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ATS Memorial Question, What Makes You Do What you Do?

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posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 10:49 AM
I saw this thing that 9/11 ATS did. I was in NYC when this went down originally anyway here is the link for it.

I have a question to you people who fight the good fight. whether it would be for or against the official story why do you do it?

Is it because someone lost a life that day?
Because you want truth?
Demand answers to questions?
Children in your life that deserve the right thing?

What is it?

I for myself I do it because I think we are being lied to. I have 2 kids that I would like to grow up in better situations that we are living in now. I believe that if we.. fathers, mothers, grandparents fight the fight for truth and justice of 9/11 We can make it possibly a better place for our kids... Or maybe worse. But this post isn't for worst.

Anyway I would like to know why you guys do what you do..

posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 12:23 PM
I personally work to find the facts surrounding issues and events. I don't fight the good fight for one side or the other on any topic, but I fight the good fight to obtain and record the facts. Some one here has a signature that reads "does the truth really exist?" or something to that effect. And the answer is a resounding YES. For every event there is a permanent and unmalleable action that takes place and records itself in the temporal record. Not a single belief we have, not a single lie we tell, not a single act of rebellion, support, opposition or acquiescence can change that actual event from how it really occurred, when it really occurred, and who or what was involved in it. The truth exists as the facts of that event.

The question really becomes - "can the truth really be found?" While the answer to that question can in unfortunate, but luckily rare, instances be NO! I firmly believe for 99.99% of the time it can, in fact, be found.

I fight the good fight so that I can know, so that others can know, and so that future generations can know the FACTUAL historical record of an event . I may not be the one that actually finds the "whole truth", but if I can just contribute by supplying the facts I stumble on to, I will feel I have lived a successful life.

That - and I just hate a liar.

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