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Japanese Foodchain To Recycle Leftovers Into Biodeisel

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posted on Sep, 8 2006 @ 07:58 PM
Yet another great thing from the Land of the Rsing Sun.

Plenus Co., Ltd., which operates Japan’s nationwide take-out bento chain Hokka Hokka Tei (a.k.a. Hokka Hokka Bento, or Hokka-ben) and Yayoiken restaurants, has unveiled plans to begin recycling the used cooking oil from its 2,400 branches into fuel for its delivery vehicles.

Discarded cooking oil makes for a viable alternative to diesel once it is mixed with methanol and refined into biodiesel. After the refining process, the fuel will be supplied to the company’s 300 diesel delivery trucks through a network of independent filling stations.

Plenus will establish the initial refinery base in Fukuoka in January 2007 with 130 million yen (US$1.1 million) in capital. Subsequent refineries will be established in Saitama, Yamanashi and Miyagi prefectures, and in Hokkaido and Osaka.

SOURCE:Pink Tentacle

I think this is a really great thing, not only is it recycling,
but into a cleaner energy source.

Now if only Pizza hut, or some other delivery place would
start doing something similiar.

Comments, Opinions?

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