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The war on terror on the net

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posted on Sep, 16 2006 @ 02:38 AM
Spamming is the equivalent of walking around town and posting the same message on every available bulletin board. It's been called the equivalent of telemarketing and "the equivalent of dumping untreated sewage into the environment." Now, spamming is being treated like terrorism on some internet message boards.

I would never stand up for spamming or even claim that people have the right to do it. But, when innocent people are banned from message boards in the name of stopping spamming, it bothers me a lot. I have been a victim of this and I know that thousands of others have as well. People are losing their ability to have any kind of privacy when they post on message boards. Why? Because the spammers must be stopped!

For example, godlikeproductions will not allow anyone using proxies to post on their site. As justification, they claim that "spammers" will use proxies to flood their board with links that have dangerous viruses. I've never seen that done on any message board, including GLP. The fact is that they're using the same method that the Bush administration uses, calling anyone they don't like "terrorists" (i.e. spammers = terrorists). This stance naturally brings the following mantras with it: "we must stop the spammers", "we must do whatever it takes to stop the spammers", naturally, even if it means a total loss of privacy for their users. Inability to use proxies equals a total loss of privacy. If GLP is being tracked (if not completely controlled) by government agencies, proxies are their enemy because they want to be able to track who is posting what when. So, I think all this "we must stop the spammers (terrorists)" stuff is just an example of "problem, reaction, solution" in our faces. I started a thread pointing this very thing out a few days and it was quickly deleted.

The issues I’ve raised go far beyond one silly message board, IMHO. I've heard it said that the side that opposes something ends up operating exactly like the thing it's opposing. The far far left operates exactly like the far far right. I think it's happening right in front of our faces, not only with GLP but with the 911 truth movement, the new age movement, the anti-Bush movement, etc.

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