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The shaking bed

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posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 09:54 AM

Originally posted by heputknees
when i was in college, my roommate and i had a very small room with a bunkbed and i slept on the bottom. i woke up to thumping music from next door and to my amazement the whole bunk bed was shaking violently (kinda like an unbalanced washing machine on the spin cycle). it felt as if my roommate was jumping on the bed. i kicked him and told him to stop. he yelled at me and asked why i woke him. he thought i causing the bed to shake. for some reason, we thought it was a guys next door with their loud music so he jumped out of bed and asked them to turn it down. i got out of the bed and it shook for another 30 seconds. i didn't think a stereo would cause the bed in the next room to shake that violently! i attributed it to my latent telekinetic powers

a couple days later, while playing videogames, my roommate noticed small red welt on his arm that looked like a "D". we joked that it was the ghost communicating with him because his name is Dustin. it disappeared just as quickly as it appeard.

i've noticed this phenomenon a couple more times after that but it was never as violent as the first time. weird

I had a similar experience on a Girl Guide camp in my teens. There were 3 metal double bunk beds, and the 4 of us in the end bunks were woken by the the girl on top of the middle one singing in her sleep. Then she started singing in French, (she didn't know French,) and then working out complex maths in French.

Next her bunk started squeaking, getting louder until it was jumping up and down. She'd gone quiet again and both the girls in it were still asleep, laying still. We were really spooked.

Eventually it subsided, and we all went back to sleep.

Next morning we tried to show the other Guides how it had been rocking, but we couldn't budge it.

So I know it can happen, but all the same, make sure it's not Parkinsons or high blood pressure problems.

Another possible explanation is that there is a military tunnel under your house, and the traffic through it at night shakes things.

I know there is a big underground construction near here, and it's often like there's a mild earth tremor for about an hour around 4am, so I've wondered if there's a tunnel under here.

posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 12:17 PM
I have had shaking bed for about a year now. When i moved into my new house, everything was fine, then a year ago my Mom who was living with me was told she was going to die form the cancer she had been battling for 2 years. During her final 2 weeks (this time exactly last year) while she was in the hospital and I was obviously quite distressed, my bed began to shake and I heard voices in my ear to my left side while I was in bed. No words I could make out, they sounded exactly like a AVP, that deep and mumbly backwards kind of talking. Scared the heck out of me.
Anyway Mom died January 7th, and the weird scary voices stopped but the bed shook more violently. Usually a side to side shaking, hard enough to wake me up and beginning usually just as i was falling asleep or had just gotten to sleep. Occasionally I would ignore it and then it would feel as if my bed had been harshly kicked. A hard violent shake once, as if someone were angry and really trying to scare me.
This happens for a week or so at a time and then there seems to be a break, long enough for me to doubt it was real and think maybe it was a weird leg spasm or the trains going by nearby.
Then it will start again and I will do everything I can to determine if it is me causing it somehow.
I've tried lying in bed and kicking my legs to see if the sensation is the same, and it isnt. No matter what I do I cannot get the bed to forcibly feel as though it is being kicked.

I have also during these times, when I ignore it, as I have gotten to the point when it happens I pull the blankets over my head and ignore it, felt my blanket be physically touched.

One time it felt as if I was being tucked into bed or a cat was walking along my side. I turned on the light and no cat. I have felt someone try to grab hold of the quilt in the middle, as if fingers trying to get a grip, so there is that push down pressure before you feel the quilt raise up.

Now, 2 weeks ago I had a friend move in with me. He sleeps in the living room or his own room and he works midnights. I happened to mention to him alst night that since he moved in, no bed shaking at all. Yay! well last night they must have been listening because I had the hardest kick to my bed yet. Shook the heck out of it, jolted me awake and when I woke up I saw all these lights and faces floating around my room...kind of like if you look at a bright light too long and you get those sunspots in your eyes and turn out the lights. Not bright lights not solid faces, but blurred and mixed together like a weird kaleidoscope. I figured it was the dark playing with my eyes and maybe I had jolted somehow, so I turned on the light to look around my room and my curtain strings were swinging a mile a minute. No window open, no heat vent nearby and no heat coming through any of the others in the room. They were just moving as if someone had been moving quickly in the area. then I watched as they slowed down and then stated moving again and I could have sworn I saw swooping shadows in the lit room.

