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Federal Judge upholds Arizona Voter ID law

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posted on Sep, 16 2006 @ 06:50 PM

Originally posted by grimreaper797
ok so then republicans support the law and the democrats are against it. Whats your point for bringing it up? is there something more then that, because you didnt say it in your post, so Im going off of that. I never once said anything about it being a democratic or republican issue, you did.

Yes I did bring it up. Yes I did imply that it seems to be tied to party affiliation. I'm sure you don't want it to be brought to light, either.

if you say what you did, then just leave it at that, well your going to get the response you just did.

No I'm not, not from most people. Most people that are interested are willing to discuss it. You don't start an exchange with a snide remark, grimreaper. Keep it to yourself or take it elsewhere.

You asked what can I deduce? Well since thats the ONLY statement you made in your post, I made that response.

Well, if your excuse is that every time you don't understand something, the only response you have is to cast insults, then I understand.

I can think of a half-dozen ways to ask the question you did with more tact. Instead you resorted to being snide.

I find the fact interesting. Why would democrats be against such laws? Is it because they rely on fraudulent methods to win elections? Or because they are sincere in the reasons they list for objecting to them?

But then you already knew that.

Regardless, I won't respond to any more of that type of exchange from you. All it does is to serve to derail the thread.

posted on Sep, 16 2006 @ 06:56 PM
no Im just so sick and tired of hearing "republicans are nazi" "democrats are communists" "republicans are wrong" "democrats are crazy", or any sort of blame game on parties rather then facing the issue. When I see some one start trying to shift the issue focus into one party is at fault, I get very aggervated because of how utterly STUPID party bickering is. Im sick of democrats and republicans, and as far as Im concerned, they are both equally at fault for letting our nation get into all these binds because they rather play mr./mrs. popularity.

So yea when you make the party line remark with no real information to back it up, Im going answer snyde simply cause of fed up with that BS. So unless you have some info where it shows that all the democrats are against it, and you have a theory connected to the issue, why say it?

because Im reading the article and the fact that democrats may be against it and republicans might be for rather irrelevent since the article is about a law that a federal judge put down. Regardless of who supports it or whos against it, thats not what the article is about.

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posted on Sep, 16 2006 @ 09:58 PM
I fully agree on the opinion that the far ends of both parties are basically a Members Only club of idiots.

However, almost every report dealing with this issue in the various jurisdictions states that there is a partisan divide.

As an independent who supports the requirement of ID to vote, I do see it being the work of the Democratic party to undermine efforts to enforce it. Not only does the phrase, "I see dead people... voting for Gore." come to mind, but the most damning fact, in my opinion, is their pandering to illegal immigrants. The bills to allow them to attend college with in-state tuition. The bills attempting to allow them to receive driver's licenses. The double talk that only shows an attempt to gain votes. The idea that the whole reason they've lost so many elections over the past 10 years is that people haven't been going to vote. "Rock the vote!" "Vote or die!"

This leads me to conclude that the push to suppress this legislation is an attempt to maintain the ability to solicit votes from people who can't or shouldn't be able to vote.

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