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Are Humans Leaps And Bounds In The Technological Field Nothing But Copied From Nature ?

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posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 06:50 AM
Greetings Everyone, i hope you are all well

Humanity, A vast and wonderfull species, all with different views and thoughts and each member of this species is an individual unto there own.
We are not a lower form of life , on the contrary we are a race of extremely smart and inteligent people and each of us holds probably the most complex creation of all time within our craniums .
The Brain, our centre of thought and holder of cherished memories and sometimes opposite emotions. The very essence of our personallity and the most important thing in our body.
The power of the human brain is and will allways be that which has more potential the the worlds fastest super computer and can and forever will be able to calculate algorythims and problems fastert then any processor.
I am amazed at the fact that humanity as a people can engineer a mouse to grow an ear on its back or clone a sheep or dive head first into the space age but can we create something as powerfull and as advanced in complex potentiall as the human brain?
The answer......No we cant .

Now, members of ATS. I ask you to think about this

Throughout the ages there have been many great leaps by humankind up the technological ladder, from cloning to engineering to transportation and everything around to curing desiese .
As a species and a race, we as humnanity look at these things as being great and wonderouse and we find ourselves thinking things like "that is incredible" or "how fantastic" And if your anything like me then you also find yourself asking "Where will we be tommorow? "

We as humans are capable of many great things and have accomplished a wide variety of tasks the were previously thought impossible .

But tonight i find myself thinking something.

I find myself thinking that most of our wonderfull inventions and creations all stemmed from somewhere, Our creations and inventions are not all purelly original , They have been invented before, not by people, not by an extra-terrestrial race, But by the very thing that we see when we go on a bushwalk or a picnic, the thing that we see when we look out our window or breath in the fresh air of the first day of spring .
Members of Above Top Secret, I speak of one thing and one thing only.
I speak of Nature, Flora and Fauna , This great environment which we flourish in .

I often think about the subject of this thread and it simply fascinates me all the time, I want the AtS community to think and consider something.
First off i would like to ask all the readers of this thread to Imagine.

- Our technological leaps and jumps throughout humanity are just duplicated from nature.

- The things that we claim to be the inventers of are not our own inventions at all.

-The things that we as a people look at that we have invented and come up with, by which we say " we are the most highly inteligent species on the earth, Have allready been invented.

And now think
These things have allready been invented, not by years of research and study, Not by trial and error , not by decades of planning and engineering and not by learning off of someone else.

The inventor of these things is nature as a whole.
Flies,The Sun. The list goes on forever and ever.

I remember how man invented the lightbulb, this was a great invention that revolutionised humanity , Allthough Humanity did not invent this light emmiting bulb of energy, Nature did, Fireflies fill fields and back yards as well as glow worms that do exactly the same thing as a lightbulb.

Today , One of the millitarys and aircraft controll as well as coaswatches and the likes most usefull piece of technology is SONAR , This involves bouncing low frequency sound waves of objects and recieving the echo letting you know where certain things are and how far away they are, Man did not invent this. Nature did, Bats have been using this method ever since they began on earth, A bat is capable of flying clear straight through a room packed with wires using nothing but this SONAR ability.

A large human achievement today in all areas is what we call The Submarine, which uses intakes of gas and/or water to make it rise or dive into the depths of the ocean, Man did not invent this, Nature did.
There is a massive multitude of Water dwelling fish and animal that use this exact same method for the exact same purpouse .

And where would we all be in the hot summer days and nights without that wonderouse thing we all like to call Air Conditioning ??
We look at ourselves as the soll creator of this wonderfull technology, BUT in reality Termites have been using this form of Air curculation in there mounds for as long as they have been around, AND THEY DONT EVEN USE ELECTRICITY.

And where would we be without electricity ??
Life would be very hard indeed, But we are not the inventors of this amazing energy source either.
There are eels and rays as well as jellyfish and the like that live in our vast oceans that can generate enough electricity of the own free will and in there own bodies to run a small group of houses for up to 3 weeks. AND ITS FREE.

We use fishing nets all the time and we used them more so in the olden days , We did not invent this , on the contrary Nature did. One would think of a fishing net a a thick spider web and they both do exactly the same job.

There are alot more wich i will point out in the near future but for now i just wanted to get the great members of ATS's opinions on this because i really do think that this is purelly fascinating and a great subject.

Many thanks People and Cheers


PS. all thoughts and views will be taken in by me and i will not criticise any body i will listen to everything because i know for a fact that it is the only way we as a people can trully grow.
Thank you


posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 07:52 AM
That was a rather drawn out way to state the obvious, don't you think?

Nature has a cpl billion years head start on us. Plenty of time to work out the bugs (ar ar). Of course we copy it when possible. It's a lot less work.

posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 11:05 AM
What apc said.

Also, as an example, nature may have 'invented' the light bulb, but it didn't invent the powerstations and infrastructure behind them (etc.)

posted on Sep, 14 2006 @ 07:00 AM
But nature doesnt use power stations and things does it??
it is all natural.


posted on Sep, 14 2006 @ 07:01 AM
True, we do take alot of inspiration from nature when building technology. However, I can think of a few things off the top of my head that I'm pretty sure we didn't "copy" off nature:

  • Internal combustion engine
  • Integrated circuits
  • Microchips (ie. Boolean logic gates)

I'm sure there are more that I'll think of later, but as you can see these are pretty significant inventions.

posted on Sep, 14 2006 @ 07:36 AM
Very inspiring, Omega.

Given the assumption that Gaia is a living being, we aren't the "crown of creation", but rather the servants of terrestial life. Why?

Because if, in a few decades, "we" manage to settle on other planets, we'll - sooner or later - take flowers and animals and fungi with us. We'll help them spread their genetic code all over the place; and that's what evolution is about, right? Symbiosis, cooperation... let's remember we share 50% of our genes even with a banana. We provide the means of transportation to help spreading Gaias Genome, expanding "our" life code. Humans do the math and the research. Animae, plantae and fungi profit. IMHO, that sounds very much like the way nature worked in the last few aeons.

Sceptic? Rightfully so, but try to look at it this way... humans build computers as willfull servants to do the calculations. Why shouldn't earth's nature "build" humans to help her growing her seed on other planets as well? This concept, of course, doesn't work if we assume nature is unconscious. Most sceptic thinkers today anthropocentrically still believe there is nothing above us; until proven otherwise, everything else must be called "theory" or even "hypothesis".

But I bet all life on earth / "Gaia" is hyperconsciuos in a sort of way, and that's why we (still) can't communicate with her directly. As we are trying to give the breath of life to A.I., we expect our PC to turn against us (The Matrix, Terminator, Wargames, A.I., Small Soldiers and so forth) because of its lower, primitive understanding of our ways and thoughts - why? Because that's exactly what we did with the very entity that made us: Goddess Nature, Lady Gaia, Princess Terra.

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