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UFO Researchers Mysterious Deaths

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posted on Sep, 11 2006 @ 02:43 AM
heres a list of UFO researchers who died in mysterious deaths
be careful people

i think this proves that these people were very close to the truth or to deep into the truth
the people who study and research UFOS deserve more respect then what were getting!!!
death is no joke

[edit on 11-9-2006 by CYRAX]

posted on Sep, 11 2006 @ 12:44 PM
Arghhh. Please nooooo. Where to begin. All part of the Grand UFO mythos and cult paranoia. Worse case - being in the wrong place at the wrong time homicide.

Ideas that people are "taken out" for knowing too much about UFOs are groundless. How many have written books writing about 1st hand accounts, hold seminars, conventions and are alive and kicking. Many profiting while feeding others of the inherrent dangers of exposing the truth. (How convenient) Stay off my gravy train.

Here's a secenario. Ever wonder that some people in field of uncredited UFO studies are charletans and con men that may have burned one too many persons. That they may have met with an unfortunate reprisal from a disenchanted follower. Could some Dr.x who charges $x00.00 for a seminar of paranoid gov diatribe and mystical UFO channeling meet with a blunt device ending. Yes. And not because he or she knew too much either.

posted on Sep, 11 2006 @ 05:17 PM
Imo, some of these are coincidences, but some are obviously not.

For comparison:

Arkansas Sudden Death Syndrome

Those dead microbiologists

I'll be convinced only if they match the pattern and statistics to microsoft's employees deaths. Thank you.

posted on Sep, 12 2006 @ 09:51 AM
The majority of these are exaggerated and inaccurate (to say the least).
For example:

Phil Schneider

No one has shook up more those who have been following UFO fact and rumor the past low years than Phil Schneider. Schneider died Januarv 17, 1996, reportedly strangled by a catheter found wrapped around his neck. If the circumstances of his death seem highly controversial, thev are matched by the controversy over his public statements uttered recently before his death.

Phil Schneider was a self-taught geologist and explosive expert. Of the 129 deep underground facilities Schneider believed the U.S. government had constructed since World War II, he claimed to have worked on 13. Two of these bases were major, including the much rumored bioengineering facility at Dulce, N.M. At Dulce. Schneider maintained, "grey" - humanoid extraterrestrials worked side by side with American technicians. In 1979, a misunderstanding arose. In the ensuing shootout, 66 Secret Service, FBI and Black Berets were killed along with an unspecified nurnber of "greys. It was here he received a beam-weapon blast to the chest which caused his later cancer.

(Note from editor Stephanie Relfe: I have seen the scar from this weapon on one of Phil's videos. Contact Al Bielek, PO Box 50045 Fort Myers FL 33994 if you wish to purchase Phil Schneider videos).

If Schneider is telling the truth, he obviously broke the code of imposed silence to which all major black-budget personnel are subjected. The penalty for that misstep is presumably termination. Schneider in fact maintained that numerous previous attempts had been made on his life, including the removal of lug nuts from one of the front wheels of his automobile. He had stated publicly he was a marked man and did not expect to live long.

Phil's cancer was in his arm, not his chest (where he was supposedly "shot"). He had a TON of health problems (none related to his chest), including mental illness, and seizures. Contrary to some reports, he did not have "piano wire" or any other kind of strangle cord...other than the fact he had a siezure and apparently got strangled by his IV tubing. His claims lack even an ounce of truth, for example even his lies about his father...allegedly an ex Nazi sub captain (which even cursory research shows is false). He likely was a marked man though, as he made MANY enemies out of other UFOlogists whom he attempted to discredit (sometimes even rightly so)...but I doubt anyone was afraid of "what he knew"...

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