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My take on the Phenom...

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posted on Sep, 5 2006 @ 06:20 AM
I don’t believe our Gov. or any Gov. for that matter, no what is going on. I actually believe our gov. has no idea what the phenom is all about. I’ve been doing my own research since around 1976.
I believe that Roswell happened a lot like the first press release ordered. I find it hard to believe an Officer of that particular unit would order a press release like that, unless it of course happened. The man was active with the only nuke bomb group in the world. He was on a fast track to promotion to General someday just being a public relations Officer in this unit. A miss I.D. of any military hardware on that ranch would have seen his career ended. That is proof to me right there that this is a fact based account of Roswell. I also believe Col. Caruso. Not for any reason other than I read his book and believe him from the heart. No one could ever convince me he is a liar – not even one of my own heroes, Dr. Friedman.
But I am only convinced that the Gov. has deceived us in only the fact of several crashes/recoveries not the intent of the aliens or even where they are from. Sorry,
I just simply can’t grasp the thought that my Gov. ever was that smart. In fact, I believe the official line that these sightings and crashes pose no threat to the national security. I do however think they left one thing out – the fact that the crashes and recoveries gave us a bunch of neat new “toys” and that we used the tech to become a super power.
There is not enough evidence to convince me that there is or ever was a MJ12. Too much “Gray” in the evidence from both the proponents and the opponents of the docs. I think it scared the hell out of the leaders of the US at the time to think that on top of the Russians, we had this situation going on in the desert around our secret sites. I think that after decades of no answers about where and why, the Gov. just went back to spending there time and our tax dollars to fight the cold war. I believe they put together the recovery units, gathered the crashes when ever possible, rushed the tech to the right places and carried on with there everyday lives.
I personally don’t believe that abductions happen simply because I haven’t been involved or seen one. Then again, I have never seen London, though I hear it is actually there. I will have to take others word on it. I mean, I have actually seen pics of it – vids even, but then again I’ve seen the Patterson/Gremlin film too. Not good enough for me lol. There for, I will take your word that Bigfoot, Nessie, Abductions and London actually exist. Who am I to call you a liar?
Anyway, just some of my observations.

posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 05:29 PM
Man, it's chilly in this thread he,he.
I was actualy fearful of this "webriot" I would cause by stating my thoughts on this here alien stuff. Boy was I right.

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