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New Multicolored Bird Specieis Discovered in Inida

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posted on Sep, 12 2006 @ 05:54 PM

A new bird species has been found in India, the first time such a
discovery has been made here in more than 50 years, an astronomer
and keen bird watcher said Tuesday.

The multicolored bird, Bugun Liocichla, was spotted in May in the
remote Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary in India's northeastern state
of Arunachal Pradesh near the border with China, said Ramana
Athreya, a member of Mumbai's Natural History Society.

Athreya caught two of the species, but released them after making
detailed notes and taking photographs -- and keeping feathers that
had worked loose in his net.
"We thought the bird was just too rare for one to be killed,'' Athreya said.
"With today's modern technology, we could gather all the information
we needed to confirm it as a new species.
We took feathers and photographs and recorded the bird's songs,''
he said.


Very cool, and really amazing, considering India is one of the most
powerful countries in the world, and thusly the same level
technologically as western Europe and America, and such a huge
population, finding a new species is amazing, even if it was in a
nature preserve.

Comments, Opinions?

posted on Sep, 12 2006 @ 05:58 PM
I suspect this is going to become more common.... I don't know if it's because we haven't explored the earth nearly as well as we think we have or if these creatures are being scientifically created, but there has been an influx in "new" species....

posted on Sep, 12 2006 @ 08:05 PM
Here's the bird. It looks cool

Photo: Ramana Athreya / Birdlife International

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