I turned out the light and tried to go to sleep again when my bed started shaking and I saw the same dull light kaleidoscope. This time I just hid under my blanket and could still see them through the opening of my blanket at the top, but not under the blanket with me. I also woke up this morning with my left arm feeling very strained and sprained from the shoulder to the wrist. I can't figure how I hurt it since I sleep on my right side and my left arm is outside the blankets and stretched out. First time I have actually woken up injured.

I have rambled on and I apologize, 1 quick mention..I did see a ghost walking down my hallway when Mom was still alive. I was waiting for Mom to come form the bathroom and was going to jump out at her, so was waiting in her bedroom int he dark when an old woman wandered down the hallway, looked right at me disinterested and then vanished. i have never seen her again.

Thanks for listening everyone.

posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 01:00 PM
reply to post by Curiousme

hmm, yes this does sound interesting,
i would have to talk to some people but i will try to give u some suggestions

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 04:55 PM
reply to post by Curiousme

posted on Jan, 7 2009 @ 01:28 AM
reply to post by dgtempe

we shake the bed to let you know we are watching

posted on Jan, 7 2009 @ 03:16 AM

Originally posted by Curiousme
A couple times I have heard my name whispered right in my ear before it starts.

Do you recognise the voice?

I had something come into my room once, heard floorboards creaking and all. Something called out my name using my mother's voice.

They're good at impersonating voices. If it sounds like someone close to you, be wary...

Originally posted by Curiousme
I would appreciate any suggestions on what it is and how to get rid of it.

It seems to be some type of Dark entity. Try asking your spirit guides to protect you from Dark entities before you sleep. I've done this for years and have never been bothered by anything since.

BTW, they will not intervene unless you ask.

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posted on Jan, 7 2009 @ 03:58 AM
Thankyou to all of you for sharing your experiences.

It should be pretty obvious by now what is causing most of these cases.

All I'll say is that if you rule out the spirit world playing a part in this, you may find yourselves never discovering the cause of it.

I'm so glad to hear most of you accept the bed shaking as real. Most people just go into denial over it, and end up believing they're crazy instead.

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 01:42 PM
reply to post by Winefried

my bed also shakes right as iam about to fall asleep i also see mysterious lights that hover over me and disappear as soon as i see them if anyone can let me know what this is please email me at thank you

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 02:32 PM
Ahh you can't beat getting the old bed shaking
on a more serious note last year i was awake around 3AM and my bed shook so much it literally lifted off the ground a couple of inches.

ME thinking some unholy event was happening because i had been messing with the old Ouija board a few days earlier and this was the result?, it startled me as you can imagine.

What was it? Nothing more than a rare earthquake in the north of ENGLAND i later found out through the news media, now, i feel privileged to have felt and been part of this event. just a short tale. to add, you cannot imagine the feeling of an earthquake until you experience one, true power where you can fall off the floor.

posted on Jun, 1 2009 @ 03:11 AM
I read through the four pages, and didn't see any mention of my particular issue that accompanies the bed shaking. I (unfortunately) for the past four years often smell something that reeks of the scent of a dead animal. It only happens after 2 am, usually closer to 3 am, and the smell is contained to my side of the bed. It happens about twice a month, and does not always accompany the bed shaking. The bed shaking is far more common at about twice a week.

For the first year I thought I was going crazy always asking my husband if he could smell that death scent and he never could smell it. We moved after about a year and have been in the same house ever since, for the past three years and four months. I got up out of bed about a year ago and tried to isolate the scent, and it was only in one spot and could not be smelled if I turned my face the other way. With that in mind, when I would smell it I would turn my head the other direction or cover up my face to deal with the problem.

