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My UFO sighting in Korea

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posted on Sep, 8 2006 @ 12:12 PM
Now that I've introduced myself elsewhere and told you a little about myself, I'll now let you know about the two UFO experiences I had while stationed in Osan, Korea in the late 70s (I was there from the summer of 78 to the late summer of 79). These events happened a long time ago, so obviously my memory might be sketchy here and there.....

First incident (summer, 1978): I was on the roof of my Songtan apartment (the town immediately outside the base) and was star gazing while strumming my guitar. On this particular night--a quite ordinary night up until this moment--I saw what I first thought was a meteor streaking across the clear, star-filled sky. The "meteor" was very distinct and appearred similar to a medium brightness star. It travelled across about two-thirds of the sky fairly rapidly--more slowly than other meteors I have witnessed but much more rapidly than an airliner jet--on a fairly straight path. Although my initial feeling was that the object was very high and might have been a meteor, my second instinct told me it was maybe a SR-71 on a high altitude speed run. But then the UFO suddenly did a zig-zig (across three or four constellations--from my perspective) and then even more suddenly shot off at tremendously increased speed on an angle that was probably about 45-65 degress to left of its original track and disappearred over the horizon in a blink of an eye. The entire event took about 3-4 seconds, though the zig-zag maneuver and warp-like exit took less than a second.

Second incident (summer, 1979): I was walking with a friend back to base. We had already entered the main gate and we were now about a 1/4 to 1/2 mile inside the base and just crossing over a slight rise/hill on the main road into the base. This URl has a map of Osan AB, and I suppose we were about at the location where the service station (#16 on the map) is. I don't recall the service station being there at the time, but again, that may be my memory or the station may have been added after I left Osan. In any case, my memories tell me we were right about at the location where there was a weather squadron on the right side of the road as we walked into the base.

This area of the road at that time (late 70s) was largely unlit by street lamps (there were probably a few, but not many) and was protected from light pollution from other areas of the base by the tree covered hills all around us. There were perhaps 20-30 other people in the vicinity walking onto and off the base (we were all on the sidewalk on the main road).

At this point, we all heard a rocket or jet engine sound on the right of the road off in the distance. Since we were near the weather squadron, we wondered if it might be a weather rocket of some kind (not knowing if they even had such things). We then saw some blurry lights rising into the sky in the same direction from where the rocket sounds were heard. The object rose slowly like a--well--weather balloon, and at about this same time the rocket sound died to nothing. We continued watching the rising object for a few minutes, though we were barely able to make out any details. I think we all assumed it was a weather ballon and had some small lights on it that barely illuminated the underside of the ballon. I would estimate this object was about a 0.5-1.0 mile away from us (when we first saw it low over the trees).

After several minutes, the object appearred to separate into two objects--almost like it was replicating itself. The two objects then continued rising high into the sky. My next impression was that I was looking at one or two helicopters because the two objects started drifting apart and maneuvering at faster rates that would have seemed to rule out a balloon or pair of balloons.

I will continue this story in next post.....

posted on Sep, 8 2006 @ 12:23 PM
Second incident (continued):

After a few more minutes, the two objects (helicopters?) were very high in the sky and appearred as medium brightness stars. We coould still see them drifting slowly across the star field, so we assumed they were still rising and/or drifting sideways a bit.

But then the two objects started darting in random directions across the sky in a fashion which would seem to rule out helicopters. My feeling was that they would dart across several other stars at a very high rate, stop for a moment, then dart into a new direction at a similar high speed. After they did these maneuvers a few times (maybe 6 times each), the two objects darted off again, but this time both objects winked out and disappearred.

This event took maybe 10 minutes to happen. There were 20-30 people standing around with their jaws dropped open. My friend and I called the AFRN and reported the incident, though nothing ever happened of it.

BTW, while in Osan, I heard several people tell stories of UFOs being tracked in the DMZ and chased by both USAF and North Korean fighter jets (to no avail).

Considering that Osan was routinely visited by SR-71 blackbirds and was a home of a U-2 spyplane squadron, I tend to believe the UFO sightings in the area (by myself and others) were due to advanced US military projects (perhaps Aurora?).

posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 12:24 AM
reply to post by Lomillialor

I don't know if you're still around but I'm just letting you know I've seen exactly what you have, it's a timecraft. The way it zig zagged was actually in a hexagonal star shape, the way it was possible is time dilation.

Just letting you know you're not crazy, you just saw a time traveler.

posted on Jan, 14 2013 @ 05:42 AM

Originally posted by Lomillialor

But then the UFO suddenly did a zig-zig (across three or four constellations--from my perspective) and then even more suddenly shot off at tremendously increased speed on an angle that was probably about 45-65 degress to left of its original track and disappearred over the horizon in a blink of an eye.

Thanks for sharing your UFO sighting Lomillialor and the first incident you describe does sound very similar to one witnessed by me and a friend in Spain two years ago.

It's been said Korea has a long history of UFO sightings and there are some other interesting pilot reports (and government documents) at the thread below, there's also a good free E-book here from Dr Richard Haines dealing with ' Advanced aerial devices reported during the Korean war' which is well worth a read as it deals with official reports from American pilots.

UFO Reports during the Korean War

"In June 1952 the Air Force was taking the UFO problem seriously. One of the reasons was that there were a lot of good UFO reports coming in from Korea. Fighter pilots reported seeing silver colored spheres or disks on several occasions, and radar in Japan, Okinawa, and in Korea had tracked unidentified targets."

Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, head of Project Blue book, in his book "The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects



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