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Government,Industry to use computer Mics to spy

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posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 02:32 PM
Goverment,industry to use computer microphones to spy on 150 million Americans.

External Link

(Prison Planet)-Private industry and eventually government is planning to use microphones in the computers of an estimated 150 million-plus Internet active Americans to spy on their lifestyle choices and build psychological profiles which will be used for surveillance and minority report style invasive advertising and data mining

Im sure people will say this is for our "protection",but i declare BS.
Were falling deeper and deeper into a controled U.S.It would appear that the American people are the terroists.Americans have to be kept under close tabs apparently.You never know when Americans might ask too many questions or perhaps even think for themselves.Well if you choose to do either,keep in mind,theres always someone else wondering what your doing as well.

posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 07:03 PM
Okay. The only source they point to is an article about Googles aparent plan to create eavesdropping software for ad targeting. This would of course be voluntary, and it's a big assumption filled leap from some google concept to the Government spying on 150 million people wihtout them knowing.

posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 07:20 PM
as a CCSE (cisco certified systems engineer) as well as many other professional certifications; i can tell you that this type of dissemination of data with the originating point within your computer or network would be glaringly obvious to users with even minimal technical knowledge. for this to happen not only would the microphone processes have to be running if the computer even had a microphone, ports would have to be open, data would have to be passed through the goes on and on leaving its digital fingerprints all over the place. its a major part of my job to make sure things like this do not go on, it would be impossible for the govt' to implement its own protocol without someone picking up on it. although it can be compared to the likes of spyware or virii, the huristics would be so obvious that a decent firewall and spyware program would pick up on it instantly. i read about googles plans earlier on and its a cool idea but i wouldn't use it on any of my computers. however if you like internet ads then be my guest.

it just occured to me that you may be thinking it could be shipped with new computers as a rootkit. its highly unlikly that any major manufacturer would get their hands dirty with this because the second someone found out about it (and trust me, someone would) it would be the death of said manufacturer. the only way the govt could implement this would be by getting you to do it as a voluntary install to in someway help the WOT, but then again i dont think Osama will be running the install.

imo, if the govt' was going to try and slip some microphones by you it would be in something more household and non-user serviceable like a tv's or something. you also have to think about how much audible information this type of spying would result in. the man hours needed to sift through the data, even after it has first been narrowed down by a computer keyword system, would be insane and more costly than its worth.

so in conclusion, getting better ad accuracy from google volentarily: possible and not a bad idea. but the govt' using your microphones to spy on you: busted

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posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 07:26 PM

Originally posted by Black_Fox
Were falling deeper and deeper into a controled U.S.It would appear that the American people are the terroists. Americans have to be kept under close tabs apparently.

Indeed it does look like it is the american people themselves who are the terrorists that the government is afraid of.

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