My bed does vibrate and for a long time I dismissed it as the cats playing under the bed but it happens regardless of if the cats are in the room or now. It's a very quick but small vibration, about equivalent to heartbeat in nature, but sped up by ten times as fast and three times as strong. It is also very isolated and does not cross over to my husbands side of the bed. It only occurs on my side of the bed.

My husband goes to work at 3 am so to deal with the shaking I would move to his side of the bed, but now the vibration is just a bit stronger so I can still feel it. I sometimes place my hand over onto my side of the bed just to confirm it's over there, but yet my husbands side is still.

I also hear my name or a helpful voice that tells me to wake up sometimes in the morning. Sometimes it's been very helpful because my sleep patterns are suffering and I doze off during the day and undoubtedly, the voice will wake me up for important appointments. Sometimes the voice is gentle, other times it yells at me.

I do have some people who have passed away that might want to hurt me. I left my first husband because I saw no future with him and haven't talked to him in many years. I think he might be dead since he was significantly older than me to begin with. I had a boyfriend a few years later that was abusive and threatened to kill me and did try to strangle me on Christmas. I left him and found out that he died less than a year later. He was a very angry and abusive person. I also have not talked to my mother in many years because she molested me as a child and physically abused me. I fear I may have inherited a demon from her because she is either influenced by or has a demon possession. I saw a psychologist about the guilt I felt from cutting my mother completely out of my life and he told me to never see her again.

My mother also experienced bed shaking as I recall from my childhood. I thought she was just having nightmares and dismissed this as the ramblings of a crazy person. She always thought there was something under the house, but nobody but her felt it. Now I believe she felt it, but the question remains, what is it?

I never thought I could share this with anyone, but it seems like my mattress is alive sometimes with the rapid, steady, but gentle shaking. This has happened in two different houses, along with the death scent. I was so disturbed tonight by it that on a whim I looked up "bed shaking at night" and lo and behold there seem to be others with this problem.

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posted on Jun, 1 2009 @ 11:04 AM

Originally posted by Curiousme
Hi all,

The only way I can explain the shake is if you try to shake your bed with your hand as fast as you can, with out moving your hand very hard.
I have lived with this for awhile and it never bothered be to much. Recently it has been getting harder. A couple times I have heard my name whispered right in my ear before it starts.

I know exactly what your talking about and trying to get rid of it, ain't gonna happen.

My personal opinion it is our higher self trying to get our attention and it's not something evil like most people will think.

Ask yourself this question?

When someone keeps trying to get your attention because it's very important and you don't listen what happens?

Or how will they get your attention?

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posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 10:23 AM
first off i've had hypnagogia for over 10 years, just the auditory aspect of of it, hearing voices before sleep,i've always been interested in lucid dreaming and about a year ago had a bizarre serious of lucid dreams,that i consider bad experiences, ever since, whether just coincidence or unusual timing, my beds beens shaking before(usually before i lose consciousness, regulary,before happening i almost always experience a strange wave shooting through my body,feeling a little lightheaded,disoriented, i really cant describe it (im famliar with sleep paralysis- i dont have it, in addition no history of mental illness,i just got a clean bill of health, no muscle spasms,and if this is a hallucination, when it occurs, ibecome conscious enough to mentally state to myself "what the fck is happening",someone convinced me it was the pipes below my bed, i moved, new apartment, new bed(just two matteresses, its still frequently occurs, i have a background in social work and psychiatry and this remains a fcking unpleasant mystery to me,,pppppppplease, any feedback is very appreciated

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 02:04 PM

Since no one has step forward to say what the shaking is I will explain.

For those of you that have or ever experienced astral projection or had an OBE/IOBE you will be able to relate 100%.

I will also try to explain to people that have or don't remember having an OBE.

Do any of you ever get that feeling like your falling as your lying in bed, drifting off to sleep?

Of course you do, you jump, jerk, shake what ever you want to call it then you wake up and think WTF!

Now on to the shaking, when you start becoming more aware of your higher self, the real you, you will sense different vibrations, higher vibrational states of being. This is neither good nor bad, it just is.

