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What is Government? The proof is in the words

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posted on Sep, 12 2006 @ 01:03 PM
My friends, I think its time to start looking at something very important. What exactly is Government, and what are they doing? I sure as hell hope you have the attention span to read this to the end....

What is Government? The proof is in the words...

Govern comes from the Latin word Gubernare and the Greek word Kuberman, meaning ''to control'';

In Latin, mente simply means "mind"...

So put them both together and you get the real definition of Government:

Govern + ment = Control of the Mind

So the Government is there to control your mind, and they do a fantastic job at it. The give you all these things in order to program you with a certain version of reality that suits them. They make sure the people are just too damn dumb to figure things out for themselves. They give you all the distractions you need in order to keep your mind in the box of programmed reality.

The degrading music, the sitcoms, the soap operas, you name it. The MTVs, the American Idols, the Jerry Springers, the gangsta rap, the game shows, the "reality" shows, the commercials, the advertisements, and all the other programs they put on the Tell-A-Vision, is there for one reason: to program your mind with a certain version of reality.

Why else would Television shows be called "programs", because thats what it does to your mind, and it does it so well, it is truly "quality programming".

The Government is happy to put out all these shows for your own amusement / distraction. They are happy to see you rot your mind away, as you sit on your couch and watch this garbage. They are happy to see you focus your energies on issues of little or no importance "Oh did Brad cheat on Angelina?"..."Did The Lakers win last night?" or "I got to do my homework, or else I will fail"...Its all nonsense! Its all ILLUSIONS. There to keep your mind distracted, and to keep YOU UNDER CONTROL.

They are happy to create the "education" system to further indoctrinate you into this corrupt system based on greed and competition; an entire system that is completely opposite of Creators God's Laws of peace, abundance, prosperity and happiness! The complete opposite of the Laws of the Universe!

Are you at peace? Do you have abundance? Are you prosperous? Are you completely 100% happy with how things are? Of course you're not. If you are, you must stop editing out all the negativity in the world, you must face the darkness, its the only way to defeat it. We cant turn a blind eye anymore to the degradation of our fellow species. We cant just look away when our Government commits atrocity after atrocity against our human brothers and sisters, then covers it up with lie after lie after lie. I am sick and tired of it! And you should be too...

In the last century alone, over 200 million people were killed by Western Governments. 200 million killed! We owe it to these people to bring this damn corrupt system down! We owe it to our future children to get rid of the evil that is taking the world to the depths of darkness. We humans are naturally good people, we dont want wars, or poverty, or disease, or conflict, or whatever other modes of control the Elite use to divide and rule. Religion, Politics, Nationalism, Race, Age, Color, Gender, Income bracket, they are all ILLUSIONS. They are all falk lines, which to divide and rule the human race!

We are entering a period in our history when the REAL truths will start coming out, where corruption will be exposed, and where the human family will, finally, be FREE.

The basic desire in the human heart is freedom. Naturally, it is engrained into all of our souls. All we want is to be free! But the Global Elite who control all Governments do such a fine job of giving you the ILLUSION of freedom and choice, while fundamentally limiting BOTH. Ask yourself, are you really free? Are you able to fully express yourself as you see fit?

It is my job to expose this evil Elite, it is my job to wake all of you up to the realities of Creation. Creation is a magnificant, beautiful place! Its just we have let this world be hi-jacked by a small cabal of criminals, who enjoy death and destruction and think its a strength to be evil and cruel, without pity. They think it is weak to show love and compassion for your fellow man. They think we are weak, because we care about people; because we cry when we see people get hurt. They view us as weak and pathetic because we have that basic instinct to not hurt the species, because deep down we know that if even one person gets hurt, we ALL get hurt. Why? Because we are ALL ONE! We are all ONE HUMAN FAMILY!

Henry Ford, a major Globalist player, said something profound that I totally agree with : We deserve the Government we get.
That is so true. If we are too ignorant, too shallow, too deaf dumb and blind to see the realities that are around us..If we are too afraid to change our beliefs, and too afraid to try and change things, then we deserve this corrupt Government we have.

So turn your fear into love. Turn your fear into anger at the ones who have done you wrong! Turn your fear into the force that empowers you to live life to its fullest! To live and speak your truth against all odds! And to fight and take down this evil, corrupt, maniacal Elite who have enslaved the world into their phony systems!

The Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Windsors, the Li's, the Russels, the Oppenheimers, the Duponts, the Hapsburgs...and all there little minions like the Clintons, the Bushs, the Blairs, the Bin Ladens, the Rumsfelds, the Ohmerts...All these people are ENEMIES of humanity! Enemies of the species! Enemies of you and me! Sworn enemies of good! We must fight and expose them for what they really are! Servants of Evil. Luciferians. Psychopaths. They love how evil they are. They write books saying how they just love to do the devils work. Im not kidding. They have worked for so long to enslave us, its time we shut them down for good.

We owe it to all the people who have ever lived to fight these people. We owe it to every person on Earth, we are, in one way or another, a victim of this great evil that most dont even realize exists.

The world is gonna return to an Age of Peace, Happiness, and TRUE freedom. This is the start. Let this letter plant the seed of change in your mind...however it is up to you to make it sprout.

Namaste to you all. I AM John Jancar.

posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 11:36 AM
Are you kidding me...control of the mind..
no wonder..

posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 01:54 PM
I see you are checking out Michael Tsarion's work.

Right now I'm reading his book Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation.

Very interesting if I may say so.

posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 03:15 PM
Too easy, man, too easy. I agree with most points you make, but you can't just blame the degrading music, the sitcoms, the soap operas, [...] the MTVs, the American Idols, the Jerry Springers, the gangsta rap, the game shows, the "reality" shows, the commercials, the advertisements, and all the other programs on the Government (or a great world conspiracy (mono-causalism!)). The truth is in your quoting Ford: " We deserve the Government we get." It's us, the viewers and listeners, the costumers and citizens who WANT this. If nobody would watch that mindf***, nobody could see the commercials, and if noone saw the commercials there'd be no money to broadcast it in the first place and we'd be seeing intellectual, informative, mind and heart enrichening programmes only. All day long.

Putting all the blame on a few people is like saying you tax pay them to be your scapegoats. With that logic, whatever they do, it ain't right for everyone. It's their job to be hated and mistrusted. It's their job to take responsibilty for our collective sins, our collective ignorance. And we the people are just poor, unaccountable victims. How convenient!

I'd never go so far and be specific about who runs the world, and I really don't care if it's the Rothschilds or the Lis or the Bush dynasty or a little alien behind a Michael Jackson mask. But I totally agree with what you are saying about turning fear into love. But where do we start?

I have a strange philosophy about this.

If we are too ignorant, too shallow, too deaf dumb and blind to see the realities that are around us..If we are too afraid to change our beliefs, and too afraid to try and change things, then we deserve this corrupt Government we have.
You make very grave accusations against humanity. We aren't ignorant, we aren't shallow. We just buy the wrong stuff, and we sell the wrong stuff: FEAR.

„Nah“, you say, „nobody would want 'fear', you can't sell or buy 'fear'.“ Wrong. It's so easy to sell stuff that nobody needs, wants or benefits from.

I've had a job once in a call center; I had to ring up people and sell them stupid games. There was a coach who taught me many things about how to talk to our subconscious Neandertaler. And it worked. One happy costumer per hour, each spent 180 € for two years' participation in a lottery system. Among them were young, clever, bright people, not just elderly, half-deaf women. Even when they said „no thanks“ right away, I still had a chance to bribe their Neandertaler, 'trick' them into giving me their personal data, without lying one single time!

Anyway, I quit that job after one month and began to rethink what I thought I know about „the System“ and Governments and people and stuff.

Just think back: when was the last time you bought something you actually didn't need at all; even if it was just a few cents' worth?

Who's responsible? You, who sealed the contract by paying for some absolutely worthless stuff? Or the guy who was smart enough to offer it to you, virtuously playing on the strings of your soul as if it were a violin until you resonated with the deep desire to posess his goods?

Who's responsible? You, who sealed the contract by voting for your party, your president, your chancellor, your prime minister, buying his fear mongering about evil this, danger that – or the guy who was smart enough to sell you fear in exchange for your liberties and human rights, playing on your soul until you resonated with that longing for security?

The secret, obviously, is to be aware of the black magic tricks of 'sales persons' like politicians and religious leaders. Black magic works with seduction. Don't give in, no matter how logical it may sound, even if they invite you to "just test it".

Sell love! Buy love! It's for free. White magic.

The world is gonna return to an Age of Peace, Happiness, and TRUE freedom. This is the start.
Amen to that, brother!

[edit on 13-9-2006 by Akareyon]

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