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Sleep paralysis aircraft crash

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posted on Sep, 4 2006 @ 04:42 PM
Ok so a few people on here i have spoken to in the past about my awful sleep paralysis which occur very irregular and can sometimes be very frightening. Sometimes i can feel a presence with me when i experience this and sometimes its as if i am dragged out onto a OBE and shown things i need to know. This has happened about once a year as a child however strangely enough since leaving the Military i now get this approx 6-7 times a year.

Anyway last night was the most vivid and terrifying yet. I woke up in bed last night unable to move not even blink an eye (here we go again i thought) This time the silence was deafening almost as if there was an electrical buzz around me. A while ago i made a deal with my wife and said "if it happens again i will try and make any noise to wake you, Roll over and shake me the hell up" alas to this day i have never been able to make a sound and also it would seem as if the rest of life had become lifeless around me.

Anyway last night the vibrations running through my body were immense hell you could plug me in and i could probably generate electricity it was so powerful (Joke)

All of a sudden (As per usual) i noticed a presence to my right hand side and as usual it was the same beings as usual, small with hooded robes on in a instant i was removed from my surroundings and was placed at the side of a motorway.
I didnt recognise the motorway but remember the cars driving on the opposite side to the UK so i must have been somewhere else. At the side of the motorway were some docks or something similar to a large ship, cargo, port. I glanced back in front of me and one of the beings was staring at me but was also pointing to my left. I looked left and in the distance i could see a commercial aircraft coming towards me and it looked to be in trouble. The altitude was to low and the planes attitude was pitches too high. (I am a pilot myself of small aircraft). I knew it was coming down and watched as it came past no higher than 40-50 feet above. I remember seeing blue insignia on the side and can positively say it said "swiss air"

I watched as the plane carreered into the motorway exploding as it slid along wiping out cars, fences and lamposts as it did. It finally crashed through the dockland fence and came to rest upon a grass verge. My first thought was "Thank god, They must still be alive" and so i ran over to help. Upon entering the aircraft i noticed that most people were either dead or knocked out. I looked in the cockpit and saw 4 Asian appearence men. 3 of them were dead and as i looked inside the 4th was just about to blow his own head off. I sensed he was embarrassed for not being killed in honour like his comrades and thought his god would leave him unless he came quick. It was then that i noticed one of them was lying over a bag. Falling out of the bag was bundles and bundles of Jordanian Dinars this i thought to be odd.

Then i heard the emergency sevices and in a instant was back in bed still paralyzed
trying to make any noise i could to get the attention of my partner but to no avail. I sensed the beings leaving and also sensed one of them telling me "Remember".
Literally seconds after i was able to make a moan which awoke my partner and at the same time its as if the world came to life again ie it carried on raining and out of the window i could see the clouds moving again.

I get these experiences a lot and some have had significant meanings for myself or family members. This was the most vivid ive ever had in 30 years and i thought i would share it with you.

Thanks for reading and i hope in no way this becomes a prediction of an actual event

posted on Sep, 4 2006 @ 04:53 PM
It is a very interesting, intriguing story but to be honest it just sounds as if anyone with a bit of imagination can just post this stuff.

Im not saying your lying but you should be able to understand my scepticism for it is not ignorance.

Could you tell whether or not the plane was landing in Switzerland (most probably not if it is terrorists) or somewhere else, and you have ruled out the UK.

please add anything else you can remember.

posted on Sep, 4 2006 @ 05:00 PM
Hey i understand you thought of question. I have suffered from this since i was a child having being woken in paralysis many of times with a presence only to think myself i was going mad.

Sometimes i have still been in pain the next day from the vibrations and once i took myself to hospital as the pain in my chest was unbearable so i cant explain what it is and either could the hospital.

I remember the place i was in seemed very westernised so to speak ie the types of cars and trucks and also the people getting out of the cars seemed of western appearance. The one thing that is bugging me today is whilst in the aircraft noticed 3 black plastic boxes about 3ft wide and 2ft deep with blue plastic lids. This today seems very significant to me but i dont know why.


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