People that consciously project or have OBE will sometimes get to a buzzing or shaking state as they attempt to leave their physical body.

We are so conditioned here on earth to think that our physical bodies are who we are, and that is just not so.

Do some research and digging on OBE or Astral forums, you'll find what your looking for there also.

Bed shaking is ok spiritual or with a sexy partner too.

P.S. If you really want to try something cool in your next lucid dream, try staring at numbers, letters or symbols and see what happens. Bet ya they'll change right before your eyes and will not remain the same. Have fun!

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posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 08:46 PM
I posted earlier, but here's a little update. The shaking subsided for the most part. At times it would start at the bottom of the bed, near my feet, and then I'd get up and not let it go on any further.

I went out of town for a week and got a weeks worth of blissful sleep..zzzzz...

I came back on Monday night and the bed was fine Monday through Thursday nights. Then, last night the bed was shaking so bad like someone was jumping on it and crawling all around on it.

It started at exactly 3 am. I was so spooked that I got up and left the room and stayed out until 6:30 am. I read for about an hour or so and then fell asleep on the sofa.

I just hope I'll eventually shake whatever is haunting me. I have not had the death scent or any voices in a good while (2+ months, see earlier post above) but the shaking last night was intense. What would cause the shaking to be so intense? This last time it was the entire bed as well, instead of just on my side.

posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 02:05 AM
How to Stop Sleep Paralysis (1 of15):

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 06:46 AM
This is a video and podcast about sleep paralysis, and how to stop it. The first half is a collection of testimonies from youtube from various people sharing their experiences with sleep paralysis. . The second half is a collection of testimonies of people that have ended sleep paralysis taken from an unlikely source: Alien Abduction Crisis Centers of America ( ) While the two types of experiences are different in some cases, in others the similarities are undeniable. The interesting part is that they are both stopped the same way. These experiences are very different apparently we can stop sleep paralysis, or alien abduction the same way, listen to the accounts of people from all kinds of different backgrounds tell you their stories. There is Hope, this is the cure for sleep paralysis Thanks to Joe Jordan and aaccoa for all their love and work.

Originally posted by randomguy
How to Stop Sleep Paralysis (1 of15):

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posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 07:03 AM
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posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 10:25 AM
I just last night experienced this kind of event. The thing is that it's far from being the first unusual night-time event for myself. I'll give a history:

- Firstly I experienced an incredibly realistic dream which I had no control over. In essence it was a realisation that the world was not at all as 'real' as it seems. I awoke from this dream to see an orb-shaped object above my head. It appeared not as light but as a solid engineered object. I studied it and tried to make as much sense of it as I could...then it began to fade away from sight. I stood on the bed and tried to grab at it. My hands were going right through it. I was considerably excited after this.

- After much research I concluded at the time the most likely explanation was a hypnopompic hallucination.

- Another of these events happened but this time the dream was graphically violent and involved myself reluctantly killing my deranged daughter (which I don't have but had in the dream) in a knife fight when she would not stop attacking me - and did not take my small 'snap out of it' cuts. At the conclusion of the dream, I heard my own voice telling myself " Ok (my name), come out now." Upon waking, I saw on the ceiling a smaller object somewhat similar in appearance to a smoke detector - though far more advanced in appearance - it too could not be touched. My girlfriend sleeping next to me awoke moments later and immediately asked " Did I just talk? I thought I could hear me talking to myself." We conversed immediately to discover [color=BLUE]we had had the same dream sequence down to every detail.

- The dreams continued, and I also had occasions of hearing sounds. I would also wake unexpectedly for no reason because I 'felt' the "smoke-alarm" objects presence.

- [color=BLUE]The smoke-alarm object I've witnessed to have instruments - and makes mechanical sounds. I've moved state to temporarily live with my parents until finding a place - and [color=BLUE]this object has made loud strange sounds such as a vibrating mechanical whooshing sound which was loud enough to wake myself, my girlfriend and my parents in the room over.

