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Birth Pangs

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posted on Sep, 4 2006 @ 02:43 AM
So if our study of predictions,end times etc we were to look at the planet and its activities in an allegorical sense could we apply this to a larger picture and future happenings?

Like the seasons of spring(birth)summer(peak of life)Fall(elder years)Winter(death)
Just a few notes but if you have more add if you feel the topic worthy
Jesus died in winter
Mayan cal. end will be December 12th 2012 - we know its the solstice and the least amount of light of the day but for the year but how do we calculate this is the year for end of all things? How is solstice calculated? Can we apply this on a years basis versus days basis to confirm the mayan allegations? I think this can be done since we abviously can calculate solstice.

Ok what about pangs of birth and death? I think there are pangs of death as we struggle to hold on and try to fight it however debate this if you feel I am wrong.

Hurricanes happen when? Right before fall. Could we consider this a pang. I know some of you by now are thinking well its just seasonal and thinking on scientific means but mind you I said allegorical. So we had a huge hurricane last year with katrina and many other larger than ever events including floods,earthquakes,etc.
The one thing about pangs is this one happens and there is excitement and we go on and next maybe worse but we experienced one. So my theory is this pangs get worse and shorten between times so would you agree if the next events were worse it would strengthen your belief in possible end times?

Please if you know what is wrriten in the bible about pangs add it to this thread.

If you can look at natural events in an allegorical sense like I did and take it a step further about events that always happen or have become worse please do.

posted on Sep, 4 2006 @ 08:30 PM
I see your point on how the acceleration of disasters being the birth pains or pangs talked about in the bible for the end times.

And yes, if the disasters became slowly more and more frequent and severe on an almost birth pain like scale I would become increasingly more and more worried and more and more convinced it is the end times.


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