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Local Food In Japan Makes For Healthier City Dwellers

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posted on Sep, 5 2006 @ 03:05 PM
Another interesting fact from the Land of the Rising Sun.

FUKUOKA, Japan—Once outside of Tokyo, a raucous anomaly within Japan, one quickly gains the sense that the Land of the Rising Sun is also the land of the small, local farm.
Here in Fukuoka, Japan's seventh largest city, acres upon acres of tranquil rice fields and farms are tucked between houses and temples in the shadows of skyscrapers no more than ten miles away.

In a climate roughly similar to coastal Virginia's, family farms grow fruit and vegetables nearly year-round to feed this hungry city of 1.3 million. In the suburbs, where the local farms are more abundant, consumers often will have vegetables with dinner that were picked that morning. In supermarkets in the heart of Fukuoka City, it is not uncommon to have vegetables harvested the day before.

Bite into a tomato or strawberry here, and the impact of this freshness is readily apparent. Food is so flavorful that it hardly needs preparation. Even children eat their vegetables, including notoriously nasty ones like spinach, okra, peas and beans.

The preservation of chisan-chishou in one of the most urbanized countries in the world highlights what's right about Japan's food production system and what's wrong with the centralized American system. Those advocating for more organic and locally produced food can take heart that, given government incentives and consumer support, chisan-chishou can work in the United States, too.


I could'nt figure out where to put this, but since it can be considered as
to relating to health I out it here, if any staff personel feel it belongs
somewhere else, please feel free to move it.

This is definately a very interesting, and honestly obvious finding.
I definately think if we (America) started doing this than we'd not only be
healthier and live longer lives, but could also start to undo the obesity
epidemic in our country.

And I know some people will say the corporations would never allow it,
well consider this, Japan is one of the largest corporate countries in the
world, and they've managed to do it very well.

Comments, Opinions?

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posted on Sep, 5 2006 @ 03:26 PM
I'm going out on a big limb here, but i'm nearly 100% sure I read a story saying alot of UK fruit can actually be a year or so old. I have been searching for a link but to no avail.

Supposidly the fruits are picked and put in trys and then sealed in a room when a preservative gas is pumped in, the fruit is effectively hibernating until the demand for it is ready, they are removed and then they are supposidly just as they were picked with the year in hibernation having no effect. I hope in strikes a chord in someone!!

As for the Japanese healthy eating, well I think it is fantastic and should be implemented all over. I'd feel happier if I knew I was eating the freshest produce available.


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