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Nuclear Threat in Iran Started as a Gift From U.S.

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posted on Sep, 12 2006 @ 10:11 AM
I think Israël won't attack until they are in NATO, and they probably will be a part of them in January or february 2007. Airstrikes will do nothing, will bring a response from Iran against Israël, and under one of the article of the NATO, Israël will ask help of the others members... so then USA and Britain will help them crush Iran. Unless they make a nuclear response against Iran...


posted on Sep, 12 2006 @ 10:55 AM

Originally posted by Muaddib
1. The research reactor which was given to Iran in the 60s, was done by another U.S. administration.

As I recall, iran was then ruled by a US puppet regime, a draconian monarchy under the shah of iran. Im sure the US had no complaints.

2. Back then the Iranian regime was not claiming and yelling every chance they got that they would destroy Israel and the United States...

The railing against the US began a few years later when the iranian monarchy was overthrown. Iranian dislike for the US is rooted in the fact that the US supported the shah.

3. The Iranian regime, after the Iranian revolution, had for almost 20 years a nuclear weapons program, which they claimed for all those years to the whole world they did not have. At the end and after Iranian defectors kept giving specific information on those nuclear programs, the Iranian regime had to come clean and concede that they had a secret nuclear weapons program, but again, we never learnt the exact extend of the research they were able to perform in almost 20 years, or if they told us everything and whether or not we know of all the facilities they had, many of which are still underground and can't be inspected.

If the shah had stayed in power you wouldnt have any gripes with an iranian nuclear program.

Now, obviously anyone with some common sense can see that this thread is a red herring, again trying to blame the United States for something which is the fault of the present regime in Iran....

It seems that whenever WMDs are found they are stamped "Made In The USA" whether they are found in afghanistan, iraq or iran. It seems to me that anyone with an ounce common sense would find it absurd to deny US involvement. However this doesnt surprise me coming from the same person that wants to hang saddam over WMDs provided by bush senior.

posted on Sep, 12 2006 @ 11:28 AM
I never said that the quote by Bush wasnt true all I was saying was that it sounded like the same tone as he had just after 9/11 know the one.......the serious, were about to make another pre-emptive strike, tone.

As for the whether or not the best generals could have seen the Islamic revolution coming, I mearly state that they should have the signs were there. during the years the U.S. was cozy with Iran,

Khomenini resided in Najaf Iraq, (the same place where American troops in Iraq face the Shiite cleric Sadr’s militia today) where he continued to export his theological diatribes into Iran to foment student unrest and instigate political insurgencies against the Shah.

Any general could have seen if they had really studied what was happening, and could have seen that the cancer of Islamic extremism was spreding like wildfire. IMHO

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