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My idea for saving america.

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posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 10:08 PM
In todays world the United States finds itself being hated by a lot of people. Which is wierd considering that about 60 years ago it was the greatest country on the planet. Loved by all even. Today it's a whole different story and this is the cause of why the US is failing. It is stuffing its nose into the business of others. People say they want them out but they stay there "in the name of freedom and democracy."

My simple plan to get the United States out of the crosshairs is to listen to the people. Just leave the world. Screw globalization, all its doing is getting the US negative attention. The world wants the United States out of the mix so we should. Now I'm not saying become completely isolationist. Have some imports and exports, but stop all of the outsourcing and dependency on other nations. What if the US took all troops out of every country and brought them ALL back home. This would leave the world with what they wanted, and americans with what they want. The world wouldn't have to be "bossed around." We would keep to ourselves. this is technically what the world wants right? They want the US out of their business.

Becoming militarily, and partially economically isolationist would be a blessing to the US. We could use the extra military to beef up security at the border, securing it, and stopping illegal immigration. Then the stop of outsourcing would give jobs to people. Jobs that were gone before could be given out and the rate of poor would go down in the country. People wouldnt be screwed over. The extra money generated could be used on the healthcare system, or given to education. Some of you may say oh well truttseeker, you dont understand the world situation. We need China for our imports and exports so we can fun walmart. Thats not true, its just convenient. Its convenient for Wal mart to give jobs to 10 year old chinese children in sweatshops, but if they thought about it the extra wages made would pay for itself. More money would be pumped into the economy and that would get people to go buy more stuff from walmart. We have the industrial complex to do so. We have factories, and plants, and warehouses just sitting there from where businesses used to be. For the other people that wouldnt have jobs created by this atmosphere, we could instate new pulic works services ala new deal. That would give people a platform which to start on, instead of the government handing them a check every month and saying here survive on this.

One of the problems is that people do that. They feed off the system, however some are marred by having to live in the ghetto. Theres no work for them there, its all going to other countries. If you say youre from the ghetto that basically gives you a chip on your shoulder to begin with. People think oh youre black and poor you must be lazy, and thats the problem with the United States, companies are screwing over the public so they can make more money. If the policies of isolationism came in though there would be better jobs and everything would be better.

Please dont flame me for my ideas. its just something I've been thinking about. Its not foolproof, im only 17 so I dont really think too much. But I think it would be a good idea, at least for a few years to get the US back on our feet and become that great country that everyone wants to be a part of again.

posted on Sep, 14 2006 @ 10:22 AM
I agree with everything in your post, except a few very minor things which are not pertinent or importatn enough to the discussion. I have long thought that the U.S. needs to get out of everyone else's business. We have been consistently taking the wrong path for the last 60 years. For one thing, the CIA is out of control, not enough oversight. They start wars on their own, have black budgets, etc. They don't operate according to waht is best for America, but what benefits the CIA or each person personally.

We can't continue to go around the world murdering people and assasinating leaders of other countries without repercussions and IMHO, that is why we have these terrorists. It all began right after WWI when Britain redrew the borders of the Middle East with no regard to tribal affiliations, which is what the entire Middle East culture is centered around.

I do think it is important that the rest of the world think favorably about the U.S. We need allies, we need respect and we need goodwill from our neighbors, so we can get along with everyone else. That doesn't mean that we compromise our ideals. If we just stuck to taking care of our own and treated other countries respectfully, we'd be in much better standing with the world. But I don't know that that will ever be the case again, our leaders, almost all of them, are so corrupt and they are there for their own self-glorification.

Great thoughts from a 17 y.o., keep on thinking outside the box Truttseeker and read all you can from reliable, reputable, alternative news sources, mainstream media on TV will never tell you the whole truth. I'm very glad that you are paying attention to what is going on in the U.S., we need more people like you who are concerned about America. THanks for your post.

posted on Sep, 14 2006 @ 08:52 PM
I know, we just have to stop thinking we can tromp around the world without fault. I just think the isolationism would work. It would pretty much solve all of our problems and would help people get jobs and would more than likely reduce terrorism. If they attacked us again they wouldnt be able to justify it because we aren't meddling anymore. We wouldnt be offending them with our presence anymore. I personally believe a simple decade of isolationism would turn this country back into the great place we once loved.

posted on Sep, 14 2006 @ 09:12 PM
I agree we should pull all our troops from everywhere back,
and keep our noses out of the warring of other countries
amongst themselves, of course the country is an ally.

But I also think we should be trying to stop human rights
abuses across the globe *glares at China*.

But than again to, I want a single world government,
so that would hurt that idea, but I suppose it's like the saying;
"you take one step back, and five steps ahead".

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