to whispered conspiracies.

The thing is, one of the less noble sides of human nature is the desire to try and make a quick buck. At the start it was charity events, CDs, US flags, bumper stickers and a plethora of other patriotic goods. Then a huge dry patch for opportunists. Books and movies were deemed 'too soon' and the purveyors of the American Dream(tm) were stuck for somewhere to direct their efforts.

Enter the conspiracy industry.

If you can't talk good talk ill and the boom took off. Too soon to talk with and deal with the tragedy, the American public snapped up the conspiracy theories as an avenue of dealing with the day and there was no shortage of people to tell them scary stories. The Bush administration notwithstanding, but they are not the subject of this post.

The subject of this post are the people who would see opportunity in tragedy. The people who would promote their theories over all others to the point of ignorance. The people, who faced with overwhelming evidence to the contrary stick to their own scary story. The people who to our society's detriment have seen to make a quick buck off the blood of their own kind.

It's okay folks, it's understandable. I too am embarressed to have been duped.
The mainstay of my argument was always 'buildings don't fall down like that' and 'how could WTC7 fall down when it wasn't even hit by an airplane'? I had many converts, my arguments were sound.

Until I saw the reverse angle pictures of WTC7 and the ripped out guts of the building in that picture were a reflection of the guts ripped out of my arguments. How many times have we been shown that picture on conspiracy websites? Not too many, for to show the picture that proves the point that WTC7 fell down because of incredible damage due to the falling debris of the twin towers, brings down the whole house of cards that is the conspiracy industry built up around the day.

The thing is folks, for a lot of us, conspiracy theories were a way of dealing with the shock and awe of that day. Admitting that they are rubbish is only going to bring back the horrible feelings of helplessness and fear they had buried. So people are going to feel the need to cling on to them for a long time to come.

We have to beware the 'greasy hands fumbling in the till' that have come to feed from the trough which is the human misery sprung from the tragedy of 9/11. There are many questions that need to be answered about that day but judging from the weight of the threads given to Pentagons, planes and explosions I don't see them being answered any time soon.

It is up to those who seek the whole truth to push forward while there is such public interest in the conspiracies surrounding that day and make some hay of their own, harnessing the energy of people's desire to know the truth.

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