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Mangosteen Juice Boosts Good Health

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posted on Sep, 10 2006 @ 02:57 PM
Personally, I am not in need of any remedies for physical ailments since I enjoy excellent health. Nevertheless, I am interested in things that may improve my health even more or that can serve to maintain good health by preventing disease before it can happen. So I bought a bottle of Mangosteen juice because of the very positive reports about its beneficial effects on health. I got it at costco for just under $20 for a 32 oz. Bottle. The price may seem high but the recommended daily dose is only 1 or 2's supposed to be used as a health supplement like vitamin and mineral tablets are.

There were no obvious changes to my accustomed physical well-being but I really had not expected much change. However, there is an elderly neighbor who had suffered for a very long time from arthritis. The pain would become so severe at times that she would be unable to sleep.
So, I thought that if there was any validity to the many health claims regarding mangosteen juice that they should be much easier to determine if the juice were taken by this elderly person.

When I recommended mangosteen juice to her, my neighbor was skeptical to say the least. She told me she had tried many expensive medications that had been prescribed by her doctor but that none of them had worked. She agreed, however, to give the mangosteen a try. Well, I saw her about a week later, and she told me that the juice WORKED! She said that the pain in her fingers had COMPLETELY ceased! And this was after years of almost unedurable pain and many failed attempts by her doctor to prescribe something that would alleviate her pain. She has not stopped drinking the juice since.

Although mangosteen juice is expensive, compared to other fruit juices, it costs much less than the over-priced pharmaceuticals that had done nothing to alleviate the arthritic pain this elderly lady had to endure for such a long time. She also has no negative side-effects to worry about with this natural supplement such as can be caused by prescribed drugs. But most importantly IT WORKED! And she loves the taste!

Even if we are in good health, it is good practice to eat and drink things that can give good health a boost and preserve it. Add mangosteen juice to the list...along with tea, purified water, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and LIVE LONG and HEALTHY!

[edit on 10-9-2006 by SkyWay]

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