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posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 06:39 AM

"Biological Process Control:

As we look forward to the future, it seems likely that this nation will be involved in multiple conflicts where our military forces increasingly will be placed in situations where the application of full force capabilities of our military might cannot be applied. We will be involved intimately with hostile populations in situations where the application of non-lethal force will be the tactical or political preference. It appears likely that there are a number of physical agents that might actively, but largely benignly, interact or interfere with biological processes in an adversary in a manner that will provide our armed forces the tools to control these adversaries without extensive loss of life or property. These physical agents could include acoustic fields, optical fields, electromagnetic fields, and combinations thereof. This paper will address only the prospect of physical regulation of biological processes using electromagnetic fields.

"Prior to the mid-21st century, there will be a virtual explosion of knowledge in the field of neuroscience. We will have achieved a clear understanding of how the human brain works, how it really controls the various functions of the body, and how it can be manipulated (both positively and negatively). One can envision the development of electromagnetic energy sources, the output of which can be,

pulsed, shaped, and focused

that can couple with the human body in a fashion that will allow one to prevent voluntary muscular movements

control emotions (and thus actions)

produce sleep

transmit suggestions

interfere with both short-term and long-term memory

produce an experience set

delete an experience set


Wild stuff and look around the links for somemore 'goodies' for the hunters and dont forget to 'bookmark'... Infinity

Lolove n luck n good emotions/passion/humor/health/etc...

[somemore 'views' ] please

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