- Most recently last night I saw the orb shaped object while awake and up and about (very rare but not first time). I wrote to it asking what it was, telling it that it scares me but more-so I am curious about it. When I went to bed and began to settle to sleep, I was greeted by a very strong shaking of the mattress. I could hear the inner-springs chinking about and all. I sat bolt-upright and looked around only to see nothing. [color=BLUE]A few seconds passed and the shaking stopped. It then finished in 3 short bursts spaced about a second apart. [color=BLUE]I could feel at the end of the bed a strong feeling as if the air and area itself were heavy with static electricity, and could swear I sensed someone 'sitting' or 'leaning' on the bed.

I told the presence to leave because it didn't feel right - and only benevolent, kind beings are welcome here.

Finally I'll make mention that I have experience in OBE, can view auras, have dabbled in TK successfully but most importantly discipline a rational and reasoning mind not prone to panic. I know the sensation of the 'buzzing sound' mentioned earlier when going OBE well, and can assure you it is unrelated so far as I can determine.

Thanks for reading - hope to get some feedback

posted on Oct, 30 2009 @ 03:11 PM

Originally posted by dgtempe
You're not alone.

I have experienced shaking beds many times before. Its as if someone trips on the bed waking me out of a sound sleep.
I've also felt someone sitting on the bed, and who can forget my haunted pillow!

I've told the story here before about the pillow i had and the pillow HAD A HEART BEAT...thump....thump...thump....I threw that sucker away and went and got new pillows and never experienced this

I can deal with the bed moving but the pillow blew my mind!!

I had the same experiences. I've had the bed shake before and have felt like someone sat on the end of the bed on another occasion. The past few days, my pillow sounded like it was breathing and/or had a heart beat as well. Yesterday, I went to take a nap and the bed started shaking. No pattern, just all around. I know that I was not asleep yet. I laid down for a nap around 3pm in the daylight. I also heard voices "singing" something about the devil once and I KNOW I was wide awake even though it was the middle of the night at that time. I'm not sure I want to know what it going on but I'm glad to see it's not just me.

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 03:05 AM
reply to post by Curiousme

