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Dissension and bad feeling in the UFO community

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posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 09:20 PM
I have to say I loved this...

Nope, this place is more like a family reunion on St. Patrick's Day: to an outsider it all looks like a drunken brawl, but there's actually a lot of love and respect along with the shouting and flying furniture.

I believe in alternate life forms...too vast is the universe to believe that humans are all there is. As for visitors well I'm on my proverbial fence still. I do agree that there is a lot of discention in the ranks of the UFO community, however, I also feel that discussions and even intelligent arguments both for and against can bring us closer to knowing...if only for ourselves individually.

Take the whole Slurpo crappolla. It just went on and on and still it continues. It's become ridiculous with neither side willing to back down. It's become a slug fest and a mass mud-slinging event and the whole lot of 'em should be ashamed.

Slurpo is NOT what I'd classify as intelligent...neither the pros or cons, the decpetors or the "investigators" are doing much to contribute to anything other than their own damn nests.

I doubt there will ever be a collective agreement on much within the UFO community or its skeptics...until massive, verifiable, tangible and public proof is shown.

Unfortunately, I'll likely be on my fence forever. I have seen convincing stuff, read a lot of convincing things...and tend to lean toward belief in "Visitors"...but I too need some proof. Even if only for that I can say that I completely believe with out a shadow of a doubt...

Having said all of this, I'm not very likely to go around lambasting other believers or non-believers, based on what my own truths are. That benefits no one.

I think that is where the issues become a problem for many...trying to make a point and have others "see it" and feel it in the same easy task. It can get out of hand and become personal. Human nature prevails.

Sorry tangent. I just finished skimming a certain site that really irks me (relative to Slurpo but really more like a personal airing of loads of dirty laundry - shame on you guys)


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posted on Sep, 7 2006 @ 11:17 AM

an important point to remember is that with the alien/ufo phenom we have numerous entities hiding evidence and covering up facts with lies and misinformation. There's a whole active force working against the exposure of proof. Religious leaders have always destroyed evidence and burned books also. In fact I have spoken to a lot of the top religious organizations which collect second hand goods from people and they all tell me they sort out any non Christian books from peoples donations and burn them. They said they burn many tons of books every year.

There was a guy who made an lp recording of spirit voices and the church had it banned.

So proof is hard to find and when it is found there are people who will actively try to destroy that proof. So all we are basically left with is our personal experiences to share and try to make sense of.

True, there is likely censorship...but for people who claim to be in constant contact with EBEs, surely if this were true, we'd easily have someone be able to come forward with some good evidence, if not solid proof even.

Heck, next time such a person is at one of the Galactic Council dinners, etc., how about discreetly whipping out your cell phone and snapping a few silent pics, eh? Just say you were viewing your messages if you get caught.

Heck, how about some detailed drawings, accounts, etc. even? (assuming most "contactees" will defend this saying the aliens could read their minds or detect tech devices, yadda yadda yadda) Nope, just general, new age kind of stuff that seems more like a sermon than a witnessed event.

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