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Secret Weapon HOSWS challenges OICW

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posted on Sep, 8 2006 @ 08:47 PM
The next generation Secret Weapon on the battlefield is here. it is called the HOSWS, or Hiding Oneself Shot Weapon System, it may be actually called “corner shot”, “turn rifle” or “bending barrel rifle” too. Secret Weapon challenges OICW, the lethality capability of OICW include 20MM high explosive (air bursting) projectiles and 5.56MM kinetic energy projectiles

Concrete challenging method as follows:


1. Challenge 5.56MM kinetic energy projectiles: Only uses its concealing function.
2. Challenge 20MM high explosive (air bursting) projectiles: It is well known that the energy of 20MM high explosive (air bursting) projectiles is lower than the energy of the 5.56MM kinetic energy projectiles when it bursts, therefore when challenges 20 millimeter spatial bombs, there are only two plans may be to choose :
The first plan, it is very secure when you choose heavy bullet- proof shelters.
The second plan, it is ok that you put on a common bullet-proof jacket, because the common armored clothing all can resist the normal kinetic energy projectiles, the energy of 20MM high explosive (air bursting) projectiles is lower than the energy of kinetic energy projectiles used now when it bursts. In the normal situation, need not put on any bullet-proof jacket.


Because the OICW still uses traditional direct aiming shot way, like this, when fight, was easy to be discovered by the match, is an obvious goal. But the HOSWS selects the unique curved shot non- direct aiming method, it is quite quite difficult by the match to be discovered and aimed, Compared with the existing weapon, there are not difference in accuracy and range, may strike at the enemy from every conceivable cover.

Attachment :OICW System Features

· Lethality Capability: 20MM High Explosive (Air Bursting) projectiles and 5.56MM Kinetic Energy projectiles
· Weapon Length: < 33 in
· Weapon Weight: < 12 lbs
· Rates of Fire: 20MM - 10 RPM, 5.56MM - equal to M16A2
· Range: 20MM - 1,000 meters, 5.56MM equal to or better than M16A2.
· Combination 5.56mm and 20mm HE
· Single trigger control for both barrels
· Ambidextrous weapon and switches
· Simple red dot day/night sighting system
· Laser adjustment for targets in buildings and in defilade
· Unique recoil mitigation and tactical operational awareness

For not showing off my idea, don’t ask professional personnel to translate this text, translated the all article by myself. Because my English level is not very good and difference of the language environment, the grammars of some places may be problematic, please pardon me.

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posted on Sep, 9 2006 @ 06:35 PM
this is the reason why the OICW does not get into practical application.

posted on Sep, 12 2006 @ 05:47 PM
does everyone feel interested in it ??????????????

posted on Aug, 27 2007 @ 04:57 PM

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