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The Third Door

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posted on Nov, 5 2003 @ 09:33 AM
When I was a young girl I would lie in the grass and stare into the evening sky for hours, watching the moon and stars take the place of the sun in the night sky. It always amazed me and gve me a great feeling of comfort knowing that heaven was up there and God was there staring back at me. Truth and trust could be seen for miles and miles across the sky, prayers were given into the sky, everything magical and all the answers to life were there. But one day the sky changed and the innocent child-like envisions and magic became deception and darkness.

The third door is a a metaphor I've used over the years, yet it is an 'actual' doorway I've indescretely placed inside my mind to shut out the forbidden knowledge that isn't taught in your history books or through your heros and teachers. Behind the door is the chaos and traumas one might see and deal with over long periods of time. For me, it has also become a realm to another world, perhaps even another time.The door remained locked and bypassed, but for the moment I open it to you..

I was around 7 or 8 when my first visitation came. It seemed almost like a dreamy state of mind and family chalked it up to nightmares and even I myself grew to believe this over the years. The experiences never seemed life threatening and most of the time I returned knowing things that amazed the people around me. Looking back tough I realize that those were the chosen memories given to me, not my own free will.
The unchosen memories are the ones hiding and taunting my own sanity behind the door.

My last visitation might be considered one of the worst and most traumatic, maybe because I was older and more aware, or maybe they chose to show me more of what goes on behind the door?

I was in bed drifting off to sleep, I could hear whispers all around me, closing in and therfore becoming more like strange voices foreign to my ears. There was a sound of static that followed close behind the voices which also grew louder and more chilling to my very soul. I dare not open my eyes at this point for the shere fear of seeing the faces giving off these eerie sounds. I felt cold and stiff throughout my body and could sense I was no longer in my warm and comforting bed. I also could no longer feel the clothes that protected my naked skin from the cold and wet touch of fingers gliding over my stomach and chest. I felt a warm liquid ooze over my stomach near my bellybutton and it soothed me for the moment and also seemed to warm my entire body temperature to the point of sweating or feeling like my blood and skin was boiling hot. My entire stomach became numb, yet I could feel a strange sensation there that didn't seem to belong.I tried to speak or cry out as the sensation grew more painful but my mouth was inoperable, almost as though it were sealed shut. I could hear my own voice inside myself moaning to the terror of all that was happening to my body. I don't think I was able to deal with it any longer so I prayed and begged inside my mind for God to help me out of this situation. Everything became silent and I felt very light as though I was floating or hanging by invisible strings in thin air. There was a peace and calmness that came over me and I could now open my eyes and see that I was floating above a beautiful place a place unbeknown to me in this world..a place where a great feeling of serenity and protection was all around me, every direction I looked in gave me the sensation that I was free but guided. I don't recall the time between the two opposing experiences and the time I actually awoke back in my bed. But it seeemed like forever from begining to end.

I stopped having those nightmares for a while and this gave me again the reassurance and trust of my world around me that had once collapsed before me so many years ago. I began to see and feel the magic again but not to the extent I had when I was an innocent. I acknowledged the fact that there were stories and sightings through others' much like myself..but never took it any further then that.

Sometimes there is a certain glance given by a passing stranger of a shared experience between two people who might never openly discuss what hides behind the glance. But it invokes a great sense of feeling that we aren't always alone in some of the things life sometimes chooses to show to us. Everyone has secrets and everyone has nightmares. Most of us live with these inside of us our entire life and some are able to share their stories with the world. Some are laughed at and ridiculed beyond disbelief or are hushed by a power greater then oneself..everyone has a story be it dark or light or a combination of the two. My story has never been told before today and it is up to the reader to decide if it's fact or fiction. I am helpless to provide proof to those who cannot relate, but hopeful to provide reassurance to to those who can..

My third door now closes and remains shut..but never locked

posted on Nov, 5 2003 @ 09:45 AM
We sailed away
We walked two thousand miles and then we slipped away
We looked so hard
But couldn't seem to find just what the world was for
Now we know
Just what the journey's for
Looking out to the stars
Think about what you are
What do they think of you
Animals in their zoo
They haven't got the time
Landing is not on their minds
How do they have the nerve
We're animals in preserve

They watch us all
They're only making sure that we don't trip and fall
They looked so hard
But they can't tell us why they're here and just what for
Because they don't know
Who opened up the door

How can we find out more
Who owns the keyless door
Where does the circle end
Who are the unwatched men
Where do we go from here
Faith is a fading fear
Life is a waiting room
I hope they don't call me soon

How much more do you really think you know than a flower does about who's behind the door!

posted on Nov, 5 2003 @ 09:57 AM
I have been there myself...I consider it as a "semi-possesion" of your body and soul. Let's say a warning...another chance to save yourself and your immortal soul. You don't remember me do you? I have prophetic dreams and visions all of the time...MEGA DEJA VUES!!! About 5 years ago...I was lying in bed next to my wife...I felt the same sensation of leaving this physical realm...etc...I was floating above my own body and I did open my eyes when I heard the voices. You know what I saw...DEMONS!!....shadows dancing amongst the shadows...saying things...telling me to come with them. I refused and prayed my soul out to Jesus to save my soul...and He did...I went back to my physical body. Only weird thing...I became really mean and confused for about a week or two afterwards and did more praying to pan things out between Him and I. I can look into another person's eyes and read them...feel if their "being" is good or to say. Anyhoo....that's my input....God Bless.

posted on Nov, 5 2003 @ 10:03 AM
Just wondering ....did you really experience this...or is it fiction...just noticed it was placed in the fiction forum. Just curious...for my story is not fiction.

posted on Nov, 5 2003 @ 10:11 AM
And I will not tell it because there are those who will surely use my username to describe it if I do.
They would say, Your username uNBaLaNCeD suits you to a tee.

posted on Nov, 5 2003 @ 01:56 PM

Originally posted by xenongod
How much more do you really think you know than a flower does about who's behind the door!

I don't understand your tone in this comment


posted on Nov, 5 2003 @ 02:29 PM

Originally posted by magestica

Originally posted by xenongod
How much more do you really think you know than a flower does about who's behind the door!

I don't understand your tone in this comment


No tone intended...just poetic...mystery of life...what lies behind the "door"? No one really knows for sure...not even a flower. So...did this story really happen to you or what?

posted on Nov, 5 2003 @ 02:36 PM
Just picked up some angry tone and wanted to verify before I wrote anything else (we all know how confusing it can get when reading rather the listening)

Would or does it really matter if I confirm, or attest to this story? Can you seriously not find the answer written in the story already?

posted on Nov, 5 2003 @ 02:45 PM
link does read as if it is non-fiction...just confused with it being in the collaborative fiction-short stories forum. Maybe they should make a biographical I think that's what BLOGs are for. I already have been working on an autobiography...a tragedy more or less...and hopefully it will have a happy ending...if you know what I mean?...hehe. I'm happy with my life...and still wondering what may lie behind the door...take care.

posted on Nov, 5 2003 @ 06:45 PM
Hi Mags,

Bravery...much courage in what you have shared. And you are right, we all hold our stories...its interesting to discover just how similar those stories can be once we all lift the viel a little, open a viewing hatch in our own doors for others to see into what lays beyond...some may see the interior of memories and moments they themselves know well in their own way.

Thank you for having the courage to show us.

*still contempplating changing your member title


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