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waking up, and still 'dreaming'

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posted on Sep, 2 2006 @ 07:21 AM
like being one with the ether, the sudden awakening, one with the surrounding although not being the seen. One with the spirit through all things but knowing you physically only have control over your body.... yet
? like taking your spirit through another mass and forming it. future practices??

opening of the mind interconnected with the all-mind. able to see further away. to sense at distances. the paranormal becoming normal again, I say again cause once we were, now we are shattered, becoming one again, to connect with God again.

who will tell, what is the dream, delta state can be found while awake. we are interconnected, but to see the connection is that we need to practice on.

I don't know how I came here, the spirit was before men walked this earth. By the spirit we are able to do tons of what now seems to be paranormal, but what soon will be normal again.

My dreams came more real than the material, no spirit, no matter, for spirit is over matter, destroy matter, what left is spirit. the all interconnecting stuff, the maze of connections which is not a maze, but constructed in a logical manner.

Step by step we reach it. one step at atime, every step one step further.

Once awakened in the spirit, it's like one can see through anything. It all makes sense, and it senses all that is made.

posted on Sep, 2 2006 @ 07:39 AM
yeah that's like the other day when I was dream-creeping across from the sub netherworld to the anti-disregardment website.
Once there I clicked upon the once powerul link to find that the malnutrients of the supposed non-conscious that were feeding on the lesser fields of the astral plane.
I was complelled to find out more and the next moment we were all lost in oblivion, whirling and twirling in harmonious masturbation.

This next moment caught me unawares because there was a knocking at the door...

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