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Riots Expected

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posted on Sep, 8 2006 @ 11:47 AM
This week a "real" terror case broke in Denmark. Earlier today I already covered it in a submission to ATSNN. Please view it! Suspects Detained in Denmark.
Also see todays article in NY Times: Danish Investigators Fear Evidence Is Insufficient to Hold 5 Suspects in Possible Bombing Plot.

Now there's a follow up in the case.

The court in Odense this afternoon ordered 5 of initially 9 suspects to remain in costody for another 4 weeks. Formal charges are yet to be raised. So far only 2 have been charged.

Though a matter of great concern and interest to the public, all the court procedings so far have been behind tightly closed doors. Whatever evidence the police have gathered remain to be seen. Maybe they have a hard time to find any that will hold in court. Like the British police, who up untill now, 4 weeks after the arrests to prevent bombing of half the transatlantic air-fleet, have not produced any hard evidence against the "liquid-bombers", as the 24 young British men of Pakistani origin came to be named. Only 11 are still in costody, with only piddling 8 of them formally charged. It stinks!

Terror is going on, propaganda-terror against whole populations to cover up failiures of politics, domestic and international, especially of this "war on theareurrr". It's not coming from naive young Pakistani men, who turn to religion as a counterweight living in run-down quarters of a hostile society.

The diagnose is the same in Denmark, just replace Pakistani with Palestine.

I come from the same town in Denmark, Odense, where these recent arrest where carried out, and sure it has a long history for grave proplems with Muslim citizens, both social and criminal. "They don't want to get integrated", authoreties always complained. After the cartoon row they've turned even more radical and rioting became the order of the day in the neighborhood where the arrests took place.

Let me tell you one thing, the majority of the families living there are survivors from Shabra and Shatila, the Palestine refugee camp in Beirut, where the Israelies in 1972 let a massacare happen. These kids are sons of mothers who saw their husbonds, fathers and brothers get slaughtered by the falangists, sanctioned by the Israeli army. They never got a sound upbringing and wil never be well adapted.

They might to a degree be criminals, but not terrorists. I don't belive the police. It's a coverup. As Tony Blair is badly in need for distracting the people, so is our present xenophobic "liberal" administration.

Read this link on The Liquid Bomb hoax. The analysis and conclusions apply perfectly well on the Danish case.

After todays court ruling riots are expected.

posted on Sep, 8 2006 @ 11:53 AM
You're right. Not every dissenting Musslim is a terrorist. That does not condone rioting, even if and when they were raised so poorly. That also doesn't mean that they have no connections with Terrorists.


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