Solution:" MY BED IS SHAKING AT NIGHT". Please keep reading I have been feeling these symptoms for the past six to twelve months and have taken two and half months to research why this could be happening to so many people. I almost lost my life and my sanity in the process. I'm not a doctor, just a very observant person that wanted to know the truth and help be able to help all the other posts i see regarding this weird phenomena.
Problem : Yes I know whats causing it, its coming up: Please read the following first then the problem. I will explain why later and it will be clear why i waited to tell you. I know its hard to believe what people tell you in the state of mind that your in,lonely, scared and thinking just what in the heck that could be shaking your bed. Let me guess, you are having a host of other problems with no clear medical conclusion, no doctors really knows whats wrong with you. I just came out of it and now clearly see what the problem was.
Other related conditions that can be caused by this problem
--BED SHAKING AT NIGHT, usually left to right, or at the bottom of the bed preceeding the onset of deep sleep (right before your about to be fully asleep, not awake and not asleep) then the bed starts shaking or the bed gently rocks with no explanation.
- heart beats abnormal heart palpitations/weird heart twitching or tugging sensations
-heart racing from time to time
-unexplainable nerve twitching
- lethargic feeling/no energy or inability to accomplish once easily accomplishable tasks
- confusion and as much as you try you can't figure out why
- fast onsets of panic or anxiety, rapid breath
- headaches - head feels like its caving in
- light or severe memory loss
-stomach issues similar to gastroentiritis, upset stomach from time to time, diarrhea, indigestion feeling
-- friends express concern about you but you feel like your fine
- feel like someone is pressing on your shoulders or holding you down
- constant weekness, fatigue, and tiredness even when well rested
- intermittent chest pain
- sleep apnea or unconciously stop breathing
- unexplainable loss of appettite
- paranoia, irrational fears, changes in conciousness
- itchiness, dry skin, pale complexion, biting feeling on legs, skin leasions
- frequent nightime urination, usually right before sleep
- depression and confusion with no source, combined with unexplainable bouts of long lasting euphoria
- sleep disturbances, insomnia
- ears ringing
-tingling in arms and legs especially before sleep or upon waking
- hallucinations, seeing devils, ghosts, demons, aliens or reptiles (IF U ARE HERE GET TO THE DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY AND TELL THEM YOU SUSPECT CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING
PROBLEM: YES ITS EITHER CARBON MONOXIDE AND OR CARBON DIOXIDE TOXICITY, The bed shakes because you are shaking it - from abnormal heartbeats that usually starts prior to rem sleep. That is why many of us are awaken right as we are about to get to sleep, as aggravating as this is, it is compounded by the confusion, fear and the gas toxicity. Quote from Wikipedia
"Shunts in the pulmonary circulation or a right-to-left shunt in the heart. Shunts can be caused by collapsed alveoli that are still perfused or a block in ventilation to an area of the lung. Whatever the mechanism, blood meant for the pulmonary system is not ventilated and so no gas exchange occurs (the ventilation/perfusion ratio is zero). Normal anatomical shunt occurs in everyone, because of the Thebesian vessels which empty into the left ventricle and the bronchial circulation which supplies the bronchi with oxygen."
You cannot feel THAT YOUR ARE BEING AFFECTED because of the alteration to your consciousness that CO causes(research this if you don't believe me) , that is why it is called the silent killer. While you are under the influence of it, YOU TRULY BELIEVE THAT YOUR ARE THINKING RATIONALLY, BUT TRUST ME, COMING FROM A NOW DETOXIFYING MIND AND BODY _ IT IS A VERY DANGEROUS STATE OF MIND. You can't see it, smell it, taste it, or sense it in any way and so you think that you are truly thinking rationally but you really are not. The combination of factors leads to irrational, illogical thoughts which get deeper and deeper in deliriousness and confusion about things that could be possibly be shaking your bed . The only reason i left my house was because i became so delirious that i thought i was being attacked by a psyhic and was having a heart attack so i drove to hospital 20 miles away when there is one two miles away (i have no idea how, that is part of the irrational thought), by the time i was there i was almost losing conciousness and they didn't have a clue.
I have been to many doctors in the last six months and had many tests come back , the only conclusive thing i have been diagnosed with is fibromyalgia, i have been suffering with sking conditions for a long time and what i could only diagnose as ALS, because of the similiarity in all the types of symptoms. Of the best doctors around the world - No doctor could help, in my exploration of the subject and my trip to the emergency room where they relieved me at my request because i was so acutely toxified that i was delirious, confused, had tunnel vision, paranoia, hallucinations, and was under the impression the doctors were trying to hurt me. Relieving me was gross malpractice, they were more interested in determining if i had a psychiatric history, which i don't and doesn't really matter anyway, then determining whether it was co posioning, which even in that state i suggested to them. On a side note for thought, everyone who drives has had the feeling of arriving somewhere to only remember the vague memory of having driven there. I'm pretty sure that is low dose carbon monoxide poisoining.
