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The Democracy Hypocrisy

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posted on Nov, 30 2006 @ 01:36 PM
News update concerning my post a few months back. See this is what I mean and finally it is happening. Well I will believe it when I see it but the story is here.

Muslim law reaches Britain
By David Pilditch

SECRET courts imposing draconian Islamic justice are operating across Britain.
Last night politicians and religious leaders expressed outrage that sharia law is gaining an increasing foothold in our society.
The hardline Islamic law allows people to be stoned to death, beheaded or have their limbs amputated.
Critics insisted Labour was allowing a chaotic two-tier legal system to flourish in the name of political correctness.
And legal experts warned that it meant the authority of British justice was being undermined. Sharia law dates back to the 10th century.
In some countries women are stoned to death for adultery or giving birth out of wedlock and thieves can have both arms amputated.

OK so some people have said it can never happen on here. But it seems to be going ahead anyway, what are your views? please read my previous comments. I am amazed that this is even being debated in the UK. So can we campain for the same Christian laws in Pakistan now? Guess not many Christians migrate there and stay. I could be wrong though.


I think they should make it fair, bring back communist and Fascist ideology back, Roman law and Middle Ages law that the UK had once. We have to accommodate for other splinter group wannabies too at some point.

I think the Satanists, witches, pagans and vampire rights should be equally heard and considered.
We should keep our constitution as it was, a few Christian values do no harm but we should make it illegal for other groups that threaten Democracy for what it stands for illegal, meaning we don't get Hitler types changing their ways mid way to rid of basic human rights. Political correctness is a way of denying Jesus and his words of truth (fiction or fact- still have meaning) for atheist thinking allowing more extreme measures to deal with the mess they created on social behaviour and relaxed immigration laws. We allow foreigners to immigrate and not to change the law. But a Godless government is so easily slain to the Devil if people believe this and you end up with something far worse in the end- let the communists, Fascists, and decapitating laws come in place I am sure they will agree to their political correctness.

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posted on Nov, 30 2006 @ 09:35 PM
Time Lord:

The term used by political science buffs to describe what you're talking about is cultural penetration. In purest academic terms, any society that has its cultural norms weakened by the introduction of new-er influences can be said to be in decline. this doesn;t mean the nation will fall. It only means that the glue that holds it together is failing.

In decades past, American did allow the discussion of non-Christian ideologies in their cafes, restaraunts, schools, and homes. It was once considered a hallmark of 'Americanism' to be able to dialogue with those purveyors of alternative views. The strength of our cultural norms and traditions was often all we needed to win the arguements. In today's world, ideological stalwartness has been villified.

He who embraces everything holds on to nothing. Our political leaders have been praticing a form of "divide and conquer" fince the ink dried on our Constitution. In their quest to attain the same or greater powers and authorities held by European rulers, our political and social elites have been willing to "reshape" our society with all the subtlety of a one-armed sculpter using a sledgehammer.

Recommended Reading

I can think of only one reason why this isn't being talked about in the UK, as you noted in your post. That reason would be "fear." There are some places in the United States where political correctness is so extreme that issues of cultural conflict can't be disscussedat all. As an author and public speaker, I've had a taste of this "hospitality." The fear is so thick you can very nearly taste it.

Within another decade, that fear will infect most of the U.S. There will be one notable difference. We will fear our government more than we will fear outsiders.

posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 04:06 PM
What would overthrow democracy? Has the process of seperating church and State from a Semi-Christian democracy rule to a an independent constitution without religion turned into a weaker position because of it.
Now that we are open to anything and now without its basic Christian morals as the back bone we can say that once that is gone anything that does seems far fetched like introduction of Sharia Law being practiced in London is a sign of democractic collapse. Maybe as conspiracy theorist will have it, maybe that is the plan, to introduce slowly extreamist governement control on its people by letting in other extream values go by without question.

