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Major Security Upgrades Approved by Congress

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posted on Sep, 15 2006 @ 12:48 AM
Congress finally approved some much needed security upgrades involving the Port System and Borders as well as other sensitive and vulnerable points of access and transportation.

Congress Passes Major Security Measures
The most far-reaching action on Thursday was in the Senate, which voted, 98 to 0, to approve a six-year port security package costing more than $5 billion that includes deadlines to install radiation detectors at the largest ports and encourages shippers and ports worldwide to improve guarding containers against stowaway weapons.

Earlier, the House approved, 283 to 138, a bill that calls for a two-layer fence along 700 miles of the border with Mexico, a measure advertised as an immigration enforcement and antiterror initiative.

The Senate port bill included language for mass transit and rail security programs, including random passenger and baggage screening at certain stations and fire-safety improvements for Amtrak tunnels in the Northeast corridor.

Though some are claiming this a partisan issue, only slightly over 60 Democrats came out in opposition to the bills. Other Democrats were more upset over the delay in getting this passed, citing partisan bickering and the upcoming election.


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