YES, I really strongly feel that you have been chronically inhaling toxic fumes in low doses, probably between 50 or 200 parts per million. At 30 parts per million it will affect the those in the elder years and weak immune systems. It is coming from you stove, gas heater, gas appliances and mainly, usually your gas water heater output vent and it will pool toward the ceiling or floor without proper ventilation. Most of us don't think about properly ventilating our living spaces and this compounds the problem. If you can eliminate gas appliances as a cause, becuase you have no gas appliances, and there are no factories eminating fumes nearbly(carbon monoxide is created when burning any fossil fuels), then it is most likely the stagnant exhaled air you and your family/roomates are exhaling and not venting properly. Once or twice of inhaling stagnant air and you would be okay but if you chronically don't get enough fresh air(oxygen), you will suffer many continuous health effects. You always need to keep the air moving in your house and replacing it, if you are worried about outside pollution or contaminants outside then install a hepa purifier, ionizer or other filtration methods to clean the air before the air enters your living quarters.
As soon as I had the gas service turned off I felt immediately better. I still am recovering because i have had no oxygen treatment thanks to our great emergency room services, but i will be making an appt for some type of natural oxygen treatment(research these if new to these). This is as brief as i could be right now to get the messsage out, i will be composing a website shortly with all the saftey warning guidelines, scientific research and some reading suggestions. I can only hope I can help some of the scared, lonely people out there at night that are wondering why the heck their beds keep shaking when it is completely obvious to the individual that they are not the one doing it. Trust me I know, it took me two months to finally come to this conclusion, I research some of the most craziest reasons why this could be happening very obviously because i was being chronically gassed in low doses, i believe it took 3-12 months of constant inhalation at low doses for me to form a toxic body to the point where it was like what i can only describe as a "five day bad acid trip" and i have never done acid in my life. The thing that is really bad is that even after the gas was turned off because of the environmental recognition of the place where i was literally dying(my house), i immediately started to have a panic attic . I had to assure myself after a call to the gas company and thorough inspection, to calm down and not start the bad cycle of panics again. The effects on the consciousness are the most severe, if you do not catch this before damage occurs, it can cause irreversible brain and nerve damage. I'm still healing so i'm sorry if some of the sentences are long or cut off. I'm not saying everybody that has these symptoms has this problem, but please investigate this first because it is the most severe out of the suggestions i provide.
If you have rulled out the possibility of an earthquake(use the internet for this), your roomate or neighbor having some fun on their own or with their significant other(mostly in apartment dwellings), or any other physical cause of why this is happening then please call the gas company have them come with a CARBON MONOXIDE METER AND SNIFFING EQUIPMENT and have them thoroughly do a inside to outside search. It is odorless, you need a meter to detect it. You will need to supervise the gas company technician to make sure they do a thorough inspection because they scoff when you mention a leak i'm guessing because of liability purposes. Don't be paranoid of afraid when reading this, i don't think its a conspiracy or anything like that, just not enough knowledge about this toxic element Carbon monoxide that kills approximately 15,000 people every year. On a side note, if you determine this to be the case , professionals can fix this problem for you easily, it is identifying this as aproblem that is so difficult. Please consult your doctor for test regarding CO or CO2 toxicity, anemia, and hypoxia. I have turned off the gas to my entire house, and feel better than any cure or doctor has ever been able to make me feel. The brilliance of OXYGEN, without it you will become anemic and/or hypoxic[hypoxia or hypoxemia](research these terms-google it). YOu should at least do a normal & arterial blood test, and urine tests, the male abnormal values in my tests are as follows, urine - low specific gravity = 1.000L, glucose = .5 G/DL@, urobilinogen < 2.0, and gran absolute was close to the high limit = 8.0 and normal blood tests abnormalities, white blood count high =12.2, mean platelet value low = 7.0, did not get to finish aterial blood test due to my confused uncooperative state. Metabolic panel showed high glucose = 218mg/dl. If you are reading this and thinking that there is no possible way that any gas is leaking, just check it. Please, it doesn't cost anything, just call them and tell them you suspect CO leak and have them come with sniffers. If there is still no leak just please do a couple of routine tests at your doctors office. At least this will help to eliminate this as your problem. Since breathing fresh air for just 3 days 80% of the above symptoms have gone away. I am writing this at 2 am in hopes that it can help someone get over "one of the worst most memories of my life." Everyone i talk to notices an immediate difference in my personality and appearance, color in my face, no slurred or mumbled speech, liveliness and awareness. I can't stress enough the importance of a fresh air supply. Also leaving your house for a few hours if you have been chronically poisoned will only reduce symptoms not eliminate them. You need medical treatment, natural medicine preferably but if you like the normal way is fine.
Also these factors amplify (make worse) Co poisining: cigarettes, car engine fumes on freeway, alcohol, cannabis and few others, do your research!
I love you all and hope i can at least have helped one person save themselves from an early departure. There is too much good for all of us to do to be taken out early. Best wishes and success in a new life of clarity, thanx to fresh air.

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