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Border Devils

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posted on Sep, 4 2006 @ 06:11 PM

What you do not hear:

As faraway war and chaos dazzle the United States, the massive crisis brewing in Mexico is all but ignored. Civil unrest, paramilitary killings, stolen elections, satanic murder cults, child-sex rings, drug-gang beheadings ... Mexico's got it all.

Just two months ago, the biggest threat to U.S. citizens was an immigrant Mexican dishwasher getting the right to legally work for long hours and low pay.

But now that Mexico is on the verge of civil war -- a war that would send millions of Mexicans running for the safety of the United States -- the national media and Washington politicians are only interested in Israel's tragic yet distant war against Lebanon.

And that's not all:

The Mexican press and human-rights organizations have long pointed fingers at corrupt Juaraz police, the multinational corporations that run the maquiladora factories, U.S. cops in El Paso and even a murderous cult. Whatever is killing the young women of Juarez, Vicente Fox's government no longer wishes to find out.

That may be because the richest men in Juarez and El Paso -- and perhaps even top officials in Fox's government -- are accused of committing the murders.

According to Diana Washington Valdez, who has been painstakingly investigating the crimes for the El Paso Times, "the killings are part of a circuit of parties hosted by prominent Juarez citizens."

Valdez told NPR in 2003 that some intended victims managed to escape from elaborate "parties" in mansions where the elite held orgies. For special occasions, young women would be kidnapped and then raped and murdered by the city's leading businessmen and politicians. The powerful Juarez drug cartel always had its top people at the satanic rape-murder events.

The demonic sex killings remind many Mexicans of Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo and his bloodthirsty cult. Constanzo was behind a repugnant wave of murders in the 1980s, all done for the glory of the demon he worshiped.

Constanzo was "a master practitioner of the African magic called palo mayombe," according to Crime Library.

Constanzo watched as his underlings "tortured and sodomized the victims prior to killing them and harvesting their organs for his ritual cauldron."

Rotten things are happening all along the border, and the crimes are regularly revealed as the bloody operations of a multi-tentacled beast run by an unholy alliance of drug cartels, U.S. and Mexican officials and elite international businessmen.

Now, does it strike anyone how peculiar it is , given the close proximity between the USA and Mexico, that this is not given any importance by the media? (sorry about the spelling)

Please read the entire article. This is incredible

Instead, we concentrate daily on terror and the middle east when in fact, so much trouble and chaos is right at our door.

posted on Sep, 4 2006 @ 06:41 PM
Loam already posted the story.

Mods, please close.

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