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posted on Sep, 11 2006 @ 10:40 PM
There seems to be a great divide taking over most of the world at the moment.

Polls suggest an almost 50/50 split on peoples opinions of current War on Terrorism factors.

I for myself would like to know what ATS members opinions are, and if we are strictly FOR, OR AGAINST what we are being told.

1. Was the USA Government aware of alqaedas plans, prior. And did they use this to there benefit.

- I believe this is blantantly obvious. FBI Were tracking the men at flight schools. They were allowed into the country. We had intel from various men on the ground in Afghan that an attack using aviation was coming. We had intel suggesting binladen was going to use airliners as missles. We had Yousef's Laptop which had details of a plan to hijack planes and slam them into buildings. Isnt it clear the Administration didnt upgrade security, to ensure the attacks happened. Thus giving them the perfect excuse to Enter the ME?

2. Was Iraq was a reasonable response, considering the evidence at hand regarding WMDS and involvement in 911.

- Obviously not. No evidence has emerged, no evidence has ever been found of a link between alqaeda and Iraq, or the existence of WMDS. So what exactly was our administration talking about.. when they stated they had proof, evidence and hard FACTS of an osama/iraq connection. And the stockpiles of WMD's.

3. Is Iraq on its way to a peaceful society, and the title 'civil war' is just a media tool.

- If Iraqi was growing toward democracy, towards a stable and peaceful society. Why is it after 3 years the numbers of resistance members continues to GROW, the numbers of US soilder fatalities continues to climb, at increasing rates, multiple bombings, and mass murders are committed almost DAILY, various military personel retired and current all suggest a civil war state is looming and the budget is starting to effect the world economy. So, what exactly is the measurement of IRAQ to suggest its achieving its goals?

As this link suggests, there is a growing attempt at trying to dupe the public into believing all is improving.

4. Why America is considered the victim of terrorism in iraqi attacks, when its Iraqi's attacking a foreign power who has taken up occupation in there home?.

- America had a right to respond to 911, and to obliterate the Taliban simply for previous attakcs and for planning 911. And along with international pressure various terrorist factions around the world should of been isolated. Creating a hive of activity in the centre of the middle east appears to only of further the terrorists goals, in that its not just finatical muslims whom desire death on America, its now majority of the middle east nations whom are hostile, and afraid of american intervention. When theres clearly no need.

5. America has adopted strict rules, and actions within its own borders to ensure further attacks are thwarted, These rules in no way impeed life and liberty of its citizens.

- Truthfully, I beleive the patriot act, and spying abilities on its own citizens are justified. Too many legal loopholes allowed 911 to activley go on. Inter-agency bickering, warrants and beaurocratic BS made simple investigative tasks blinded by political nonsense. IF you have nothing to hide, why fear someone taking a look at you. Surely when your family gets killed in an attack, that could of been stopped if certain wiretaps had of been used you'd be all for it then, But it would of been to late.

On the other hand, with the election of 2000 its fair to say most people are questioning the governments REAL motives, especially when elections are looming.
It could be argued, if the government is prepared to spend all that money on domestic spying, they could of afforded to secure various borders.

so there we have it. 5 Simple points, with my personal opinions.
Thankyou for your time.

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