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My stories of ESP

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posted on Sep, 3 2006 @ 12:25 PM
I have been practicing with my Clairvoyance skills for the past 6 months, and ever since I started I have been succesful on many of the tests Ive tried with people.

For example, I would be on the phone with someone, usually a girl, and Id tell them to think of a number, any number, and to focus on it. I told them to visualize the number as if it was a physical object, and imagine sending me that number thru our minds....I would go into my "state", and I would literally start to see the number in my mind, and I would tell them what it was, to their amazement. I wasnt succesful all of the time (in fact sometimes I made a real fool of myself
) but I was succesful about 60-70% of the time. Definately beyond the odds.

I also was talking on MSN messenger with a friend of mine that lives in Alberta, Canada. We were talking, and we got on to the subject of mentalism, and I told her Id show her a demonstration. So I tell her to think of a fruit, any fruit, could be a apple, orange, banana, whatever...and I told her to visualize herself eating that fruit, to taste the juice at it touched her tongue, to feel the fruit in her hands, and smell the fruits aroma...things like that. And I went into my "state", and to my astonishment, I literally started to taste kiwi in my mouth. I could distinctly taste the sweet yet sour flavour of a kiwi. In my mind, I had doubts of course, but something told me to say kiwi, say kiwi, say kiwi right now. So I did, and sure enough, the fruit she was thinking of was kiwi. Note I am all the way across the country, I live in Quebec.

Most of my successes have come thru those kind of exercises, simple ones, like number picking, or card picking, or anything simple like that. Its a good way to learn and develop confidence in your skills (which is key).

Ive already tried moving objects with my mind, such as a bottle cap, or pencil, but I have never had any successes in telekinesis...not yet anyways.

There was one time when I was in a forest, I decided to go and relax and be with nature and I went to a nearby forest. I remember being lost in thought, and all of a sudden, I got the idea of practicing some ESP skills. So, I decided to do something simple, which was to summon wind. I never tried that before but was reading for a long time how it is possible and has been done many times. So, I imagined feeling a slight breeze of wind, in my mind I visualized it coming and hitting me and then suddenly there it was, the breeze. I could clearly see the plants near me whizzing back and forth like there was a slight breeze hitting them. At this point I got excited, so I decided to push it, I asked for more wind. Soon after that the plants started shaking more violently, and I could feel the wind had gotten stronger. After that, I literally said in my mind "alright, no more wind"...and the wind slowly died down.

This may all be a miraculous coincidence. If it is, then these coincidences sure as hell happen often. I have kind of stopped practicing my skills for the past few weeks, as I have been rather busy, moving and work and such. But I will get back into it, and see if I can generate more of these "coincidences".

Id like your thoughts on all of this. Id also like any stories you may have about ESP successes or failures, Id be glad to hear them.

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posted on Sep, 4 2006 @ 12:50 AM
Doubt hurts it. You need to get to the point of your own doubt. Kids and females have less doubt than men when practicing. People are very empowering in situations. If you took a person with high doubt and you had just a little doubt this could have the potential of ruining the test.

posted on Sep, 4 2006 @ 01:33 AM
I have practiced tactile ESP (sensing energy and objects).

Read my experience:
Personal experience with feeling energy with hands

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