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Illuminati power is based on space aliens

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posted on Sep, 8 2006 @ 10:40 AM
A shadowy elite controls the world. They use mass media in a process called culture creation. Culture, meaning all of our inner world is created by outside forces. Thoughts, feelings, attitudes, the way we think.

Our personality is not our own. Not so. We think that we own our personalities. Not so. That we have a free will. Not so, it is an illusion. Our personalities are created by outside forces. And what is worse, the outside forces control us, constantly, on interdimensional ways, we can`t even comprihend.

And we can do nothing about it. Nothing.

Its easy to blame on secret societies. Everything that has gone wrong. Freemasonry, and the fraternites of the rich. Bildenbergs and Opus Dei, and what nots. Many call them the illuminati. The enlightend ones.

The answer is not the exterior surface. It`s only outside of things. The forefront. Inside is the hidden, ”alien agenda.”

Aliens are dead people of the illuminati. They are those how lived, died, and gone to hell. To their afterlife.

The dead elite control the living elite. They care and nourish their own. Give guidance. But they control us too.

They use us as cattle, for their own purposes. Like dying on wars. And behaving irrationally. They make us to hate each other like racism. And to consume on ridiculous proportions. Make us work like slaves. With too little wages. They separate us, and make us fear each other. And use it to control us. Problem-reaction-solution. Does it sound familiar?

What is the way that enables all this? It is a tecnology that sounds like magic.

They use biological robots on where they move their ”souls” into, or rather holografic minds. The soul is a hologram. And with magnetic forcefields and unknown spaceships in intradimensional ways observe and manipulate us.
And we are defenceless. Hell, we don`t know it is happening.

We use worlds like ”providence” and ”guidence” and speak or ”angels” or a ”god”. And at that we mean unexplainable acts in the world history. Or in our own lives. Or the lives of the others.

And we are dead wrong.

But what gives the dead illuminati, the elite the right to treat us badly? I will answer to it on my later posts.

Anyway, the tidings are, that all this has come to an end. Soon all this is finished. Everybody will know about it. On the whole planet.

And we will be free. Free to think and act and lead our lives the way we want.

Changes will start at spring 2007. At spring 2008 international politics will turn to better. Before that there will be a serious crises. But all will turn out fine.

Regrettably I can`t disclose where I have recieved this information. I can only say, that the source is extremely relieble.

You may think that this all is off the wall. And I am a nutcase.

Common sense may tell you so. But I know better.

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