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UFOS: Why I am finally convinced they exist and are 'Alien'

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posted on Sep, 7 2006 @ 06:53 AM
Ray Stantz?!?! You've got to be kidding me?!?!
(sorry couldn't resist)

Anyway, I don't suppose you watched part 2 of that program did you? If so you'll see that David Soroda goes into the depth of field debate with the cameras. It is here that he shows himself up to not know a lot about video cameras, as well as doing quite an unfair comparison test with the key and the trees. (I'll only be talking about the tether footage here by the way as that seems to be the stickler

Anyway, the camera is out of focus, simple as really. He claims the tether isn't so that rules out dust/particles that are illuminated (which will look like glowing orbs out of focus), but it is in fact out of focus. The tether is so out of focus that it actually looks like a huge tube! A glowing one at that. Nothing in the shot is in focus, hence why everything looks bloated and glowing.

Illuminated objects out of focus look like white orbs, that is a fact. That is what we have here. End of debate really.

But then he dances around that by saying the particles/objects are going behind the tether. Well, they're not.

Again nothing in the shot is in focus, it is completely out of focus. Therefore none of the blurry objects within the entire shot would cover each other up because they're out of focus. The particles appear to be going behind the tether because the out of focus/blurred tether is brighter, much brighter. Plus the fact that most of the mass of the particles/objects isn't even there but an illusion of the focus being out of wack.

The black dot will be the actual size of the particle, the mass around it is created by the camera being out of focus. When it looks like it's going behind the out of focus tether the much brighter tether is just winning the battle of the blurs by being the brightest.

Did you notice that objects that he doesn't claim to be UFO's also blatantly look like they're disappearing behind the tether? Any objects that pass by it look to be behind, even the objects that he himself would agree are particles.

His comparison is unfair and I suspect he knew this, but did it just to prove his point. First off, none of the objects are out of focus.

Second of all, its day time and the two objects are not emanating light. If he were to put the camera to night vision so that the background became black and the objects became bright we'd have a much better comparison.
Third, again the tree and key are not emanating light (with the tree being MUCH more brighter) which probably would've shown the theory that it'd create the illusion of 'passing behind' the further object. Maybe he did this, and upon discovering this fact backed away from it.
And lastly, the serious lack of comparison in distance is horribly unfair. Yes, video does not work in the same way film does when creating depth of field (depending on f-stops used) but when we're getting into hundreds of miles of course it does! A tree a few hundreds of yards away is a horrible comparison.

The footage is intriguing but it didn't blow me away, I could right away see other possibilities for the effect. There's certainly no proof of alien craft here, just a few maybes as with anything else you've ever seen. I hope I'm wrong, but nothing about this footage proves we're being visited.

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posted on Sep, 7 2006 @ 10:08 AM

Originally posted by GringoStarr

Anyway, I don't suppose you watched part 2 of that program did you?

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As a matter of fact I did, and the reason the tether looks to be a "glowing tube" is because it is conducting electricty along it. He explains this in the video. Also if the objects were in fact just particles then wouldn't they be destorted as they passed in front of a "brighter object" as you say? They remain the same shape throughout theier passing behind the tether.

I challenge you prove yourself right. How me another example of this happening and lets compare it to the tether.

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posted on Sep, 7 2006 @ 11:20 AM
The video you're talking about impressed me. It sure looks to me like those obects are passing behind the tether. Also they all have the same little peice missing out of the side of them (from what I remember), so that suggests to me thay are not just out of focus lights. If they were, they would be uniform circles.

Anyway, that stuff aside, back to the point.

Lets assume my basic points at the start of this thread are correct.

There is a cover-up, but why? What are the motives? This way of thinking appeals to me because we can use deductive reason to make an educated guess.
Whatever the motive is, many governments in the world are covering up. By that I include American, Russian and British at the very least.

I don't believe it's religion. Could it be oil and control? Maybe, but it doesn't feel enough to me. I suspect the reason is something else, something we havn't guessed at. I do suspect they are a little bit scared.

And I say again, the reason, or some hint of it, must have been leaked. You can't keep a total lid on something that big. So how would the governments stop it?

I see two ways:

1. Poison the well. They confuse the subject by spreading fake rumours. There are plenty of nuts and charlatans that will help them. This stuff is hard to sort through.

2. Kill people. Now this is an interesting one because it can be traced. Does anybody know of cases where people involved with the UFO phenomena have 'died'?

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