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North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is determined to conduct an underground test of his country's nucle

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posted on Sep, 10 2006 @ 11:25 AM

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is determined to conduct an underground test of his country's nuclear weapons and has made his intention clear to Russian and Chinese diplomats in Pyongyang, a British newspaper reported Sunday.

"Russian diplomats believe it is now highly probable that North Korea will officially join the nuclear club by carrying out its first underground test of an atomic device," the Telegraph reported on its website.

The report also said the reclusive leader has reportedly "made clear his intention" during a recent meeting with diplomats from Russia and China, North Korea's closest allies.

The report comes amid concerns that the communist state may be preparing an underground test at a suspected testing site on its east coast.

The situation in North-East Asia is worsening.
Nk claimed that it have already had Nuclear weapons,but politicians in various governments don't accept(probably they believe it privately),and now NK made its intention clear,it wanna to test it,to bring us yet another "breaking News".and the consequence could be complicated and serious,how should we handle this real emerging crisis?Will US destroy Nk's Nuclear facilities?

The news was first appeared on UK's Telegraph:

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posted on Sep, 10 2006 @ 01:29 PM
Yes, I know that there is a more "colorful" version of the saying. Unfortunately this board's T&C resstrictions prevent me from expressing the world's general level of exasperation, vis-a-vis North Korea's claimed possesion of nuclear weapons, in "full sail".

With regards to NK actually testing one of its supposed devices, I say whole-heartedly and without reservation; Do it Already!

Personally, frustration has reached the terminal point, it is long past time, IMO, for Jong-il to "put up, or shut the *bleep* up!"

Consequences for the rest of the world are minimal, at worst.

If NK really does have nuke weapons but simply has not tested them, a live test would provide the world an opportunity to guage the capability of those weapons. That capability would help determine just how big a threat "Lil Kim" poses, and what should be done to eliminate him as a threat.

The "Dear Leader" may find having a nuke in his pocket to be a serious pain in the kester.

If the test fails, or if there really are no nukes to test, NK will be forced to slither back into its dark corner of the world stage to be further ignored and/or ridiculed.

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