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Hi! This is my introduction!

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posted on Nov, 3 2003 @ 08:52 PM

Just like everyone else, I'm a living contradiction.
I'm a powerful transistor operating life in fiction.
I'm a paradox, and a design impossibility.
I'm a peace & love guerrilla, shining light on sens futility.
I'm a junkie for information and for weed.
Any chance I get to get, I get around and plant a seed.
Of mental freedom, which we so direly need
My desire is a fire against the power of greed.
I'm a reality transistor I'm a shifter of here,
For the truth I'll make conviction and I'll do it without fear because..

We can't be beat; you know you can't be beat.
Any process any sys, faces eventual defeat.

Life is illusion, graphics the best they come.
Bit mapped rendered voxels on a flake of silicone.
Whereas we, are like water and the sun.
We're truth unfound unshaken and we've only just begun.

As an information junkie with a hunger for truth.
I'm a padre for the hungry with a hunger for truth.
I disseminate, assimilate & integrate.
While they dissimulate, exterminate, obliterate.
Our parents our brothers our sisters and more.
The enemy is us when we look down to the floor.

Beaten we are & beaten we're not,
We decide the side we take we decide on what we've got.
When we stand up to our truth and spread the power of the Maya.
The whole will radiate, it's a vibe que no se calla.
Packed in, packed tight, there is no fright for that which *might* as it is not,
lets just get it right, cuz we've already won.
We're only just one and we've already won.
So it don't matter, and in a way it does.
We are here to integrate the final paradox.
As we expand, in our awareness and light.
We open up our intuition as we open our sight.
To what is real and what has real become?
That's a question you can answer because we've already won!

and here's my article. (it's lengthy, but it gets to the point!)


Quantum physics have clearly proven that outcome is subject to intent, basically, what you expect is what you get.

This is proof that we create our own reality. Our reality mirrors our expectations and thoughts.

Using this as your base, its simple to see that everything is a construct and we are indeed in a matrix of energy.
The matrix is true.

Everything is energy, this is fact, it just vibrates at different frequencies, some we perceive some we dont, some frequencies we cant see or perceive even tho they're all around us.

Like a dog whistle, we can't hear it but its there, recent experiments with water prove that indeed consciousness exists in everything, and everything is aware of everything else, hence everything is interlinked and WHOLE. You are part of this whole.

Do you think your cells argue about whether you exist? No, they just KNOW and they function. We are very much the same thing.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for us to do something against gods wishes.


A) God has no wishes, God just is.
B) God is not some entity, God is the whole, and the whole is Love.
C) How would it be possible for something to happen against god's wishes? It isn't.

The truth is, earth is a school, that we created, as a test, to see what bias energy would take if left in a neutral playing ground. (positive, negative or balanced).


Most people would say that hate is the opposite to love, but in fact, hate springs from a desire of love. Hence hate is another form of love.

ALL emotions are a form of love.

Imagine love as a pure white light, whilst you are a crystal that receives that white light and transforms it into different colours. (red -angry/sexual) (blue - sad/mellow) etc.

There is no opposite to love, as love is god, and god is all.

FEAR is the denial of love, and as such is an illusion.

FEAR is an ILLUSION. It is not real.

It is only by fearing that we manifest fearful things, the reason the world is so #ed at the moment is that most of us live in fear. The powers that be control us with fear, it's their favourite tool! (war on terror).

The powers that be are going crazy because they're losing all their power because we are no longer interested in living with fear. we're over it!
So they're doing what they can.. (terror, chemtrails, suppression of information, lies etc.) but it will all backfire (karma, plus people can only be pushed so far).

After hundreds of thousands of years in this "game", the earth at this time, is the culmination of the whole.. imagine a huge complicated maths equation, with no answer yet, the earth is the = sign, and we are the answer.

Science has proven that as a species we are actually evolving into 12 strand crystalline DNA beings, children are being born with a 3rd DNA strand, they are partly psychic, and have a high self esteem. (Indigo children, ADD).
This is being supressed by governments as well as other secret and powerful institutions because they are scared of what we are becoming. We are becoming powerful and developing many incredible abilities, some people are aware of this, most are not. This is due to ignorance and mental programs or "mind control". (EG : you just rolled your eyes)

I.E = People will believe complete lies rather than look at a "conspiracy" because they have been "programmed" to dismiss anything remotely connected to a "conspiracy" without even looking at the facts.

Due to this, those that are most open minded will be the first to become aware of the TRUTH.

We are living the most exciting times in the history of the universe, it is sad that most of us aren't aware of it or don't care. But trust this & please do not buy any fear.

Now there are PLENTY of conspiracy theories, a lot of them are very true, but they don't matter! Only YOU matter, your personal choices etc!

We have been trained to sacrifice ourselves for others and to not be proud of our skills, this is to keep us from becoming empowered, can you imagine an earth of empowered, free individuals? There would be no need for government.

The truth REALLY IS out there, the net is a wonderful tool, for it lets you travel across peoples minds all over the world without moving off your seat, you can trust websites more than the newspapers, T.V or radio because they have not gone through a million filters to cater to the lowest common denominator.

