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A Real Plan to move forward towards disclosure. You may like this.

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posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 09:46 PM
Why aren't our leaders made fully aware of the ufo phenomenon? Can we empower them to have access to such knowledge? Is this a Democracy?

I have been collaborating with some very interesting and pro-cognitive minds as of late, and we strongly believe we have devised a plausible solution which will lead towards disclosure of the ufo phenomenon, and all E.T. and E.B.E. related information. Although our plan would not provide for a means of the general public knowing all information, it would entitle more people to know the truth of the matter. And it would force, yes force the policy makers to choose between what actions they are currently taking and democracy.

We call our plan “Informed Representation”. Just as our country’s forefathers wrote and stated “Taxation without Representation”, we infer that our representation has the right to be fully informed.

We will be moving forwards to devise a petition that shall use professional and legal jargon, and be stated in such a fashion that our intentions will be properly represented.

We believe that variables may very well exist which undisputedly justify that the general public remain ignorant of the totality of all ufo, and E.T. visitations, in an effort to preserve not only humanity’s best interests, but also the best interests of any potential cosmic neighbors.

Given what we know, and what we know we do not know, we feel these efforts will produce results that take us a step forward towards disclosure. There are strength in numbers.

Why do we feel our objective is so important? Because there is more than enough evidence to suggest that our elected officials are not made fully aware of the collective conclusions, and substantiated information regarding the ufo phenomenon in its entirety.

What we can do is to make progress towards full disclosure is to author an official and legal petition to make into law a law that states our elected presidents shall have unobstructed access to all knowledge pertaining to any and all ufos and alien visitations from other worlds, times, and demensions, and all existing information to the same. This same law would also ensure that our president is completely and fully briefed on all known and speculative conclusions concerning Earth’s subjugation to visitations by other than human intelligences. This law would override and negate any and all previous presidential orders, and/or laws that obstruct the free flow of information and the acquisition of pertinent information in regards to the ufo phenomenon. All known aspects of their (E.T.s) existence and visitations shall be information that shall be provided in full detail to the President within 60 days of taking office (as there may be a lot to be briefed, and the president has other obligations to fulfill).

We also feel it would be in our best interests to add into the law that every Senator, and every Congressman be granted unobstructed access to the same knowledge, information, and conclusions that the President is, but in their case the information and their briefing shall be within 60 days of the beginning of their second consecutive term in office, not their first term.
Why do we suggest it be their second term? Because of the sensitivity and importance of the material, we think their first term should be one of a probationary consideration, and that such material and knowledge of it has proven detrimental to the mental status of many who have come to known about certain truths. It is not only for our protection, but for theirs as well. And, also it would probably bring a drop in the incumbency rate, and a decline in governmental complacencey.

In short we want our leaders to know the truth. And it is apparent that they are and have been denied access to such information in the past, and present.


The Disclosure Project, a nonprofit research and public interest group based in Charlottesville Virginia ( has obtained testimony from multiple, independent corroborating sources that President Carter was denied access to sensitive UFO files.
A former Defense Intelligence Agency official, a senior Stanford Research Institute policy analyst and famed constitutional attorney Daniel Sheehan have all confirmed that President Carter's attempts to obtain UFO information was thwarted by illegal actions by rogue military and intelligence entities.

Mr. John Maynard, Defense Intelligence Agency, ret.: "I'm a retired intelligence analyst…was in the military for 21 years and started off with the Army Intelligence Security Agency as an analyst. I went on to work for several different organizations with the military and ended up with the DIA…in charge of…the documents for the Requirements and Evaluation division. In Europe, I researched these UFO reports and we got quite a bit of information about the sightings….drawings of what the vehicles looked like, whether they landed or not, whether they saw any …extraterrestrials….it made for an exciting career. They [the reports] were going to the CIA …the DIA…the Air Force Office of Special Intelligence…But as far as UFO and intelligence and extraterrestrial matters go, it's right at the top - and I would say that the president has limited knowledge of it. I know that Carter did not have any knowledge whatsoever. And I worked there with…. President Carter's organization."

Dr. Alfred Webre, Senior Policy Analyst: "I hold a BS degree from Yale…a law degree from Yale Law School…a Master's of Education in Counseling from UT...I was a Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for Study of Social Policy at Stanford Research Institute [SRI]. I worked on the 1977 Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Project. The goal of the study was to fill the knowledge gap on this subject….and would include data on UFOs and EBE's [Extraterrestrial biological entities], of which there have been many sightings. It would have gone to as many foreign countries as possible; France…the then Soviet Union…China…under the aegis of the National Science Foundation. The project was terminated. They [management of SRI] had received direct communications from the Pentagon that if the study went forward, SRI's contracts with the Pentagon [which were many] would be terminated. He [my SRI Pentagon liaison] stated that the project, that had just been approved by the White House, was terminated because, and I am quoting him, 'There are no UFOs.'"

Daniel Sheehan, Attorney: "I'm a 1967 graduate of Harvard Law School….studied American government and constitutional law…served as general counsel and co-counsel for the New York Times in the Pentagon Papers case and was involved in briefing and arguing the case in front of the US Supreme Court… represented James McCord in the Watergate burglary.. I subsequently attended the Harvard Divinity school in Judeo-Christian social ethics in public policy…did my masters and PHD work there…I became the general counsel for the US Jesuit headquarters in D.C. In 1977, I was contacted by the director of the Science and Technology Division of the Congressional Research Service. She informed me that President Carter had held a meeting with the director of the CIA, George Bush sr, and demanded that he [Bush] turn over to the President the classified information about UFOs and the information that was in the possession of the US intelligence community concerning the existence of ET intelligence. This information was refused to the President of the United States by the director of the CIA. The DCI [Director of Central Intelligence] suspected that the president was preparing to reveal this information to the American public."