Can this open end democracy arcross America and England be under threat?

posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 04:21 PM
Time Lord,

What you need to understand is that no law is passed without imput from the citizenry, in some form or another. At least, that's hte way it should work, under our legal system. We can argue about where it does and where it doesn't all day, but since we're talking hypothetically, let's just presume it works as intended.

In order for what you describe to happen, it would have to be the will of hte people goverened. And if a lot of Muslims want to come over here and become American and try to turn us into a Muslim nation... Well, they're welcome to try. Christians have been working on that for as long as we;'ve been a nation, with only marginal success, so... Best of luck to the newcomers, I guess.

posted on Apr, 12 2008 @ 02:08 PM
Well they are making courts and bank proposals that only suit Muslim rules and it seems that there is a seperation hapenning already. I am not sure if the Muslim courts or banks have gone ahead already in various democratic countries but it seems like one rule for them and another for us. Islam is just an example because I don't see many communists renting flats out and saying we should all pay the same wages regardless of room size and space and the next house along having a better price and bringing it to court to suit their communist ideals.

Maybe it's not an international problem yet but for one Muslims manage to bring Italy out of all countries to trial for having Crosses in their class rooms that offended a Muslim school boy. Only because their religion says so in their book to ban the cross. Not only that to stop crosses being on people's graves too, is that normal? Are we going to let other intollerence from other non democratic minded nations have the free will to take our free wills out with it? If we can not express our religion and culture at home, I doubt we can do so in their countries so in the end they win. That is why I call it hypocracy.

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posted on May, 20 2008 @ 06:36 PM
Could a NWO scenario turn from the inside a democracy into a facist state by changing the laws within and by using stealth tactics so people don't have a say in it? It seems to me America and Britain has used this war on Iraq in a stealth fashion without proper evidence and went straight for it.

posted on May, 29 2008 @ 09:59 AM
The only thing would be is an invasion or a war and maybe that will change a few things. Some may argue that wars are maybe created to cause the world changes even to the country that is doing the invading.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 03:37 PM
As for Muslims getting what they want, the politicians use them like how the Americans use the Mexicans to sway their elections, be that local or internationally, no wonder they are so passive in banning anything Christian without debate or letting police stations and super marks have court issues over pork related products that offends a Muslim who uses the race card to further turn democracy and the freedoms of the country into a political correct agenda. Politicians will abide to them because most have lost their position of faith and they cannot understand the argument properly that will affect the freedoms long term that is being slowly eroded by intolerant stealth minded systems.

What we will find is new laws saying its offensive to speak up against Islam and Orwellian type societies, while extremists or even moderates agree that a free society is evil and their intolerant laws have a higher position because their God is better than yours. When will they bring in new laws saying its offensive to criticise freedom of speech and the law where anyone who challenges it will be deported? Otherwise if the UK wimps out on us we may as well say bye to everything we know including ATS.

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posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 02:39 PM
What I am worrying about with democracy is that it might end up no longer being a free system if people get away with saying they can change laws that take those very democratic principles away.

Imagine if people said, I have the right to change what you eat at work, I have the right to spy on you in case you fall out of line, I have the right to ban crosses across the nation, I have the right to tell women to cover them selves up, I have the right to ban the teaching of democracy because of my beliefs, we have the right to go nude in the streets. So you need a balance and it seems like the poles are shifting for the worse.

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 06:18 PM
link signature explains exactly what you are talking about.

"Am I two sided if I want to enforce your right to choose?"

Well, yes. Two sided also means hypocritical.

But does hypocritical mean bad? No.

I could be a pacifist, but kill an intruder about to harm my family. Isn't that justified, or is it neglected as a reasonable explanation because of hypocrisy?

People need to learn hypocrisy does not ALWAYS mean someones point is wrong. A lot of the times, yes, but not all of the time.

That also leads me to the point of absoluteness, and how many people see the the world as 100% full or 100% empty, but nothing in the middle.

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