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posted on Sep, 5 2006 @ 12:24 PM
there is definitely nothing more amusing than letting the imagination works for people. it remembers me an anecdote, I use (very frequently)to go to a very famous gentlemen's club in london and suddenly i stopped going there for 3 weeks, people thought i was already in jail...can you believe this.

concerning our lovely masons...apart from misinforming people and spreading the word that they have superior beliefs and morality which we all know what it means at a certain level.

i don t know who said that according to the time people spend posting something, they mustn t work a lot, and i agree. this is not mummy that calls me, but monies.

i am sure all of you have respectful family fortunes so you don t have to worry or studying in a great college but for me this is a little different i am managing a business therefor i need to spend some time working on it.

i have to be thankful to the masons because, the more i keep reading about them, the more i learn not necessarily in the good sense unfortunately.

beside the evil objectives of the masterminds at the top of the pyramid, i am convinced they are a lot of good individuals who are simply tools...this might be your case. come on you never felt manipulated. don t worry i did too but this is important to take your destiny in your own hands or your own synapses i should say.

i do not point anyone, you will have noticed them on any of my posts. but i find it strange i could get the explanation still from the true meaning jabulhon and "Semiranis" (i am not sure about the spelling though).

don t worry there is no HAARP where i live...but where you live (assuming the fact you would be in the US) I wouldn t trade it for a chest of diamonds...

oups...the last thing i read is that there is about 100 000 children missing each year in the state of california alone, that makes more than 2 000 000 in the US...

be my guest:

the mason controlled press is not so open about this.

speak with you soon...

posted on Sep, 7 2006 @ 04:19 PM
What does the above post actually state? Or are you simply typing in a "stream of consciousness" motif? It almost sounds like those keyword-style spam emails I get every so often.

Are you suggesting that a club in London and the missing children in California are somehow connected? For that matter, which branch of mathematics do you use for calculating the totals of missing children? And how does that relate to Masonry at all? Are you suggesting that Masons regularly sacrifice children?

I'm interested in knowing whether this is a simple troll or if you are attempting a real debate.

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