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Ahmadinejad Seeks Purging of Liberals!

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posted on Sep, 7 2006 @ 05:24 AM
You ALWAYS know so....nothing new there. As for your delisuons about Islamic history, we've been through that before, still I would suggest Karen Armstrong's primer "Islam: A Short History" but you won't read it, why should you, You always KNOW.

As soon as we assume to know we rule out any possiblity of learning.

As fro the situition of the Baha'i's of Iran they have been systematically harrassed and proscuted for 160 years now and it is still going on. Pity too... I would rather be surrounded by a bunch of idealistic dreamers than cold blooded conservatives like you any day. The dreamers give me hope, your type are just plain depressing.

posted on Sep, 7 2006 @ 05:32 AM
I agree, there are alot of differences between IRan and the US. a big one being the separation of church and state.......of course there are people who are wishing to unseparate the two, aren't there....'

and we have the constitution, although I hear that some people, in high places at that, seem to consider it just another g-d..ed peice of paper!

and we have a good solid rule of law that no one is above, unless of course, there is a war and you happen to be a neocon president who has alot of neocon senators and representatives supporting you.....

as far as iran's interpretation of liberal being different than ours??
remember those liberal judges??? the ones that delay wanted to purge from the!! many were appointees of Bush1.....weren't they?


"He just wants everyone who does not agree with him to either shut up or start agreeing with everything he says. "

sounds oh so vaguely familair to me.....the term liberal here in american (as well as conservative in the case of liberman) seems to have been extended to anyone who doesn't agree fully with what one personally believes about any one issue.

"why is it that whenever anyone ever attacks one of the hard left's "allies", such as nejad and the rest of the islamofascist brigade, that the they always have to throw an argument in the opposite direction? they just cannot live with someone attacking their comrades..."


I rest my case...we simply point out that the item you are using to demonize IRan is something that the ruling neocons seems to be guilty of themselves.....and all of a sudden we are allied with this insane nut!!!

"The next step should be to flood his secular opponents in Iran with aid in any form we can."
just out of curiousity, anyone willing to give up their precious tax breaks to help pay for this, or is this expense gonna be passed onto our kids and grandkids also?
true conservative republicans wouldn't be so willing to pass such massive debt onto the future generations, would they...

there are plenty of reasons to declare Iran an enemy of the US.....this shouldn't be used as one, at least not by the far right conservative neo cons and their supporters....not after all the crowing in the past five years of how they're the majority, blah, blah, blah, if we're not with them we're against them, blah, blah....and heck, I even had one trying to silence me on message boards with insinuations of being hauled away to some detention center or something....
the only reason they're not still crowing is it's becoming so blatantly appearant how badly this has affected the republican party itself.

if you want to talk to me about the human rights violations in Iran, I'm on board, although I will point out our like weaknesses in the area...we all could stand a little improvement in the area and by acknowledging our weakenesses, you assure others that you are sincere in your concern on the issue.

if you want to talk to me about the evils of melding church and state, again, I am game. but, I'll be the first to warn that we seem to be heading in the same directions.

but, if you want to talk to me about a group in iran who has managed to get some of their own into high places of the government and are now trying to silence all those who stand against them (nothing new for Iran by they way, it's been like that for decades! we're only now concerned for the fact because hey, they might get nukes soon!!)

well we seem to have that problem here also, don't we.

posted on Sep, 7 2006 @ 12:19 PM
Can someone please teach dawnstar how to use the 'quote' feature?


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