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Screw Loose Change - Not Freakin' Again edition

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posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 09:30 PM

This is a counter-video of the famous "Loose Change 2nd Edition". Using their own video and words, "Screw Loose Change" debunks the theories and statements made in Loose Change 2nd Edition. This new edition features urls to sources and longer rebuttals.


An amazing job. He took some rather harsh suggestions towards the first film seriously, such as sourcing. I like the way he nailed the Flight 77 hole and pointing out just how manipulative these bastards are. The ending is also a hoot.

Hope you guys don't mind typing often if you plan on looking at the sources.

posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 09:34 PM
this has been posted here many times before... just try the search feature to view the discussions on it.

posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 09:59 PM
Not really. This is the new edition with a new url. No more "parts"

posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 10:00 PM
I knew that, I was just testing you...

hahah, thanks, I'll check it out.

posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 11:27 PM
I'm watching it right now. I'm not very far into it. Up to PNAC.

He takes a very impatient approach to the movie. His statements on Northwoods meaning nothing to 9/11 is insane. It proves that criminal elements of our own government have come up with false flag operations before and are able to come up with more in the future.

No matter what transformation PNAC is talking about they should not be talking of a new Pearl Harbor benefiting their cause. Disgusting. I will continue to crtigue this movie.

posted on Sep, 7 2006 @ 01:44 AM
wow this guy is seriously aweseom. he discredits the supposed "truth movment" so much with REAL facts (plus he gets points for using the same footage i used of CD's in my "CD's in action" thread....)

but wow...please anyone, i dont care who you are or what side of this conspirocy you are the last 5 minutes of the movie. A couple things might not make sense becasue you would have had to see the part it originally came from, but he makes some great points that were really just amazing.

Man i hate loose change. they really are saying that the people didn't make calls to they family and that basically these people weren't real in a way.

i am sick to my stomach at all these 9/11 conspirocy after watching this tape. i probly wont even bop around this section of the forum anymore because i cant take this crap anymore. the 9/11 conspirocy theorists make me sick plain and simple, especially after watching this awesome video.

posted on Dec, 19 2006 @ 01:50 AM
Google says this video may not be available, is their another place to see it?

posted on Dec, 19 2006 @ 02:00 AM

Try that mate

posted on Dec, 19 2006 @ 02:05 AM
Ok I watched the first 5 minutes of this ripoff and the little text box over the top is a joke and probably the efforts of some government stooge who thinks he can down play the significance of the facts.

I m not going to bother watchign anymore of it, plain and simple I want someone from the government of the United States of America to scientifically explain to me why WT7 fell ? until that can be adequately answered then dont bother with the total mind rot that you dish up.

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