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posted on Nov, 4 2003 @ 01:40 AM

Scientists at Stanford University have created an expanded molecule of DNA with a double helix wider than any found in nature. Besides being more heat resistant than natural DNA, the new version glows in the dark - a property that could prove useful in detecting genetic defects in humans. A description of the molecule, dubbed "xDNA," is published in the Oct. 31 issue of the journal Science.

"We've designed a genetic system that's completely new and unlike any living system on Earth," said Eric T. Kool, a professor of chemistry at Stanford and co-author of the Science study. "Unlike natural DNA, our expanded molecule is fluorescent and is considerably more stable when subjected to higher temperatures."

The Secret Solfeggio Frequencies:
Sound Vibration Rates for Creation and Destruction

"Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse"
by Dr Leonard Horowitz and Dr Joseph Puleo


The new bible codes, found in the Book of Numbers, include a mathematical electromagnetic frequency code for "miracles" that experts say has already been shown to help repair damaged DNA, the genetic blueprint of life.



This is heavy.
Something massive is moving on or within the Earth and causing the planet's gravity field to get wider around the equator and flatter at the poles, according to a pair of scientists studying the field with sensitive satellite instruments.

The scientists are uncertain as to the reasons for this phenomenon, which was just the opposite for several decades prior to 1997, but think the answer possibly lies within long-term variation in the oceans.


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