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reptilians are real.

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posted on Sep, 2 2006 @ 01:15 AM
what is an alien? and alien is any person who enters a location from any foreign land.
if you went to japan youd be an alien to them.
an alien doesnt have to be butt ugly. there are infinite types of humanoid beings like us. it would be sad to believe we are the only beings in the infinite universe.

i am almost sure the reason we have so many problems now is because of aliens.
becuase in a way we are the aliens here.

i believe that the reptilian race was here long before neanderthal.

during the time of the dinorsaurs there were waling bi-pedal reptiles, such as T-rex, and raptors. this example shows reptiles walked. and of course there had to have been a humanoid reptilian race that existed. this race survived by living under the earth.

think about this. we are here right now. we humans have survived ice ages. do you think the reptilians race would be unable to survive an ice age and we can?
of course they have. they are still here.

and heres the thing.
we are opposites. first they're reptilian and cold blooded, while we are mammilian and warm blooded. and secondly they do not have a right brain. they have a huge brain of logic order and rituals. we have both. but we as humans are mainly spiritual. and we have love and creativity, and compasion. which is something they lack.
we exceed their frequency big time. they are 4th dimensional beings, living with us in the 3d to control and rule us. they love control, and having order and trying to multiply. becuase they cannot reproduce like we can. becuase they do not have love. the only way they produce more is ... well... the way they are doing it now. by tricking us into believing their reality.

they cant openly enslave us becuase we the world would connect and become one, and discover our true abilities.

they dont want that. they want to manipulate us. when we have a certain high negative energy, your body becomes a host for these 4d beings.

we just have to learn to not be scared of anything. NOTHING at all. not even if you stared death in the face. death is a part of life, if it's your time, you will be ready. thats only the end of your physical... you still have you spiritual body which will be free.

if you meditate regularly, you will be more calm then you thought possible. and your fears will slowly begin to dissolve.

reptilians dont want us to know this kind of stuff. they want us to be dumb and watch tv, and worry about work, and get fat eating mcdonalds etc...

one huge way they control us is with time. the swastika used by the nazis is facing clockwise, for time. and that symbol is actually the reverse, meaning good fortune.. facing couter-clockwise.

clockwise spirals down .. counter spirals up

they want us down, and only physical, easier to control. they do not want us to ascend.

i dont have any links i can think of at the moment to add to this.... but this is truth, and theres more im sure we'll be able to see sooner or later


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