The Disclosure Project's director, Steven M. Greer MD, is calling for open Congressional hearings into the UFO matter to explore this and other issues. Dr. Greer states; " There are ongoing illegal covert programs that consider themselves above the law and have deliberately acted outside of constitutionally required control and oversight. These programs deal with UFO and extraterrestrial matters and new energy and propulsion technologies. They have consistently denied Congress and US Presidents access to these programs and constitute a grave threat to US national security."

Don’t be a pessimist. What would you add to such a law, or what constructive suggestions do you have.

If your response in any way is an effort to pursued us to believe we are not being visited by other worldly beings, first you will have to convince us our own senses are unreliable. Please consider this prior to attempting to make any negative posts, and please stay on topic.

We thank you in advance for your contributions.

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posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 09:46 PM
Another OUTSTANDING source of information concerning President Carter and his quest for knowledge concerning the ufo phenomenon (this sight is a long read, full of pertinent information about Carter):

The overwhelmingly supported theory about why President Carter never made a major disclosure on the UFO phenomena is that he was never able to get his hands on the information to make the release.
John Maynard, formally a military intelligence analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency, was one of those close to Carter who maintained that the President was cut out of the loop:
As far as UFOs and extraterrestrial matters go, it’s right at the top - and I would say that the President has limited knowledge of it. I know that Carter did not have any knowledge whatsoever. And I worked right there in the organization; President Carter’s organization. They kept it pretty secret."
Dr. Alfred Webre, who claimed to have worked on a Carter White House study on extraterrestrial intelligence while a Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for the Study of Social Policy at the Stanford Research Institute also claimed from what he had experienced, that President Carter didn’t know.
We had a President of the United States who came to office under a pledge to open up the UFO issue, and an open study in the White House, and that was squelched.
A second possible explanation is that Carter, the honest President, was told and convinced that the material was of national security importance and must not be released. This would have been something like the rumored June 14, 1977 briefing discussed above.
Lastly, President Carter suffered from his perceived anti-defense and intelligence stances. Carter had derailed the B-1 bomber which many military contractors and congressmen wanted. In August 1977 Carter vetoed the annual defense budget because it contained an additional $2 billion for an giant nuclear aircraft carrier. Carter cut out funding for production of the neutron bomb.
Carter had publicly referred to the Stealth aircraft program which alerted the military industrial community that he could not even be trusted to keep his mouth shut. At the Stealth plant in California, employees were forced to surreptitiously move parts out of the plant at night to avoid Soviet satellite surveillance which had been alerted to the program.
On the intelligence front Carter had begun his presidency by replacing republican CIA Director George Bush with his trusted friend Stansfield Turner. He cut hundreds of CIA agents in an effort to correct the ills of an agency that had become too powerful and unruly. These cuts were seen by others in the intelligence agency as an attack. Due to the fact that the President relies on the intelligence community as his eyes and ears to the world, many feel that much of Carter undoing at the end of his presidency such as the failed Iranian initiative was caused at least in part by an intelligence agency payback.

posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 11:08 PM
Not too optimistic, or just no opinion to offer, perhaps?

Why is this a bad idea?

Why is this a good idea?

Would this benefit the advancement of disclosure?

Thoughts, anyone?

posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 11:40 PM
sounds good to me,

but who do you intend on submitting this document to? And how can it be guaranteed to be taken seriously?

posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 11:47 PM

Originally posted by lbennie
sounds good to me,

but who do you intend on submitting this document to? And how can it be guaranteed to be taken seriously?

There are legal channels to be observed, but as i understand it, it would require each individual districts to get enough names on a petition to permit it to be voted upon in order to get it even considered by the policy makers.

The wording would have to be absolutely correct, and have no chance of being interpretted vaguely, or differently from one reader to the next.

This is where we would start. First gathering enough names within our own district to even earn the right to be considered for inclusion by the powers that be.

I do believe that those who know would have to honor such a demand by the majority of the public. However, i along with those i colaborate with feel that no one individual does have access to all known information. We are still unsure if there is a centralization of information in existance anywhere, or with any one at this time.

However, we may very well be wrong.

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posted on Sep, 7 2006 @ 12:49 AM
We are a democracy.

Democracy means "people rule".

We rule, but blindly.

We elect chosen to represent us.

They rule, but blindly.

We are not only responsible, we are answerable.

We are accountable.

We are accountable for their actions.

You personnally have no excuse for not trying to enforce disclosure.

posted on Sep, 7 2006 @ 02:35 AM
One thing helping disclosure is Boards like this and the ability to upload video's for all to see. If the truth is out there it will come out sooner or later. Thick or thin it WILL come out. We the the people are the government! The problem is we have given the rats more power then they should have and so lots of money goes into secret projects, black budgets all in the name of war and terrorism. It's a lot easier to milk society for money when a war is going on. A perfect example is the news of soldiers going without the body armor or other gear that they SHOULD have from the start. What kind of country world super power sends troops with no proper gear? Things like this get piled on top of each other for years and years and decades and soon you got trillions of dollars to manipulate the system and bend all the rules to your liking.

How can you march with a crowd to the whitehouse when your stamped as a terrorist and they control the playing field? They turn friends against friends, neighbor against neighbor, family against family. They can get away with shooting you in the face with rubber bullets because you want to speak your peace. The police believe they are doing good and are brainwashed with the gungho attitudes. They may not know it, but they are apart of the CONTROL as a whole. Like Dr. Greer and others say, they are a compartmentalized and dug in so deep that nothing can penetrate the source. Yes there is higher powers in control. You don't have to have people like Greer tell you this, all you have to do is look around. It is everywhere it is everything you do and it surounds you and it slaves you everyday when you go to work. Yes in a way it is the Matrix, just to bad it isn't the dream world.

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