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Young girl gang raped - Flees traumatised - Police shoot her DEAD!

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posted on Sep, 28 2006 @ 02:25 PM
I'm not advocating shooting 18 year old girls that have just been raped here, but it sounded to me like a decision had to be made - the decision of whether to have someone stab you or to shoot them.

Also, am I missing something, or are a lot of the facts missing? Namely, was the girl really raped with date rape drugs? People are so damned self-righteous these days to jump up against "the man," and tell us to "Open our eyes and stop being ignorant," that they don't look at the facts themselves. Unfortunately, this is one of those cruel circumstances where you have to set aside your emotions and instead logically deduce the situation.

- This girl ran home to her mom and said that she had been raped.

- The girl cut her mother with a knife when her mother tried to comfort her.

- The girl was acting very strange and erratic, and lunged at the cops with her knife.

- The cops had to shoot her to protect themselves.

How many cops were there? 3? If there were 15 shots fired, that's 5 shots each. 5 shots can go pretty fast when a fellow officer is getting attacked with a knife. And I really hate to say it, and I know people are going to be angry with me, but didn't the article say that the mother was recovering from alcohol and a coc aine addiction?

posted on Sep, 30 2006 @ 05:17 PM
Everything about this seems...wrong. You have to look at this objectively.

  • "There are some conflicting stories over whether she was raped," said Jim Amormino, a spokesman for the Sheriff's Department

    Who on earth is saying she the mother is lying? See next.

  • Details of the autopsy and toxicology tests are expected to be released in the next few weeks – after Sheriff Mike Carona reviews the results and signs off on an official cause of death.


    Q: How long will the autopsy take?

    A: An autopsy typically takes 2-3 hours to complete.

  • She lunged at one of the Police officers.

    Why would she do this? Did she recognise the officer?

  • A sheriff's spokesman said he did not know why Guy was not allowed back in her apartment.

  • "I kept asking: 'When can I see Ashley? Is she all right? When can I see my daughter?' " Guy said. "They told me she was fine."

    They catagorically lied to the mother. Why?

  • "She was in a terrible situation, and she needed help," Guy said. "But they didn't help her. They took her out."

    Lastly here are several things that need to be cleared up

    1. Why were the police there?
    2. Why did several grown men, armed with batons and tasers etc, seem to jump at the first chance to riddle a young, clearly distressed girl with bullets?

It is my opinion that the police are in some way connected to the rape, and have made efforts to cover up/protect someone, though there isn't enough information to form a more objective opinion.

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