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Evolution (The Next Step)

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posted on Sep, 28 2006 @ 07:21 PM
Why is it that humans will evolve, Yes they might but what about the apes, will they evolve and be a lower class of human (I've had it in my sig for quite a while now), So if humans evolve what attributes will they have, another finger, three legs,
or just telekinetic, psychic, and telepathic abilities?

I personally think the apes will evolve before humans get to the next level, They are already useing tools like sticks to check waters depth( that story was on british news bout a year ago).

posted on Sep, 28 2006 @ 08:57 PM
So far humans have been "De-evolving". We are not as smart as our ancestors. Sure we have more advanced tech but, this tech was invented by a select few. The population average is less smart then the average was before. This was caused due to the change in our diet. We no longer eat the right brain food. Also our society stops defects from killing people pre-maturlly. These people then pass there bad genes on and contaminate the population. So if humans were to evolve soon it would probly have to be caused by some random merical viruse or merical conditon. We are basically at a stand point or reversing stage in our evolution. This de-evolution trend I think would revers after a while becuase, healthy life styles and eating are becomeing more common. The bad blood how ever may beable to be screened out with further advancements in medical science. After we colonize a few planets in space I guess we would start evolving around then but, no time soon.

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posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 07:03 PM
The primates we evolved from are long since extinct. If Transhumanism takes place on a massive scale, I believe there will be many tensions between transhumans and humans as there have also been racial and social tensions, however over time most of these will fade as racism in America has (for the most part.) Most of these tensions will be caused by humans as transhumans will have reached a higher state of consciousness and understanding. As most humans start to see the near infinite benefits of participatory evolution and accept radical change into their lives, most of humanity will eventually evolve save for small radical groups of Luddites and the like.

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 09:52 PM
One might argue that we've already fallen behind the evolutionary curve. Considering how many various types of hominid species have walked the earth that we know of, its not too far fetched to assume that another kind of human learned to make simple tools.
Another stretch of the imagination could lead one to believe that Atlantis is based upon a real society which pre-dated the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians, particularly if you subscribe to Edgar Cayce's ideas about Atlantis folk having tails.
Yet another stretch could lead one to believe that the Atlanteans (or whatever you choose to call them) were somewhere in the same ballpark as us, technologically speaking, when the great big whatever wiped them out.
Suppose then that enough survived to keep the gene pool fresh and free of inbreeding, what then? Could they hold on to their knowledge, possibly passing it on to the Maya, the Sumerians, and the Egyptians? Perhaps; its certainly worth a glance.
What if they never died? How different would they appear after six thousand years (give or take a few millenia) of technological and biological evolution? To compare their theoretical technologies to our own would be as asinine as asking a Pharaoh of the Great Pyramids to understand the workings of a B2 stealth bomber.
But, its quite a stretch to consider the possibility that we aren't the original human conquerers of this planet. We do so love to assume that we're the pinnacle of intellectual evolution on the globe, so much that we assume alien life forms are interested in us. Indeed, thousands of UFOs are sighted each year, all supposedly from a far flung world filled with creatures who want nothing more than to study and know us. Really people? I'll stick to my idea about Atlantis; at least mine keeps us within the limits of known possibility.
I find it very likely that we are nothing more than the inevitable uprising of a genetic archetype which has played its hand before, and likely will again after our passing. Perhaps we'll achieve the means to survive the eons, or perhaps some other sapien will discover our remains thousands of years from now and wonder if we had ever built a hammer.

posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 08:23 AM
I see it more like this:
We are constantly evolving, bigger brains and such. But at the same time, the change gets reabsorbed back into population. Things like sickle cell etc.

posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 08:52 AM
I think the next divide among humans will be technological in nature and not biological. Man and machine will continue to merge with one another and make humans better in some span,eye sight,hearing,strength,intelligence etc. We have already started on the path in the medical field but within the next 150 years it will only grow and become much more of a social and class thing, it will be as normal as us buying an ipod today . We will have the super rich,the middle class,the working class all with certain levels of technological enhancements depending on what they can afford... and probably just plain old humans who do not think merging with technology is for the best. Sounds very sci-fi but i can bet my right arm it will happen eventually.

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posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 12:21 PM

Originally posted by st3ve_o
okay, apprently over the years we 'humans' evolved from ape.

As mentioned earlier in the thread, we didnt evolve from apes. We evoled from a common ancestor shared with the current living apes. It is a common mistake to make, and it can't be stated enough times.

monkeys are still around, so my question if/when humans evolve into the next stage theres a good chance humans could still be around (like apes today)!

Yes, there might be. But we are talking thousands of years in the future of course. But since there is so much genetic sharing across the globe, I wouldn't count on it.

Originally posted by Vasilis Azoth
In addition I would point you towards a book called The End Of Evolution by Peter Ward. This book suggests that due to modern medicine and other factors we homo sapiens may not currently be evolving.

Actually, our medicine is causing humans to evolve faster. There is no 'survival of the fittest' since everyone is 'the fittest' due to medicine, and we see evolve faster. In a broad sense of course.

Originally posted by chris01621
Why is it that humans will evolve, Yes they might but what about the apes, will they evolve and be a lower class of human (I've had it in my sig for quite a while now)

No they won't. Again, it can't be said enoug times: We shared a common ancestor and that is it. Apes don't turn into humans in X amounts of generations.

I personally think the apes will evolve before humans get to the next level, They are already useing tools like sticks to check waters depth( that story was on british news bout a year ago).

Apes are smart, but tool using could be due to them watching us. That doesn't mean that they have evolved to become smarter in the last decades. Of course, it can't be ruled out, but it is certainly not a matter of course. And, you also have to take into account that they might have done it for several thousand years.

Originally posted by halfmask
So far humans have been "De-evolving". We are not as smart as our ancestors.

Not true. Our brains are still growing, albeit slow, and yes, we are smarter than humans were just 100 years ago. That is why they correct the IQ scale all the time. (Disclaimer: IQ is not a meassure for intelligence, its a meassure of skill solving, but still does the job more or less)

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