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meditating on crystals

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posted on Sep, 9 2006 @ 08:34 AM
hello everyone, two weeks ago, in the weekend, I had this experience while meditating on a large quartz crystal.

I tell you what, I held it in front of, what they all call, my minds eye, "the third eye". I held it against that part of me when I recall something I did in a course some time ago.

It was to hold something in front of it and going into that object and experiencing, visioning that one is in the object and to sense how it is in there, how it feels to be in it. Like with a leaf of a tree. It feels gummy, dense, a bit moisturish.

Well, I did it with this quartz crystal. I went into it, and a few seconds later a grand spark sparked in my mind. A small flash. Intense light/blue. I became like stable in a second with more sense of reality, more balance. It changed me in a subtle way, just more stable, as I still am. This was great to have experienced, maybe a good trick for meditating on crystals.

Open your mind, vision the crystal in it and go to the center of that crystal, try to feel how it is in there, to experience yourself in the crystal, I hope this spark will hit you, very powerfull indeed.

The very best and good luck doing it someone!

(I tried it again a few days later but it didn't happen anymore, probably because I allready had taken the energy up into me. As I said, I still feel more balanced. A very good trick!)

ething to notice, I had this spark like more in the right side of my mind/brain. This probably being personal.

posted on Jul, 2 2007 @ 11:32 AM
As I've been working further with crystals, I have to say they do have an impact on me, and the ones I have take a place into my life. All with their own purpose!

I have like maybe hm, 20 - 30 kinds of crystal.

what I've been working with is Selenite, hematiet (very dense yet gentle I experience this hematite), selenite is very light, airbrushing. (don't know why this word popped up in my head)

lapis lazuli (just the other night), I had a very scary dream that night but it triggered something in me to overcome it. (i'm still in the process..)

these are the three I've been working with recently. also with rose quartz, this gave me a very gentle and caring feeling, and I know on a higher level it corrects me, guides me into situations, and have me get a stronger sense of healing. I do only work with it when I'm adressend to do this.

who here of us used crystals before?

posted on Jul, 2 2007 @ 04:21 PM
I do stuff with crystals now and then, but I'm still learning, and am FAR from being any sort of expert. I have not tried that meditation thing you did, though I have read of something like it. It sounds interesting, though - perhaps I should try it.

I find that certain crystals (like moldavite) give me energy, others help me with my moods, some help me psychically and others help heal the heart.

We have this cockatiel who was adopted from a shelter. Her previous owners did not treat her right, and it shows - she pulls out her feathers, and at first, she did not want to be handled - she was scared to death of hands. Well, one day I had this bright idea to hang this rose quartz pendulum in her cage, and it's been there ever since. The only time I take it out is to clean it.

It seemed to help her quite a bit. She still pulls her feathers out, but she's gotten a lot sweeter since then - more trusting of us. She'll step up onto our hands most of the time, now, and occasionally, she'll let us pet her, though that's on her own terms. She seems to get better and better day by day, too. She also dances sometimes, and seems to enjoy herself a lot more - she's a lot happier. That's probably the most dramatic crystal experience I've had.

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 06:17 AM
well.. dramatic..

I left the crystals aside by now, but still, they lighten up the environment. (is this correct spelled?)

I sense a strong boost in healing techniques. Everywhere I come I somehow experience emotions, I somehow harmonize them, some have a strong urge to stick to them. a bit frightened to feel different as they were, I guess, but in the end it is inevitable. They might need a strong sense of self. This comes.. inevitable.

posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 08:22 AM
It's been a while ago. my amount of stones and stals have grown.

I bought a large rozequartz and some other stones.

Just two days ago I began intensely practitioning with the stones. Apophylite is a very just and caring stone, i have a large one, still hematite is one of my favorites too.

the meditation somehow drifted something different than I am away from me, it made me more silent inside.

I've put the apophylite on my head in bed, together with a amethist. a large chunk of rozequartz on the heartarea. smokey quartz on my stomach and normal quartz at my feet. for about 20 - 30 min.

It really calmed me down and set me more free in my behavior. great to say the least.

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