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Why I hate the modern society, or tech lies you believe

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posted on Nov, 5 2003 @ 03:50 PM
I thought technology was meant to make life easier for you. Its a friggin lie!

I realised this when I was sitting here this morning and the microwave wouldn't stop beeping until I got my food out. I mean what the hell?? Since when does a microwave tell you what to do. Then I realised that all modern tech is like that.

You leave the house you have to take your cell phone, you have to check for messages, you have to respond instantly to people, you are trapped with it, a slave to its demands. A small pocket hitler.

You get on the computer, check your email, 10mins later, check again, 10 mins later, check again. A pavlovian trained response, just like the salivating dogs. getting trained in the most enduring way with a non linear reinforcement.

Visit ATS check todays posts, 10 minutes later check again etc etc argghhh!!! We are being ruled by machines and the deceptive benifits of intercomunication.

Even the washing machine tells me what to do and when to get my clothes out. Home appliances are my masters! Life is now becomming intolerable for those of us with obsessive personalities.

Lets burn it all and retreat back to the 50's with black telephones with cables, that didn't follow you around.

I am going to get on to is now, just as soon as I check my email. .....

posted on Nov, 5 2003 @ 04:07 PM
I know a nice Luddite farm I can set you up with...

Tech is changing and starting to serve the user. We see cracks in the old foundation and the strain is evident in assaults on peer to peer file sharing and legislative attacks on Voice over IP (internet phones). Stick around for a ten more years and the new tech will be a lot nicer.


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