However, none of it matters, because the game is finished & we've already won. We've just gotta do it.!

We NEED to wake up as a matter of urgency!

Follow your heart, do not create any more fear, trust, be happy and chill.

DO NOT try to be all spiritual! If you're angry and there's cause, then be angry! If you're sad, be sad! Don't be all smiles and positive if you dont feel like it! Bottling up anger is 10 times worse than getting it out. Do not sacrifice yourself for others if you dont want to! This is one of the biggest problems in the world today.

The problem isn't that we're too mean, it's that we're too nice, we let people walk all over us, and then we complain and continue the victim cycle!

The time is now, we are here to create a new world, if we dont fix it within 10 years, then we're stuffed, but as I said, it's all good.

Remember : We've already won!

Life is a paradox and a contradiction, it lets YOU decide what side you take, I suggest you take neither and enjoy the ride.

The more you claim the God inside you, the more you become a god and the more people can see it in you. This inspires them to become God also.

Life becomes more and more wonderful and full of magic, heaven on earth..

Now realize that YOU also are god, but just a bit more special, because you had the guts to come to this physical existence at this time to solve the riddle that has been plaguing the mind of god since creation.

It is time. "

If you've read this far, then you are a legend! let me know if you enjoyed it!

Looking forward to discussing the world in this forum!

posted on Nov, 3 2003 @ 09:07 PM

Most revealing intro I've read in a while, good job.

Hey, I'm in town soon enough and will be throwing on a round of drinks to celebrate 100,000 ATS points - an achievement neither significant nor insignificant.

Details later. See you there. Meanwhile enjoy your ATS and BTS and CTS!

posted on Nov, 3 2003 @ 10:01 PM
Welcome Aboard Pibulus,

And like MaskedAvatar I find your intro to be one of the most indepth and enthralling ones I've come across in quite some well fact, bonus points, I'm going to Applaud you (which gives you 250 Bonus ATS Points).

If you have any problems/questions with or about ATS, please feel free to message me or another Moderator for assistance.

Hope you find your time here enjoyable...


posted on Nov, 3 2003 @ 10:34 PM
Wow! Thanks guys, your replies make me feel welcome and more open to expressing myself, I like that the points are neither significant nor insignificant, i will have to look into what they do..

P.S - MaskedAvatar, do you mean you'll be in town as in Sydney, Australia?

posted on Nov, 3 2003 @ 10:41 PM

Yes. A couple of times a year.

What kind of music does your band play? Are you playing next month?

MA all-time favorite Sydney bands:
Laughing Clowns
Box Of Fish
Radio Birdman (well, really only cos they loved the Stooges, and goregrinder likes them)

Last seen in Sydney (last year I think):
White Stripes + Datsuns

posted on Nov, 3 2003 @ 10:52 PM
wowee, you mention some cool bands, tho i've never heard of Oils or Box of Fish.

As for what music we play.. it's on our bio, which explains it quite well! it's at ..

We're like a punky rage with latin/reggae/funk and 80's thrown in.

We're recording our e.p in 2 weeks time, it's costing us some big $$$ but the way i see it, if it's worth doing it's worth doing right!

We might have a gig coming up at Bar Broadway soon but at the moment we're focusing on recording rather than playing live, if you keep in contact or send me your address, i'll get a copy burnt out to you when it's done.

posted on Nov, 3 2003 @ 11:06 PM
Oils = Midnight Oil (sorry for abbreviating).

Box Of Fish = like the Scientists... post punk, droll, three chord grunge. I have arguments month in month out with SkadiTheEvilElf and have proven to her conclusively that grunge arose out of Perth and Sydney and NOT Seattle. Although Sonics and MC5 and Stooges out of Detroit really were important...

I will look forward to hearing your stuff! 80s huh. The time when Manchester was music. triplesod is another member who would be interested in your interests.

I have been U2U-disabled for a time, which means I can't send or receive U2Us, but if you think about the Harbour Bridge at the turn of the millennium and look around my mini-profile, you will know my "secret" abovetopsecret email addy.

posted on Nov, 3 2003 @ 11:49 PM
I tried to figure it out, but i just couldnt! sorry!

Why was your u2u disabled?

Midnight oil are great!

posted on Nov, 3 2003 @ 11:52 PM
Thats 1 long intro well anyway welcome aboard theboat and have a few on me .

[Edited on 4-11-2003 by drunk]

posted on Nov, 4 2003 @ 12:01 AM
My U2U inbox and outbox got about 1300 messages, then there was a TCA[WyTX] member that spammed the board and I got 1100 more, and in the wash-up my U2Us permanently exceed allocated space no matter how much more space I buy. One day they will get cleared, maybe.

Anyway, one of my favorite Clowns songs was Eternally Yours. Aha.

For TCA[WyTX] and other fun acronyms, use the ATS search button to find the thread Dictionary of ATS Acronyms 2003. Add your own when you think of them.

posted on Nov, 4 2003 @ 12:02 AM
Awesome Post!!!! I Completely enjoyed reading this and i totally agree with your analysis of God. We are all a part of the "Collective" source in which all life derives.

We are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience.

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