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what would be your

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posted on Sep, 12 2006 @ 03:10 PM
your running for PM/President/Senitor
what would your corner stone of your stand be to get people to vote for you?
what would you say that would rattle their cages and get of their hind legs and go to that polling booth and vote in your faver?

right a small speach (not to small and not to large)
lets see who has it in them to run for office

posted on Sep, 12 2006 @ 11:53 PM
My fellow Americans, I have too much respect for you, I have too much confidence in the democratic system, to stand in front of you with some mindless blather about leadership and securing the future. I have too much respect for your time, to waste it with political buzzwords.

My political platform is built from nine planks. This is legislation I will ask each house of congress to consider, and put to a vote. Now I know, you get a president for four years at a stretch, and these are only my first ten initiatives. Yet you can tell what I believe in, by considering my proposals. you can tell what I want to accomlish, and where my priorities are. So instead of a lot of spin doctoring, here are my ten initiatives as your next president:

1. Exit strategy for Iraq.
-Sign a treaty with Iraq, authorizing their executive to set maximum troop levels for total coalition forces. This sends the message that while the current Iraqi regime is wedded to the coalition, it is independent, and NOT merely an occupied puppet state.

-set up a timetable for government functions which we will turn over to Iraqi govt., in a phased program (this SHOULD have been implemented in 2003---McArthur did this for Japan, when we occupied that nation.) i.e., police powers to be turned over by a specific date; border control, terror suppression, etc. The time table could be revised upward, but by Iraqi, not coalition initiative.

2. D-fence of US borders.

a). The National Fence. Erect a barrier on our southern land border, similar to the one Mexico has erected along it's southern border. When it is complete, begin building a second fence on our (non-Alaska) border with Canada.

b). Set up a guest-worker program to increase the number of legal immigrants and guest-workers from other nations. Certified workers are ID'd, and matched with employers. They would earn minimum wage. Employers would have to pay same benefits a citizen would receive. Workers would only have benefits while in the US, with the extra funds paying for the program. After 3 years, they'd return home for at least one year, and give up all accrued US benefits, which go to the US treasury. They could bring a spouse and one dependent, who could receive limited benefits and education. All dependents must go home when the worker does, including any children.

c). Stiff fines for employers who hire illegally. Illegals denied all benefits other than Emergency Room care.

d). Immigration requirements returned to their traditional stance. Minimum competency in English, and US government are required before status is granted. Status is phases in over 7 years. It was good enough for my grandparents, and I assure you they turned out to be at least as good citizens as the illegals who forge documents. . . .

3. Flat Tax
A revenue neutral income tax. Said to be 17% by libertarians, but probably more like 22%. No loopholes, no deductions, no write offs. Income tax is collected on all income regardless of source. Dividends from a Treasury bill are taxed at the same rate as a waitress's tips. We don't charge a rich person more for a gallon of milk, and we shouldn't charge them a higher (or lower) tax rate. Fair means fair, without privileges or punishment. We don't punish them for being rich, or reward them for being poor. We produce JUSTICE, by USING THE SAME STANDARDS for every American. period.

4. Balanced Budget Amendment.
Congress is not allowed to write a budget that exceeds the previous year's tax receipts, less payments on existing debt.

5. Line Item Veto
But not for the president. Too much power in the executive branch. Give this power over spending bills from their own house to
a) Speaker of the Senate/Vice President, and
b) Speaker of the house.

6. End of Social Security
Both parties admit that SS is doomed; it's only a question of how soon.

a. Each person who pays into SS gets a numbered bank account containing his balance. No other person, (or govt entity) can withdraw the money, except his heirs, before age 60

b. The money is invested in US series I savings bonds.

c. Retirement is lowered to age 60

d. Everyone who has been promised benefits will receive them.

7. Energy policy

(A). Short term Exploitation of Coal
The USA is the Saudi Arabia of coal, with a quarter of the earth's proven reserves. I'd set up laws to allow companies to build modern, efficient anthracite (low-sulfur) plants in the desert southwest, to be fueled by mines in the four corners area. The area is low population, and a depressed economy. And it's output would help supply in California, where the worst chronic shortage is.

(B) Long range search for other efficient power sources
I'd spend direct investment in research, partnering with Universities and companies that would help finance the research, in return for a limited-life patent on any product.

(C) Exploitation of Oil
I'd open up the beds off California, and Alaska to limited drilling. I'd also "fast-track" current proposals to build a modern refinery on the Mexican/Arizona border, to be powered by Mexican crude. The current plans meet all current EPA standards, but hasn't received approval yet. It would be the first new refinery in the United States since 1976. If the US petrofirms didn't want to finance it, I'd set up a public corporation, and after 5 years sell shares on the floor of the NY stock exchange, after all employees had been given stock options.

8. The End of Political Party Control
As of 2009, no election for national office can list party affiliation on the ballot. Political parties are henceforth private corporations---their own internal (primary) elections are their own affairs, to be run as they see fit. Up til now, the Democrats and Republicans have benefited in most states because their primaries are paid for by tax dollars, where third parties finance their own primaries. Additionally, election laws are enforced on brand X and brand Y; but third parties settle all disputes with civil lawsuits---guaranteed to air all dirty laundry on political outsiders, drag on for years, and divide nascent political movements. This has worked on both the libertarians and Perot's reform party. But no more. Anyone in congress or your state legislature who votes against this plank is an obvious party hack, and a corruptor of the public morals. Vote against them accordingly.

9. No more "tax incentives" for corporations
Any state or government entity that offers special tax breaks to a specific company, will be prosecuted by the department of justice for violating the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment. This immoral kickback system has rewarded companies from the government coffers for moving to a certain location. The money injected to the local economy often doesn't offset the additional government costs, but it puts power in the hands of local political hacks, and is a major source of corruption.

My goal with these proposals is to encourage personal responsibility among all Americans, especially government workers and elected officials; and to remove the hurdles that hold back our most talented citizens. What is best about America, what works in America, is the chance for the little man to choose opportunity for himself, and to reap the rewards of his own toil.

Regardless of the specific plans enacted by congress, I'll support any provision that promotes individual freedom, individual initiative, and opens opportunity to all, on a truly level playing field.

Nothing succeeds like liberty.



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