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The Perfect Vehicle!!!!!!

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posted on Sep, 15 2006 @ 11:02 AM
So I'm sittin' here thinkin', and I says to myself, Self, what would be the perfect vehicle. Hmmmm........
A car, good, but not perfect.
A plane, nah, terrorists and all
Hmmm, how about a bike, you know a cool one all covered with BMX stickers, and a really cool bell that jingles on the steering wheel. Nah, gotta work too hard.....
C'mon brain, do some good thinkin'......
Wait! I got it!
The perfect vehicle has to be a flying saucer!
Man that's some good thinkin'!
And not one of those stupid cigar shaped ones, or those dumb little round orbs.
I mean a really cool one. A REALLY cool one. Like the one in "War of the Worlds" Oh man that's some cool thinkin'!

I'd put in a really cool stereo system. That way when I was flyin' that Flying Saucer, I could have my arm out the window, and have it turned up really loud!
And I'd paint it black with flames on the sides. And the little glass bubble on the top, I'd have it tinted. I'd get one of those really cool steering wheels, with like leather on it and stuff. Man, that is some good thinkin'!

You can go to one of those fancy car shows where all those really cool expensive cars are on display. Man, imagine what they would do when you pulled up in that Flying Saucer!

Wait! I'd also put in a really cool horn! Like the ones that play "La Cucaracha"! Oh man that is some good thinkin'!!!

I'd have to put a really good alarm on it. And make sure that there is a lock on the death ray button. Yep, wouldn't want that death ray to accidently go off!
I wonder if there's seat belts in that Flying Saucer?
Parking would never be a problem. You just set that Flying Saucer on Auto Pilot, and beam yourself down to the Supermarket parkin' lot! Oh brain, I love you for doin' such good thinkin'!

Man I really want a flying saucer! That would be so cool!

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