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The Nature of Religeon and Religeous Structure

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posted on Sep, 8 2006 @ 11:58 AM
Now this isn't going to be your tipical religeon thread...

First of all, there are 3 states of knowledge.

1) the known
2) the unknown
3) the unknowable

the unknowable we'll say for the sake of this conversation is God...
the unknown is things like moving a psi-wheel
and the known is that fish swim in water....

okay, those 3 states of knowledge are very important..


Human beings are aware of things through a focus point, an assemblage point, where all the 'strings'(like string theory) of information assemble themselves into our awareness...
Everyone on earth has a very similar placement of that assemblage point, which means we all have roughly the same awareness.
Now, we can force our assemblage point to move, to gain different perceptions or awarenesses... the means of doing this is knowing about different awareness's or using intent and will.....

now a lateral shift of the assemblage point brings on things we call day-dreams and hallucinations (drugs or otherwise) and these shifts are always within a certain strings range and these shifts make up different 'worlds' but always similar to our world. although these shifts appear to be day-dreams and hallucinations they are as real as the normal focus point of our assemblage point...

Now.... I will discuss silent knowledge... Silent knowledge is knowing without words, knowing without reason. .. its something we should all be slightly know a bit about..
knowing something that so hard to put into words...

like animals.. they don't think of things logically or reasonably like we do... they use silent knowledge to guide them, a deep knowing.

We used to live exclusively like that.. operating solely on silent knowledge.. it was where our assemblage point was millions of years ago, before written history (before logic and reason was applied to our 'knowing')

But for some reason our assemblage point shifted, and we were tossed out of eden as it was written or logically explained by the bible.
and we were tossed into our logic and reason... (which was our descent)
therefore our assemblage points moved .. and the world we created was one based on logic and reason like a day-dream or hallucination but one that became REAL...
So ladeedaa... we progress through our logic and reason, perfecting it, now we've perfected it... we have so many different ways of explaining things that HAD no explanation ... so now we are moving back to our first assemblage point... silent knowledge... but now we have ways of explaining the day-dreams and hallucinations we once experienced with words instead of just pure knowing...
but the problem stems from our hold on just one set of explanations... since all of them are explaining the same thing... (silent knowledge)....

Any thoughts?

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