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Thermite supplier?

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posted on Sep, 8 2006 @ 11:32 AM
I am just curious. Has anyone pointed to a single party -- whether government, private sector, etc. -- who could have supplied the alleged "inside job" conspirators with all the thermite needed to bring down the 3 WTC towers?

We're not talking a small amount here, so someone would need to be reimbursed for such a huge outlay of thermite.

If anyone is looking for more evidence, I would start by researching all of the private thermite suppliers with government contracts to see who had the connections to the neocons.....

maybe I'll do that.

posted on Sep, 8 2006 @ 11:35 AM
I suggest that you research as far back as 1968. I still believe that it is possible that explosives could have been built into the buildings.

If anything it will give you a good baseline to compare explosives production and procurment through the years.

Maybe even look at foriegn suppliers.

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posted on Sep, 8 2006 @ 11:45 AM
Aluminothermics can be easily made in any decently equipped chem lab as the ingredients are readily available in large quantity... for thermite and thermate at least all you need is:

Iron Oxide

To make "nano-aluminothermics"... nano aluminum can be manufactured by directing current through aluminum that is immersed in an acid. This procedure is derived from a previously posted patent. A more "involved" manufacturing procedure requires an aerosol reactor... (U.S. Patents 6077329, 5885321) The iron oxide DOES NOT need to be milled or broken to nano sized particulates... So again all that is needed is a simple chem lab and common easily obtained ingredients.

Making Aerogel or Sol-gel is more complicated and requires specialized machinery, however, mos major Universities and I am sure military "labs" have the capability... an overview of the process can be found here...

posted on Sep, 8 2006 @ 11:53 AM
You can buy the raw incredients seperately in bulk very easily from all over the place. I would personally buy using a front company from a supplier in india such as the one below - who'se going to notice that?

There are lots of different Aluminothermics (thermite-type mixtures) the most basic being made from Iron Oxide (which is the rust from iron) and powdered aluminium - you could just use aluminium filings but the finer the better. There are lots of variations on the mix, with zinc another favourite. Magnesium's another you can use but that would yield a bright white light so it's unlikely that was the culpret.

In the videos linked to in the thread below, witnesses say there was unusual maintenance work carried out in the towers in the days before they were demolished. That's one possibility for when the thermite and/or high explosives were placed.

Thermite alone could bring down the towers by severing the steel supports but there is also clear evidence of explosions including clearly visible explosions and eye-witness testimony. Again see the link above. It appears that thermite was set off to sever the steel supports and then an instant later the explosions started off, starting at the top and working down at the exact speed needed for freefall. Somebody did their maths.

Which explosive they used is anybody's guess. It would have to be one of the more powerful compositions, most likely a plastic explosive such as composition 4 (C4) or maybe RDX - the explosive used in grenades. The US government buys an awful lot of both of those for the army etc. It wouldn't be hard to buy a little extra each year for a few years. Or maybe they raided some secret emergency stockpile.

You could speculate forever. The fact is, there were explosions and there were eruptions of thermite-type reactions. Both are clearly visible.

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